Popolamama, Grand Indonesia


31 July 2017 is Eta’s last day in the office. Therefore, after office hours, Eta invited Mba Hana, Ndai, and me to have a farewell dinner @ Popolamama, Grand Indonesia. It was my very first experience 😀

The name of ‘Popolamama’ inspired by Italian words: ‘Popolare‘ and ‘Mama‘, which probably means : best Italian home cooking is mom’s cooking. They provide some selection of the menu, such as salad, side dish, pasta, pizza, and dessertPopolamama’s first store was opened in 1995 in Japan.

The restaurant in Grand Indonesia is cozy and simple. Pasta and pizza are their signature menu which is directly produced in the kitchen, they don’t use packaged pasta or pizza. Besides, they adopt Napoli style pizza, which has no more than 3 millimeters dough.

At the time, I chose carbonara style pasta with smoked beef. So yummy! Then I tasted other’s dishes, in my opinion all of them are delicious ❤ Additionally, I had 1 litre of green apple kiwi to share with Mba Hana. C’est bon aussi! Eta also ordered beef pepperoni pizza for sharing, but I didn’t have such pizza, because my belly is already full…………..

beef pepperoni pizza | my carbonara style pasta

kenapa Mba Hana bahagia banget ya liat green apple kiwi? 😀

The last but not the least, we took some photos and wefie, to hang on to those memories of the four of us a little longer. But eventually, I still have to say : bye Taaaa!

Mba Hana, Ndai, Sabi, Eta @ Popolamama | Eta said goodbye to all people in my room in the office




Makassar : Otak-Otak Ibu Elly, Coto Nusantara, returned to Jakarta


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28 July 2017. After breakfast, Dinda and I walked for 10 minutes from Ibis Styles (on Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.3, Mangkura, Makassar) to Otak-Otak Ibu Elly (on Jalan Kijang No. 7C – D, Makassar). I bought a box contains 30 otak-otak (grilled fish cake) and brought it home. But in my opinion, Ratu Gurih Restaurant’s otak-otak is more delicious.

the price list

Then, we returned to the hotel, packed our belonging, checked out, and keep our luggage at the front desk. Next, we walked for 5 minutes from the hotel to Coto Nusantara 2 (Jalan Merpati No.2 dan 3, Makassar). We ordered coto Makassar there. It is a soup originating from Makassar, the main ingredient is beef with seasoned broth made from peanuts and spices. OMG, it’s so delectable, hence I ordered 2 times 😀

I ❤ you!!!!

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel, picked our luggage at the front desk, took some photos in lobby, then we headed to Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport.

the lobby

Bye Makassar! I will definitely be back again someday ❤

Makassar : FSTH 4 @ Four Points by Sheraton, Fort Somba Opu, Balla Lompoa Museum, Toko Kerajinan




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27 July 2017. After breakfast, Ndai, Dinda, and I went to Four Points Hotel. We strolled around the exhibit hall of FSTH Pertamina 2017. At the time, I played mini golf, darts, nerf guns, and archery. I won a flash disk for got a score of >40 when threw 3 darts, also a traditional fabric for got a score of 450 when shot 5 times with nerf gun. Then, we attended the closing ceremony and had lunch.

Katniss Everdeen wannabe 😀


Next, Dinda, Haris, Ndai, and I headed to Fort Somba Opu (in Barombong, Gowa Regency) by GoCar. The fort, which is located in Kampung Sarombe, close to Jeneberang river, was the center of Gowa Sultanate in 16th-century. At first, it was a 240 x 500 meters rectangular-shape fort with bastions on each corner. Currently, only the southern section of the western wall is the most visible, it is a red brick wall of around 3 meters thick.

I thought that the fort is somewhat forgotten by the citizens, because GoCar drivers don’t even know such place duh! Come on people, it was one of the strongest fort ever built by Indonesians, as well as one of the most severe battle against the former Dutch colonial army in eastern Indonesia.


the museum, where they collect the artifacts | a 9-meter cannon is in front of the museum

an old map of the fort is on ceiling, you can see it through the mirror

the remaining part of the fort : red brick wall of around 3 meters thick


Our second destionation was Balla Lompoa Museum (on Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 39, Gowa). It was the Palace of Gowa Kingdom, which was built in 1936. It is a 60 x 40 meters and 2 meters high stilt wooden house. Currently, such palace was turned into a museum, which has a very dazzling historic collections of Gowa Sultanate.


Balla Lompoa Museum | the 60 x 40 meters and 2 meters high stilt wooden house

inside the museum

inside the museum (2)


The last but not the least, we headed to Toko Kerajinan (on Jl. Somba OPU No.34, Makassar) to buy some souvenirs. At the time, I bought passion fruit syrup for my mom and myself, Makassar t-shirts for my brother and mon petit ami, and some lovely pockets made out of traditional fabrics for my friends.


Sekian. See you tomorrow!

Makassar : FSTH 4 @ Four Points Hotel, Jalangkote & Lumpia Lasinrang, swimming @ Ibis Styles, Pisang Ijo RM Bravo, Losari Beach


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26 July 2017. After had lunch at Four Points Hotel, I was scheduled to present the paper I wrote with Dinda and Pak Yustin, at the same time Dinda presented the poster she wrote with me and Pak Yustin.

Dinda and Sabi were in front of the poster

presented the paper at the conference | moi, receiving the momento

Because we’re all tired after being a presenter, Dinda, Ndai, and I returned to the hotel not long after. We intended to swim. Buuut, we were hungryyyy~ thus, we ordered Jalangkote & Lumpia Lasinrang (on Jl. Lasinrang No.11A, Mangkura, Ujung Pandang, Makassar) via GoFood.

I tried their jalangkote (fried pastry filled with vegetables, minced beef, and slices of boiled egg) and lumpia (spring roll). I didn’t really like the jalangkote, because it is filled with vegetables hehe, I don’t like veggies! On the other hand, I pretty like the lumpia and I planned to bring some of them to Jakarta, buuuut after packing, I can hardly close my suitcase 😀 so that, I cancelled such plan~

Jalangkote & Lumpia Lasinrang :9

After had prayed maghrib, we (Dinda, Ndai, and I) went to the swimming pool. Alhamdulillah it is a warm water swimming pool! We swam for just 30 minutes, because I was starving at the time hehe. Then, we took a shower and went outside for dinner.

Ibis Styles swimming pool

We had dinner @ RM Bravo (Jl. Andalas No.154, Parang Layang, Bontoala, Kota Makassar). Their es pisang ijo (kind of dessert consisting of banana wrapped in green dough, sumsum (kind of porridge which made from rice flour), and red syrup) is utterly delicious, the portion is soooo big, you will be bloated. I also ordered orange juice, it tasted totally sweet~ hiks!

es pisang ijo

The last but not the least, we headed to Losari Beach (again). It’s almost midnight, but you can still find the snakes on the beach, if you want to pay for the chance to take a selfie or photo with them. Unfortunately the beach is super duper crowded at night, despite the fact that tomorrow is Thursday, not weekend haha.

Bon, see you tomorrow :*

Makassar : FSTH 4 @ Four Points Hotel, Fort Rotterdam, Konro Karebosi, Mie Awa


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25 July 2017. After breakfast, Dinda and I returned to our own room, because we had something to do, while Ndai went to Four Points Hotel to attend the opening ceremony of FSTH Pertamina 2017. At around 10 am, Dinda and I caught up to Four Points Hotel.

Ibis Styles Hotel reception desk

FSTH Pertamina 2017 @ Four Points Hotel : Sabi, Shelly, Suci, Dinda | Pita, Sabi, Dinda, Dilla @ the lobby


In the afternoon, Ndai, Haris, Dinda, and I moved to Fort Rotterdam (on Jalan Ujung Pandang, Bulo Gading, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). Before you get inside, don’t forget to take photos of ‘Fort Rotterdam’ sign (near the entrance gate) which is crowded almost any time 😀

waiting for the right time when the spot become magically less crowded


‘Fort Rotterdam’ sign + photobomb | the fort


the park and buildings which are surrounded by Fort Rotterdam

We can do fort walk there, from the back side, to the left side, and the last is the front side. On the right side, we can’t find the fort (so, it resembles the letter ‘U’) I don’t know why…..

fort walk~

Ndai and Sabi on the fort

Next, we visited La Galigo Museum which is also situated inside the complex, next to a building used to be a prison of Pangeran Diponegoro (a national hero of Indonesia, who was born in Yogyakarta). It was almost 6 pm and the museum was already closed, but fortunately the guides allowed us to enter the museum Alhamdulillah, thank you Pak! The museum’s collection covers prehistoric things, ceramics, historical documents, ancient daily equipment, art, etc.


Museum La Galigo | bugis traditional fabrics inside the museum


Then, we had dinner @ Konro Karebosi (on Jalan Gunung Lompobattang No. 41-43, Pisang Utara, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). Luckily, we arrived before dinner time, hence we still get a table yay! Such restaurant is totally busy and very crowded at dinner time. I think, I didn’t really like my konro bakar (grilled beef ribs in peanut sauce), because their peanut sauce tasted too sweet for me, yet their beef ribs is utterly tender and juicy ❤

my konro bakar

Nonetheless, Ndai don’t consume beef, therefore we headed to Mie Awa (on Jl. Veteran Selatan No.239, Mandala, Mamajang, Makassar) afterwards. Mie Awa is a kind of mie titi (Makassar style of i fu mie) which can be found in a lot of Makassar restaurant in Jakarta. I think I also don’t really like mie awa. Still, the best mie titi in my opinion is mie titi @ Pelangi Seafood (on Jalan Johar No.16, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat).

Mie Awa

After that, Dinda, Ndai, and I returned to Ibis Styles, whilst Haris went back to Santika Hotel (on Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No.40, Maloku, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). Bon, see you tomorrow!

Makassar : CGK, Batik Air, UPG, Ibis Styles, Losari Beach, Pisang Epe Mandiri, Four Points Hotel, Ratu Gurih Restaurant


24 July 2017. Dinda and I went to Makassar to attend FSTH Pertamina 2017. We flew with Batik Air which departed from CGK at 10.45 WIB and arrived into UPG at 14.10 WITA. During the flight, I watched Legend of the Guardians, slept, and had lunch. They offered the passengers ayam woku (Manado spicy basil chicken) or butter chicken for lunch. I obviously chose ayam woku, it tasted good, but a bit less spicy in my opinion……..

Sabi & Dinda @ CGK

We reached UPG and had to face a longer wait to get our baggage. Then, we rode GoCar to the hotel. Makassar is my hometown. The city is extremely hot huhu. It was my very first experience visiting my hometown, since almost all my family have already moved to Jakarta. Alors, je suis ravie yay!

Dinda and I, also Ndai (who arrived before us) stayed at Ibis Styles (on Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.3, Mangkura, Makassar). The trip from the airport took around an hour, il n’y a pas d’embouteillage Alhamdulillah. Get to the hotel, we checked-in and consumed the welcome drink (orange juice) next to the reception desk. Our (Dinda’s and my) room is situated on 12th floor.


Our (Dinda’s and my) room on 12th floor : Room 1217

In the room, I slept for a while, because I didn’t sleep well last night huhu. At 5 pm, Ndai and I headed to Losari Beach, Dinda didn’t join us because she had a thing to do in the room. Ibis Styles is quite close to the Losari Beach, moreover GoCar fare in Makassar is much cheaper then in Jakarta, thus I don’t wanna go back to Jakarta~


Ndai and I walked along the beach, from ‘Pantai Losari’ sign to Bank Mandiri building. We passed many pisang epe sellers hehe. It was almost maghrib time, there are a number of visitors in the beach, but still not so crowded compared to midnight.

Makassar ❤

what a beautiful sunset! (a GoCar driver told me that the most beautiful spot to witness the sunset is from the bridge of Center Point of Indonesia, which resemble a Tongkonan Traditional House) | Losari Beach with a lot of photobomb~

I am really scared of snakes, and you can find a lot of snakes, along with iguana and any kinds of lizard in Losari Beach hiiiy! They being handed over to visitors who have paid for the chance to take a selfie or photo with them. I don’t get the point at all!


After that, Ndai and I were hungry. We decided to had pisang epe (grilled banana which is flattened in a press and covered with a delicious topping). Ndai’s friend who live in Makassar recommended us to taste Pisang Epe Mandiri (on Jl. Ali Malaka, near KFC, across the BNI Somba Opu). At the time, I chose pisang epe topped with durian. It is so damn delicious.

pisang epe topped with durian

Dinda caught us up to Pisang Epe Mandiri. When the stomach is full, we left to Four Points Hotel (on Jl. Landak Baru No.130, Banta-Bantaeng, Rappocini, Makassar) to re-register the FSTH Pertamina 2017.

Next, we headed to Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto (on Jl. Lamaddukelleng No.9, Losari, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). We ordered otak-otak (grilled fish cake mixed with tapioca starch and spices), fried calamari, and clams in Padang sauce. They have one of the best otak-otak I ever tasted in my life!!!! I really love the calamari also ❤ but in my opinion, their Padang sauce tasted different from Padang sauce in Jakarta hehe.

some selection of sambal (hot sauce), the one on the top-right is da best, whilst the sambal on the top-left tasted similar to Ciganea’s sambal, but in my opinion it’s not suitable for seafood | otak-otak, fried calamari, clams in Padang sauce

Ndai, Dinda, Sabi @ Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto

Finally, we returned to the hotel. See you tomorrow! :*

Dotonbori Foodtown, PIK Avenue Mall, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)


4 June 2017. My friends at the office (Shelly, Mba Indah, Dinda) and I decided to have iftar at Dotonbori Foodtown (in PIK Avenue Mall 2nd Floor, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, Jakarta). Dotonbori Foodtown is a new food court with many selections of affordable Japanese food. Such food court is snug and has spacious area with a lot of natural light from its source (the sun). There are approximately 20s stalls which sell sushi, katsu, taiyaki, cheesecake, donburi, ramen, drinks, etc. At the time, I chose Shigeru for my iftar, also Kibo‘s cheesecake for my suhoor.



One of the most striking and biggest tenants in Dotonbori Foodtown is Shigeru. Their food display is utterly appetizing with plenty of choices. I want to have all of them OMG! Each item is priced separately (also the chopsticks and sushi soy sauce wkwk). It’s quite hard for me to decide what I want for iftar since almost all the food looked so mouthwatering. Eventually, I picked sushi set, karaage, fish balls, kushikatsu, and lychee tea. All of them tasted good, except for the sushi, I didn’t really like it.

my sushi, karaage, fish balls, kushikatsu, and lychee tea for iftar.


Kibo Cheesecake

Kibo cheesecake is so damn delicious! It is soft, delicate, fluffy, moist, light with creamy molten filing. It has the perfect level combination of sweetness and cheesiness :9 I really love it! At the time, I take away 4 minis Original Molten for suhoor ❤

Formerly, Kibo sold their cheesecake online. I ever ordered their large Matcha Molten for sharing with my office mates, and it tasted so goood. By the way, I am not a green tea lover, but in my opinion the matcha flavor didn’t overpower the cheese flavor, therefore I love their Matcha Molten.

mini Original Molten cheesecake :9


bon appétit!