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the Lodge Maribaya


Its full name is The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park & Resort, more familiar as The Lodge Maribaya, is a tourist attraction in Bandung, on Jalan Maribaya Timur, Cibodas, Maribaya Lembang, Bandung Barat, to be exact. To reach the place, you can ride through Dago Giri or Setiabudi-Lembang-Maribaya.

The Lodge Maribaya has beautiful scenery and good weather, as it is surrounded by a peaceful pine forest. If you are an outdoor lover, I recommend you to visit this place.

Before get in, you have to pay for the entrance fee IDR20K / person. The ticket can be exchanged for ‘goodbye’ drink (a glass of milk) near the exit door.

pine forest landscape background

If you are interested, you can choose from selection of 4 amusement rides there : 2 Sky Tree(s), 2 Sky Swing(s), Sky Bamboo, and Sky Bike (Zip Bike). Each amusement ride has different price, they vary between IDR15K and IDR20K.

I visited The Lodge Maribaya on weekday, but it was pretty crowded there. I wonder the condition on weekend -____- At the time, for 1 amusement ride, we have to queue for 1 hour 😦 therefore, we decided to play only 2 amusement ride (Sky Tree dan Sky Swing).

the ticket

Such tourist attraction put a photographer near each amusement ride. They will guide you to pose, thus you will obtain great photo(s). If you are fascinated, you can purchase your soft copy pictures (IDR10K / photo) near the exit door.

Sky Swing

It can be occupied by 1 person only. Once you have worn the seat belt, the operator would push the swing around 90 degree, hence you will have pine forest landscape as your photo background. Hold as many poses in the time limit 😀

Sky Swing (captured by the photographer)

Sky Tree

Before you climb the tree, you have to wear the seat belt. Sky tree can hold 2 people at once. If you want to go up with your partner, both of you must climb simultaneously, since the operator will connect you and your partner by the rope. First, take photo together; then, either you or your partner should move away for a while and let the other to be captured by the photoghrapher.

Sky Tree (captured by the photographer)

Don’t worry if you don’t have any friend or partner to take photos alternately, because you can ask the operator to do it with your own camera / phone. Buuut, don’t blame them if you are not satisfied with the results hehe.

before you go home, don’t forget to exchange your ticket with a glass of milk near the exit door

Have a happy holiday! 😀