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Arabian Cuisine : Al-Jazeerah vs Hadramout


Once, I had a kind boss who loves to treat us Arabian cuisine for lunch. Therefore, I turn to love Arabian cuisine since then hehe. According to my previous experience when I ate Arabian cuisine in Mecca / Medina in 2008, I assume that have it once is enough 😀 because at the time, my dish came in big portion, yet it was tasteless, can you imagine how can I finish my plate? Hiks…..

But, when I tasted Arabian cuisine in Jakarta, it’s quite different from what I expected. It’s delicious actually, I love lamb mandi so much! Thank you Pak for inviting us to have those Arabian cuisines (in Jakarta). In this post, I will share a little of my experiences with Arabian cuisine from Al-Jazeerah Restaurant and Hadramout Restaurant. Both of them are situated in Jakarta. I think one of them is better than the other one……………


Al-Jazeerah (on Jalan Raden Saleh Raya No.58, Menteng, Jakarta)

People said that it is one of the best place to get authentic Arabian cuisine. Based on my experience, I totally agree with them! This restaurant is spacious enough with gorgeous Middle East interior design. They also provide private rooms. We ordered lamb mandi and chicken mandi, which came in big portion for sharing, also hot milk tea in teapot. Their mandi is utterly delicious, the lamb is perfect, and I love their milk tea! However, I don’t really like their chicken dish…..

chicken mandi


Hadramout (on Jalan Tambak Raya No.16A, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta)

In this restaurant, we prefered to sit lesehan-style (sit on the floor / carpet), in order to come closer to the Arabic culture. If you don’t like to sit lesehan-style, they also provide dining tables and chairs. We picked lamb mandi, chicken mandi, cheese samosa, and hot milk tea in teapot. After we had ordered, the waitress came to spread a big plastic over the carpet before they put the dishes. The mandi came in big portion for sharing.

In my opinion, their mandi is not as tasty as Al-Jazeerah’s, I had to put a lot of green chili sauce to make the mandi tasted good. The lamb is tender, but Al-Jazeerah’s is still the best 😀 also the milk tea, I prefer Al-Jazeerah’s one. Nevertheless, Hadramout’s chicken is better, and I love their cheese samosa ❀

lamb mandi

sit lesehan-style


P.S. : a friend of mine who ever lived in Jeddah, told me that there is an Arabian restaurant in Tebet : Larazeta (on Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No.17, Jakarta), which also have a selection of delicious Arabian cuisine. But, I haven’t tried it yet. To be honest, I really want to come to Larazeta so bad…… But, it’s quite difficult, as most of my female friends don’t eat lamb huhu, while my L works outside this island hehe. I hope I can taste Larazeta ASAP 😀