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Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi, Blok M – Jakarta


1 March 2017. I tried to taste the food place which was very happening in 2014, Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi (on Jl. Patiunus No.9, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta), with Shelly, a friend of mine in the office. The stall is situated at a kind of food court in residential area, along with other food carts selling dim sum, beverages, etc.

Some preferences you can pick (as listed on the menu) :
kerang (clams) : kampak, kapa, tiram, hijau, bulu, bambu, dara, madu, salju, batik, simping. When I was there, I thought they only had 5 or 6 types of clams probably.
sauce : mushroom, padang, nanas asam manis (sweet & sour), tiram (oyster), matah (Balinese style raw sambal), lada merah (cayenne pepper), kacang (peanut), lada ijo (green pepper), barbeque, cheesy cream, garlic butter, Pak Rudi. Some of them are free, and you can ask the waitress to refill your chili saucer without charge.

You should order minimum 1 kilo of clams, except for the bambu, they will give you 1/2 kilo. You can also have rice or french fries, and they have 2 kinds of clams recipe on the menu : spicy garlic and salty butter. At the time, Shelly and I chose 2 kilos of fried kerang hijau and 1/2 kilo of boiled kerang bambu, along with oyster sauce, peanut sauce, and Pak Rudi’s sauce. The waitress said that fried kerang hijau and Pak Rudi’s sauce are the most favorites among others.

Our dishes look different from any other clams dishes which I had in the past, they came in the two aluminium basins. The waitress also gave us an empty basin for the clamshells. In my opinion, fried kerang hijau and peanut sauce tasted delicious, on the contrary, I didn’t really like the boiled kerang bambu, oyster sauce, and Pak Rudi’s sauce. Pak Rudi’s sauce is spicy enough for me, but I didn’t think that it is right to accompany our clams dishes.

1 kilo of fried kerang hijau, 1/2 kilo of boiled kerang bambu, oyster sauce, peanut sauce, and Pak Rudi’s sauce.