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RM Bopet Mini, Bendungan Hilir


There is a restaurant in Bendungan Hilir – Jakarta, which is very popular with its bubur kampiun. Its name is RM Bopet Mini. It opens at 7 am, therefore I went there once for breakfast. If you come from Sudirman Street, such restaurant is located on your left, not far from the left turn from Sudirman Street to Bendungan Hilir Raya Street.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of Padang cuisines, for instance : bubur kampiun, kue serabi (Asian pancake made from rice flour), dishes you can / cannot find easily in Padang Restaurants, lontong pical (traditional salad, consisting of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing), sate padang, soto padang (traditional Indonesian soup mainly composed of broth, dried beef, perkedel, and pink deep fried crackers), fried rice, ketupat sayur (rice cakes with vegetables stew in coconut milk), etc.

It is quite different from other Padang Restaurants, because the waitress of RM Bopet Mini doesn’t put their dishes in the dining table for visitors. Dishes can be picked by the visitors on their own (buffet), Minangkabau people called it ‘bopet‘. When they have finished eating, they paid for the food at the cashier, and left.

I’ve already been there 3 times, once for lunch and two times for breakfast. Every time I went there, I always had bubur kampiun, a dish consisting of bubur sumsum (kind of porridge which made from rice flour, usually serve with brown sugar sauce), candil (chewy small balls which are usually made of glutinous rice flour and dip in coconut sugar porridge), srikaya, kolak pisang-ubi-kolangkaling (banana, sweet potato, and chewy-transparent-oval shaped snack), and pacar cina (colored tapioca pearl), served in super delicious-sweet-creamy coconut milk. A bowl of bubur kampiun is enough, it gluts me.

bubur kampiun

Besides, I have already tasted their sate padang (beef skewers served in curry-like thick sauce), gulai ayam (Padang-style chicken curry), rempeyek udang (deep-fried savoury cracker with small shrimp), and sala lauak (fried fish and flour balls). All of them tasted utterly delicious ❤

bubur kampiun, sala lauak, rempeyek udang, and my mom’s pastel