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Jogjakarta : POP! Hotel Timoho, Bakpia Kurniasari, Lippo Plaza, Waroeng SS, Krisna’s wedding


8 July 2017. I flew from CGK to JOG at around 1 pm. When I arrived at JOG, I headed directly toward POP! Hotel Timoho (on Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono No.11, Muja Muju, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) to check in.

My room is on the 6th floor. I occupied the room along with my friend, Kiki. But we flew on different flights (Kiki arrived before me). When I reached JOG, Kiki was in Prambanan. I didn’t catch her up, because Jogja was utterly hot at the time, so that I decided to move directly to the hotel.

our room

colorful bedroom :3

In jogjakarta, congestion is everywhere, almost similar to Jakarta, I think…. Kiki spent a lot of time to get to the hotel, therefore I decided to go to Bakpia Kurniasari (on Jalan Glagahsari No.91C, Warungboto, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) while waited for Kiki to arrive. I also intended to buy Wahyu Austin’s cheese roll, but 3 boxes of Bakpia Kurniasari were heavy enough for me to carry 😦

Finally, Kiki got to the hotel yay! After we had cleaned ourselves up, taken a rest for a while, and prayed, we headed to Lippo Plaza (on Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 32-34, Demangan, Gondokusuman, Jogjakarta), because Kiki had to buy some things that she realized she forgot to bring hehe.

Next, we went to Waroeng SS (on Jl Veteran No 122, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) for dinner. I intended to have Sate Klathak Pak Bari afterwards, but unfortunately Kiki don’t eat goat meat aaaa :”””’) thus, I canceled such plan…….

Waroeng SS

they costed us < IDR100K :9

We were delightfully full afterwards Alhamdulillah, hence we returned to the hotel, took a shower, prayed, watched tv, and had chit-chat, before we slept~


9 July 2017. We slept again after prayed Subuh, and eventually woke up at around 8 am. Then, we continued the chit-chat and watched tv until around 9.30. After we had taken a bath, we put makeup on, got dressed, packed our belongings, and check out. But, we still left the luggage at the reception desk.

Next, we headed to Jl. Siliran Lor, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta, to attend Krisna’s wedding. When we reached the venue, Krisna and his wife were doing sungkeman (an emotional moment where the bride and the groom ask blessing by kneel down in front of their parents).


No longer after, the reception was commenced, we queued to give handshake to Krisna and his wife, had lunch, took some photos, then we returned to the hotel to remove the makeup and change into casual look, because we will heading to Jakarta afterwards.

FITB 09 at Krisna’s wedding

my partner on the trip : Rizqi Valentra, a.k.a Kiki ❤


à bientôt!


Jogjakarta: Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu, House of Raminten, Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Il Tempo Del gelato, Jejamuran, Alun-Alun


13 November 2015. I took a day off work (again), because I was going to Jogjakarta yeay! I departed from Soekarno-Hatta (CGK) on AirAsia flight at 10.30 am and I arrived at Adisucipto (JOG) at noon. Frankly, what is the main purpose of such trip??? Well, tomorrow I will attend my bestfriend’s wedding, Lia ❤

After I reached JOG, I waited for my friends, who have arrived in Jogjakarta this morning, to picked me up at the airport. Shortly after that, they came in a rental car, then we went to Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu for lunch.


soto daging + nasi kucing

It came in super duper small portions and it tasted so so, but the place was pretty crowded, because the price is extremely affordable perhaps. We did not feel full at all afterwards hehe. Thus, we headed to House of Raminten. We only had desserts there. I ordered es nya raminten, it tasted nice 🙂


es nya raminten

We felt utterly tired, because the weather in Jogjakarta is absolutely damn hot. Also, we felt full now Alhamdulillah. Hence, we planned to go to Greenhost Boutique Hotel, where we spent the night during our vacation in Jogjakarta.

We checked-in, solat, and got some rest for a while. The hotel interior is totally unique and awesome. So that, we took so many pictures of it hehe. We planned to swim in the afternoon, buuuut the location of the swimming pool is quite inappropriate….. Probably, it is for decorative purposes only.

C360_2015-11-13-16-10-46-162 C360_2015-11-13-16-17-47-575

l’intérieur de l’hôtel. The swimming pool is situated in lobby hotel 😀

C360_2015-11-13-16-22-14-108 C360_2015-11-13-16-20-30-942


l’intérieur de la chambre



dans la nuit

After we prayed magrib, we went outside for dinner. But, prior had dinner, we had ice cream first. Such cafe is really happening recently in Jogjakarta, Il Tempo del Gelato. Coincidentally, the location of this cafe is not far from our hotel, therefore we went there on foot yippieee!

I am not capable of eating ice cream cone and ice cream stick, so I ordered ice cream cup, as a result the picture of my ice cream is not as tempting as the picture of others’ ice cream which I saw in instagram haha. In that moment, I had delicious nutella ice cream and so so vanilla-oreo ice cream.


Il Tempo del Gelato


quelle est votre préférée?


my nutella and vanilla-oreo ice cream :9

Next, we went to Jejamuran. In fact, it is soooo far away from Prawirotaman~ In Jejamuran, almost all the dishes made of numerous kinds of mushrooms. We ordered plenty of food there, because the price is slightly affordable. I heart crispy and crunchy fried mushrooms above all, yummm!

IMG_7304 IMG_7306

@ Jejamuran

We headed to Alun-Alun afterwards, and we rode odong-odong there. Odong-odong is a 4-wheels-traditional-game which consists of 4 or 6 bicycles. They put them together into the LED-lighting-frame, and it will be driven by a person in the front row, who hold the steering wheel. When you ride odong-odong, you will be accompanied by the music from the player. At the momoent, we chose Doraemon one, and pay 30K for 1 lap 😀


parade of odong-odong


Ronald, me, Wilsen, and Chita in Doraemon odong-odong

Then, we went back to the hotel, and slept. Bonne nuit!

Jogjakarta: Lia’s Wedding, Kalimilk, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Lava Tour Merapi, Sate Klathak Pak Pong


14 November 2015. Chita and I woke up, prayed subuh, took a bath, ironed our dresses, applied makeup, and eventually, we (Ronald, Wilsen, Chita, and I) were ready at around 7.45 am. We headed to Masjid Kampus UGM (Lia’s wedding venue) from Greenhost Prawirotaman (our hotel) by a rental car. We did not know how to get there, hence we just relied on Waze and Google Maps. We arrived at approximately 8.30, a little too late, but we still had chance to see Lia’s solemnization kyaaaa!


the groom and the bride


Sabi and Chita @ Lia’s solemnization

Shortly after that, wedding reception was started. After we gave congratulation to Lia and her husband at the aisle, we ate hehe. I was completely peckish, as we did not have time to have breakfast that morning….. Then, we took a lot of photos there. Unfortunately, Jogja was so damn hot 😦


@ registration desk



Muchlis and Lia @ the aisle


Chita, the groom, the bride, Seba, Sabi


GEAwati 2009 with the groom and the bride



GEA with the groom and the bride

After the reception, we changed up to casual looks because we would stroll and explore Jogja yeaaay! Thankfully, some of our friends stayed in Wisma Kagama, which is located just a stone’s throw from Lia’s wedding venue. Therefore, we could go there to remove our makeup, pray, also change our clothes.

Then, we went to Kalimilk. We just ordered various types of milk there (I mean we do not have any meal), as we were still full…. In my opinion, my cookies milk tastes good, despite the fact that I can have such kind of milk in Jakarta or Tangerang haha. But, it’s okay, since they said that this place are really happening currently in Jogja 🙂

12247044_1125472670796154_3103490652281694381_n IMG_7330

@ Kalimilk


cookies milk

Next, we headed to so far away Ullen Sentalu Museum. We paid 30K/person for entrance fee, then we went around the museum with our friendly tour guide. Sadly, we can only take photos in some particular places. The thing is, all goods in the museum were someone’s personal collections…..


the ticket


@ Museum Ullen Sentalu

Our following destination was Lava Tour Merapi. To do such kind of tour, we had to ride jeeps with seating for 1 driver and 4 passengers. We chose 500K package/jeep for 2 spots: batu alihan (batu alien) and ‘Sisa Hartaku’ Museum.

The most exciting part of this activity is the off-road adventure. Moreover, the driver in the jeep I was in was totally ………… *speechless* my long sleeve t-shirt and my jeans get wet, also my head’s spinning like a carousel, nevertheless it was sooooo utterly fun!


we’re ready for the off-road



the jeep I was in



totally cool!

IMG_7355 IMG_7356

yeayness overload~


Mount Merapi

IMG_7379 IMG_7383

@ batu alihan (batu alien)


5 cm ala ala


beautiful colour of sunset sky

IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7415 IMG_7416

let’s move to the next destination


in front of ‘Sisa Hartaku’ Museum


when did the eruption of Mount Merapi occur?


some of the ‘victims’

Then, we headed to sate klathak Pak Pong for dinner. We were really hungry and unfortunately, traffic jam is everywhere on Saturday night……


sate klathak

IMHO, such sate klathak is tasty, it tasted almost similar to kambing bakar cairo. Buuuut, kambing bakar cairo is much more delicious haha.

Yap, this was the end of our journey today. Next, we went back to the hotel, and slept. Tchao!

Oooo Karangsambung!


2012. Selama 1 bulan, 5 Juni-5 Juli, mahasiswa/i Teknik Geologi ITB angkatan 2009 berangkat kuliah lapangan ke Karangsambung (Karsam), Jawa Tengah. Weekend ataupun weekdays, kami berangkat ke lapangan / mengerjakan laporan dari pagi hingga sore. Malam harinya, dilanjutkan dengan kuliah malam. Huft, capeeeek, tapi seru (walaupun pake acara nangis setelah 2 minggu berjalan haha).

Jadwal keseharian selama disana kira-kira sbb: Jam 7 pagi harus sudah di ruang makan karena kami akan sarapan bersama para dosen, gaboleh telat. Jam 8 berangkat ke lapangan. Mandinya kapan? Terserah, kalo ngerasa sempet mandi setelah sarapan bolebole aja. Tapi kalau cewe-cewe sih mandinya sebelum sarapan. Makan siang dibawa ke lapangan. Pulang dari lapangan sekitaran jam 4 sore atau lebih, lalu mengantri mandi (ada 5 atau 6 kamar mandi untuk 27 cecewe). Jam 7 malam makan di ruang makan, dilanjutkan dengan kuliah malam di ruang belajar (di atas ruang makan) / mengerjakan laporan di ruang makan dari jam 8 sampai dengan jam 10.

Selama di sana, kami tinggal di kampus Karangsambung LIPI. Cecewe (27 orang) menempati Asrama Penosogan bersama para dosen, cecowo dibagi ke 2 asrama (Asrama Totogan dan Waturanda). Saya menempati kamar C-01 bersama Yolan, Seba, dan Chita. Banyak suka dukanya, banyakan dukanya sih kayanya huaaa, mulai dari julukan sebagai kamar paling ga tertib sampe diomongin orang-orang huhu, sampai tragedi toke masuk kamar (kemana saya pergi, kenapa toke selalu mengikuti sih? hiiiiy) huaaaa kangen, tapi gamau sih balik kesana lagi 😀


Sabi-Aldy & Feby-Yuda. Berangkat pagi-pagi dari Stasiun Bandung naik kereta Lodaya, l’apres midi (kira-kira siang-sore) sampai di Stasiun Kebumen. Dari Kebumen menuju Karangsambung naik bis 3/4 yang dicat warna-warni diiringi oleh musik dangdut. Hadeeuh!


Hari pertama sebelum berangkat ke lapangan, di tangga menuju ruang makan. Masih pada ceria, semangat, dan masih pada putih bersih tentunya 😀

1. Observasi : kegiatan belajar pertama disebut observasi, dilakukan selama 3 hari. Tujuannya ada ke Lok Ulo, Jatibungkus, Gunung Parang, Kali Gending, Kali Jebug, dan breksi Waturanda.


Feby di tempat observasi (Lok Ulo). Topi kuning itu harus selalu dipakai ketika keluar dari kampus LIPI sebagai tanda pengenal, konon katanya kalo tersesat, penduduk yang liat topi itu langsung tau “wah anak-anak dari kampus LIPI ni” jadi mungkin nanti dianterin pulang / ditunjukkan jalan yang lurus menuju asrama 😀


Well yeah, inilah salah satu pekerjaan seorang geologist di lapangan: ngukur kedudukan batu (Jatibungkus)

2. LK (Lintasan Kompas) : dilakukan selama 2 hari, hari 1 dihabiskan di lapangan (Gunung Bujil) dari pagi hingga magrib, dan hari 2 untuk mengerjakan laporan di ruang makan. Sekelompok bertiga bersama Adi dan Darma. Sayangnya, kelompok kami tidak selesai huhu, padahal udah gerak sangat teramat cepat loh.


Parade menuju Gunung Bujil

3. PPS (Pengukuran Penampang Stratigrafi) : dilakukan selama 3 hari, hari 1 PPS berkelompok bersama Edwin dan Fadel, hari 2 pengerjaan laporan di ruang makan, dan hari 3 PPS mandiri yang hasilnya langsung dikumpul saat itu juga di lapangan.


PPS di Kali Jaya, ngukur-ngukur dengan meteran pita, catat, ngukur lagi, catat lagi 🙂

4. Struktur : dilakukan selama 3 hari, hari 1 dan 2 dihabiskan di lapangan (Lok Ulo, Kali Mandala, dan Kali Soka) dan hari 3 untuk membuat laporan. Kali ini saya sekelompok bersama Zaky dan Jombang.


Foto-foto dulu di tepi sungai Lok Ulo sambil menunggu para dosen datang (Tika, Chita, Arin, Sabi, Seba)


Trio Geodin pun akhirnya datang 😀 (Pak Agus, Pak Mino, Pak Chalid)


Istirahat sebentar setelah makan siang, sambil menjemur sepatu yang kemasukan air


Kelompok Struktur : Sabi, Jombang, Zaky (Kali Soka)

5. Libur : Thanks God, akhirnya hari ini datang juga. Yeayeay! Saya memutuskan untuk ke Jogja setelah mengumpulkan laporan struktur. Naik bis malam Lorena dari Terminal Kebumen, kemudian sampai di Jogja malam hari, saya menginap di kosan Ririn (teman SMA saya yang kuliah di UGM). Besok paginya, kami jalan-jalan di kota Jogja. Yippieeee! Sayangnya kami harus segera kembali ke Karangsambung sebelum magrib, naik bis Efisiensi kami kembali menuju Terminal Kebumen.


Naik becak ke tempat bakpia, Jogja. Ketemu sama Raini dan Malik 😀

6. Geomorfologi : dihabiskan selama 2 hari, hari pertama para cecowo menyelami Sungai Lok Ulo hingga jam makan siang, yang cewe cuma nyatetin aja buat laporan hehe, dilanjutkan dengan pengerjaan peta geomorfologi di ruang makan. Hari kedua kami kembali menyusuri Sungai Lok Ulo (kali ini di tepinya, ga samapi nyelem2) kemudian mendaki (alaaaah gaya!) Puncak Wagir Sambeng.


Dalam perjalanan menuju Puncak Wagir Sambeng


Dari Puncak Wagir Sambeng yeaaaay! (Lia, Sabi, Seba, Yolan, Chita). Yang di bawah itu adalah Sungai Lok Ulo.

7. Mapping (masih didampingi dosen) : kegiatan ini berlangsung selama 2 hari. Mapping bersama kelompok besar bersama Pak Eddy di hari pertama, dan Pak Agus di hari kedua. Lokasinya di Daerah Sigeong dan sekitarnya.


Sambil makan siang, sambil minum degan yang bisa dipetik sendiri di pohon. Kali ini yang memetik adalah Mas Vi hihi, kasian yang disuruh malah yang paling tua. Kalaupun beli, harganya hanya 1000 rupiah/buah. Murahnyaaaaa! 😀


Pulang dari lapangan, naik rakit untuk menyebrangi sungai

8. Mapping Mandiri : kegiatan ini berlangsung selama seminggu lebih. Lokasinya masih sama di Daerah Sigeong dan sekitarnya, hanya saja kali ini tanpa dosen dan dilakukan dalam kelompok kecil (berempat bersama Cipta, Aldy, dan Feby). Karena akses transportasi yang sulit di Karang Sambung, maka untuk pergi dari 1 lokasi ke lokasi lainnya, kami bisa naik angkot / truk / pick-up / rakit / bahkan numpang mobil dosen hehe.


Foto-foto dulu sambil menunggu ada rakit lewat


Batunya gede banget ya? Feby nya jadi keliatan mungil banget


Cipta memandang masa depan hahaha. Lokasi : di suatu puncak gunung, kami nyasar!


Menunggu bis jemputan / truk lewat, untuk kembali ke asrama : Kak Harifan (asisten), Raini, Sabi, Arin, feby. Raini dan Arin sekelompok bersama Mas Vi dan Zaky


Kali ini pulang ke asrama menumpang truk: Feby, Sabi, Lia. Ketemu sama kelompoknya Lia di jalan, maklumlah satu daerah pemetaan (Sigeong dan sekitarnya).

9. Libur lagi: Sidang Karsam sudah selesai kemarin, dan Alhamdulillah saya (dan kebanyakan teman-teman lainnya) lulus yeay! Penguji saya Pak Aziz dan Pak Chairil. Jadi sebetulnya ada beberapa orang yang belum lulus (harus balik ke lapangan), nah hari ini adalah waktunya. Tapi bagi yang sudah lulus, hari ini adalah hari libur wooohoooo! Pada hari tersebut kebanyakan orang menghabiskan waktu libur dengan naik Brujul. Saya? Malaaas, jadilah saya, Lia, Lutfi, dan Aya malah rujakan dan minum fansus (fanta susu) / gula asam di warung Mbak War 😀


Aya dan Lutfi lagi motongin buah


Lia dengan fansus nya

10. Ekskursi (hari terakhir di Karangsambung)


Foto dulu di depan asrama Penosogan bersama para dosen (Pak Aswan, Pak Cipto, Pak Ari (yang punya kekuatan mistis wooow keren!), Mas Arif, Pak Aziz, Pak Zaim, dan Pak Yan) sebelum berangkat ke lapangan buat terakhir kalinya


Lokasi Eksursi : Pantai Karangbolong (Chita, Tika, Sabi, Yolan, Lia, Seba, Asmi, Wiwit)


Foto dulu di depan kamar C-01 sebelum pulang: Yolan, Sabi, Chita. Hitam aaaak! Oyaa Seba ga ikut foto karena lagi ngambek hahaha


Opening the curtain in front of C-01 room for the last time. Bye asrama Penosogan, I’ll miss you, tapi aku gamau kalo disuruh balik lagi 😀


Akhirnya, Stasiun Kebumeeeeen! Menunggu kereta menuju ke Bandung (Seba, Yolan, Chita, Sabi, Lia)



Rifi di pintu masuk menuju Kampus Karangsambung LIPI


Penghuni kamar C-01 dan C-03 (Yolan, Raini, Lina, Tika, Fusi, Chita, Sabi, Seba) di ruang makan setelah makan malam, sedang menunggu kuliah malam. Edwin ngapain nyempil di antara para cecewe? hehe.


Foto jelek sama Raini di saat yang lain mendengarkan penjelasan dari dosen 😀

Au revoir Karangsambung dan Kebumen!