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Gelato Secrets, ShopHaus Menteng


28 March 2017 was a national holiday in my country (Nyepi), hence Winda and I planned a rendezvous at 10 am. Because at the time we were not hungry yet, we decided having ice cream @ Gelato Secrets, ShopHaus Menteng (on Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36, Menteng, Jakarta).

ShopHaus Menteng itself is a happening collaborative space, where we can find a number of shops (Gelato Secrets, Pigeonhole Coffee, Berrywell, Mockingbird, and Namelaka Patisserie) in one place at the same time.

ShopHaus Menteng

The first Gelato Secrets shop is in Ubud, Bali. If you reach ShopHaus Menteng, you will see Gelato Secrets shop directly. It is situated in the front side of ShopHaus Menteng. The shop is not really spacious, but they have indoor and outdoor area, though.

Gelato Secrets offered us a selection of (around) 20s flavours of gelato and sorbet, which made us confuse to decide. Eventually, I picked a cup of Ferrero Rocher, Cheese Cake, and Rose Petals ice cream; while Winda chose a cup of Bamboo Charchoal, Strawberry, and Chocolate ice cream. Behind Gelato Secrets, you can find Pigeonhole Coffee shop.


which flavor would you like to pick?

my cup of Ferrero Rocher, Cheese Cake, and Rose Petals ice cream; it’s delicious, I like it! ❤

If you prefer to eat your ice cream in a cone, Gelato Secrets make their own cones, thus you will have fresh waffle cones 😀 moreover, they also provide waffle, milkshake, and fruitshake.

la glace :9

Sabi et Winda

I definitely will come back (hopefully) soon!