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Anomali Coffee, Menteng


28 March 2017, 12 pmAfter having ice cream with much chit-chat and laughter @ Gelato Secrets, ShopHaus Menteng, Winda and I decided to having lunch @ Anomali Coffee Menteng (on Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 52, Menteng, Jakarta), which is located next to Jakarta Eye Center, or only a few meters away from ShopHaus Menteng.

Winda and Sabi

It was my second visit, in fact. Despite I am not a coffee lover, I still love to come to Anomali Coffee Menteng, because it is snug ❀ As well as me, Winda is not a fan of coffee. Therefore, both of us didn’t order any cup of coffee at the time.

my milk tea and Winda’s lemon tea

Then for the lunch, Winda picked spinach cordon bleu (c’est bon!), while I chose banana fritter. Why banana fritter? Because on my first visit, a friend of mine ordered it, I tasted his dish, and I like it! Buuuut, when I had the dish on my own, I think it didn’t taste as delicious as my first try haha. Indeed, rumput tetangga selalu lebih hijau đŸ˜€


Winda’s spinach cordon bleu | my banana fritter

If you are a pasta lover, you should try their carbonara, c’est bon aussi! The aglio e olio tuna is not bad, however it is not spicy enough for me, I had to add a lot of chili powder and chili sauce on my plate.

bon appétit!