Love (part 4)


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I had a business trip to Bogor on 6-8 November 2017, and I went back to Jakarta on 9 November. Simultaneously, Aji returned from the sites, but he had to come to the office in Pulogadung first. After office hours, we finally met each other. Alhamdulillah, I am super happy because the last time I saw him was 3 months ago :””” we had dinner @ Foodprint – Grand Indonesia. At the time, I chose Kibo cheesecake for my dinner, while he preferred KFC chochicks. Aji said that chochicks is not good haha.


Since returning from the sites until almost the end of November, Aji worked at the office in Pulogadung. It means that we can see each other more often than usual Alhamdulillah. So that, on 13 November 2017, after office hours, I headed to Arion Mall – Rawamangun to accompany him finishing his works @ McD. It reminds me of my college life 😀


Then, on 16 November, after office hours, we planned to meet @ Quiznos Sub – Rawamangun, since Aji still have some works to be finished at the time. Buuuut apparently someone is tired to do his works, thus he asked me to watch Justice League at Arion XXI hehe.


I turned 26 on 21 November 2017. After office hours, Aji invited me to come to his room @ Airy Rooms Setiabudi. When I arrived, he had showered, consequently I had to wait outside the room for a while until he finished his shower. Long wait is finally over *lebay* he opened the door, and as I walked through the door, he welcomed me with happy birthday song and a box of cupcakes. Thank you!!! Not long after, we headed to Genki Sushi – Grand Indonesia for dinner, as I was already starving~~


sorry for the blur, it’s a proof of Aji is not a selfie experts fortunately :p | my birthday cake ❤


On 22-24 November 2017, Aji went home. Then, on 25 November, he came to Jakarta again. We had dinner @ Thai Street – Plaza Senayan and watched Thor for our Saturday night date. Its been more than a month since the release, we were soooo oudated hahaha. On the next day (26 November), we had breakfast @ Carl’s Jr – Grand Rubina, Kuningan. Then, we had lunch along with Fudel @ Yoshinoya – Plaza Festival. Fudel is Aji’s super best friend, who is also majoring in Geological Engineering (ITB 2008). After that, we headed to Grand Futsal Kuningan, since Aji and Fudel had futsal practice there. After they finished their practice, the three of us chose Wingstop – Setiabudi One for dinner and had chit-chat @ Starbucks afterwards.


6 December 2017. Aji came to Jakarta again, as he had to go back to the sites on 8 December. We had dinner along with my brother @ Ta Wan – Setiabudi One. Last few days, Aji was ill 😦 Alhamdulillah he was getting better before the due date. After my brother returned home, Aji and I intended to watch Murder on the Orient Express. But unfortunately, the only seats which are still vacant were front-row seats, therefore we postponed the plan until tomorrow (7 December). On the day, Aji also gave me birthday present yaaay. The gift is a pair of shoes which I wore to Museum MACAN. Thank you Jiii!

On 8 December, I accompanied Aji to the airport. We had lunch @ Marugame – Terminal 3 and had brief conversation before he should go to waiting room before board the aircraft which will depart to Balikpapan at around 2 pm.


Currently, he is already on his 2 weeks off sequence, Alhamdulillah he only spent 7 weeks on site. Buuut sadly, he is ill (again) now huhuhu. Get well soon, Jiii….. Please send your prayers to him too :3 I hope you, your family, myself, my family, him, and his family are always in good health and doing well, insyaAllah. Aamiin.


Look forward to tell you the next stories, xoxo


Museum MACAN (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara)


7 January 2018. Shelly, Pita, and I had a short visit to Museum MACAN (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara) on AKR Tower Level MM, Jalan Panjang No. 5, Kebon Jeruk – Jakarta Barat (not too far from RCTI). We bought our ticket online on website. The price for the ticket : IDR 50K (adult), IDR 40K (student / senior), and IDR 30K (child).

the ticket counter, if you choose to buy ticket on the spot

The museum intends to exhibit art collections from local and international artists. Current exhibition (Art Turns. World Turns.) started on 4 November 2017, and will be terminated on 18 March 2018. To be honest, I am not an art enthusiast, thus I will not talk about the art profoundly, I just want to share you some pictures of art collections @ Museum MACAN.

Art Turns. World Turns. (4 November 2017 – 18 March 2018)

Our tickets’s entry time is 10 am, and they are only valid until 12 pm, hence we already arrived at the museum before 10. I had to deposit my tote bag, since the officer thought that my bag is too big to be brought inside the museum hehe. Then, we queued at entrance gate and waited for the gate to open at 10 am.

queue line at entrance gate

All those people, including us, directly headed to the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama, the most instagram-able spot in Jakarta nowdays. At the time, we only have to queue around 5 minutes Alhamdulillah. The officer allowed us only 20 seconds to enter the room~~~ Queue for the Infinity Room closes at 5 pm.

the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama

Some art collections which are placed around the Infinity Room are :


And the other collections are :


etc. ❤

Museum MACAN also has cafe near the entrance gate. You can visit the museum on Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm. Entrance and ticket sales closed at 6 pm. Ticket sales per day are limited.

Sabi, Pita, Shelly


Let’s go to the museum!

Perpanjang Passport 2018


Halo teman-teman! Karena sebentar lagi passport lama saya akan habis masa berlakunya, maka di awal tahun ini saya sibuk mencari info bagaimana tata cara memperpanjang passport saat ini. Sejak beberapa waktu yang lalu, kantor imigrasi sudah menggunakan sistem online, jadi kita tidak perlu repot-repot datang ke kantor imigrasi pagi-pagi untuk mengambil nomer antrian. Tetapi, saya diberi tahu oleh beberapa teman kalau sistem online pengurusan passport saat ini pun berbeda dengan pengurusan 1-2 tahun yang lalu. Berikut penjelasannya……………..


Tahapan pertama adalah Membuat Permohonan Antrian :

  1. kalian harus membuat akun terlebih dahulu di sini
  2. jika sudah, kalian bisa log in menggunakan username dan password kalian
  3. akan muncul list kantor-kantor imigrasi, kalian pilih ingin membuat / perpanjang passport di kantor imigrasi mana dan pada tanggal berapa. Namun, dalam kasus saya pribadi, saya tidak dapat membuat permohonan antrian melalui web, ketika itu saya tidak dapat melakukan pemilihan tanggal, jadi saya pun mendownload app “Antrian Paspor” dari PlayStore
  4. teman-teman bisa membuat permohonan antrian (memilih kantor imigrasi dan tanggal) pada hari Jumat, as soon as possible. Karena ketika saya membuat permohonan antrian di hari Jumat (5 Januari 2018) setelah solat subuh, kuota antrian di Mal Pelayanan Publik Jakarta Selatan (yang terdekat dari tempat tinggal saya) sudah habis hehe. Akhirnya, saya pun memilih Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat (yang terdekat dari kantor) dan Alhamdulillah masih ada kuotanya saat itu. Saya memilih jadwal untuk tanggal 11 Januari 2018 jam 9 pagi. Kalian bisa membuat / perpanjang paspor di kantor imigrasi mana pun, tidak perlu disamakan dengan wilayah ktp
  5. setelah itu, kalian akan menerima email : BUKTI LAYANAN ANTRIAN PASPOR ONLINE yang harus diprint dan dibawa pada saat kalian datang ke kantor imigrasi
  6. bagi teman-teman yang mau membuat permohonan antrian di Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Pusat, bisa melakukan pendaftaran melalui WhatsApp ke nomer 081299004406, dengan format : #nama#tanggal lahir#tanggal antrian passport. Contoh : #Shabrina Paramitha#21111991#11012018. Kemudian kalian akan menerima balasan apakah tanggal antrian yang kalian inginkan sudah full atau masih available


Tahapan kedua adalah Interview, Scan Fingerprint, dan Foto di Kantor Imigrasi :

  1. pada tanggal 11 Januari 2018, saya datang ke Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat sekitar jam 8.30 sambil membawa : fotocopy passport lama dan aslinya, fotocopy KK dan aslinya, fotocopy ktp dan aslinya, fotocopy akte kelahiran dan aslinya, serta bukti antrian paspor online yang suda diprint (semua harus dalam ukuran kertas A4). Semakin cepat kalian datang, semakin cepat urusan kalian akan selesai nantinya
  2. semua berkas fotocopy dan bukti antrian paspor online diserahkan kepada resepsionis, sedangkan dokumen aslinya hanya diperlihatkan saja
  3. kalian akan diberikan map oleh resepsionis tersebut, yang berisi semua berkas fotocopy dan form yang harus diisi
  4. setelah form selesai diisi, teman-teman naik ke lantai 2 untuk menyerahkan map tersebut kepada petugas, kemudian kalian bisa duduk manis di ruang tunggu sambil menunggu nama kalian dipanggil. Nah disini keuntungan bagi orang yang datang lebih cepat, namanya akan dipanggil lebih dulu tentunya 😀
  5. ketika dipanggil, kalian akan diinterview sebentar oleh petugas, discan fingerprint nya, dan difoto. Yang ditanyakan oleh petugas saat itu kepada saya : untuk apa perpanjang passport, sudah pernah pergi kemana saja, dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan lain seputar itu
  6. setelah selesai, kalian kembali ke ruang tunggu lagi, duduk manis, dan menunggu nama kalian dipanggil untuk kedua kalinya
  7. ketika dipanggil, kalian akan diberikan 2 lembar kertas yang berisi tata cara pembayaran passport dan nominal yang harus dibayarkan. Petugas menjelaskan bahwa kertas ini nantinya harus diserahkan kembali saat pengambilan passport; pengambilan passport dapat dilakukan sekitar 3 hari kerja setelah melakukan pembayaran; dan pembayaran bisa dilakukan melalui bank apa saja


Tahapan ketiga adalah Pembayaran :

  1. saya membayar melalui atm bni pada tanggal 11 Januari 2018
  2. seperti biasa, masukkan kartu dan pin kalian, kemudian pilih Menu Lain >> Menu Pembayaran >> Menu Imigrasi
  3. masukkan Nomor Permohonan Passport yang terdapat pada kertas yang diberikan oleh petugas di kantor imigrasi
  4. simpan baik-baik bukti pembayaran kalian, karena harus diserahkan ketika melakukan pengambilan passport


Tahapan terakhir adalah Pengambilan Passport :

  1. saya datang lagi ke Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat pada tanggal 17 Januari 2018 sekitar jam 13.30
  2. oleh resepsionis, saya langsung diarahkan ke loket pengambilan passport. Saya menyerahkan 2 lembar kertas tata cara pembayaran passport dan bukti pembayaran kepada petugas di loket, kemudian saya diminta duduk dan menunggu
  3. tak berapa lama kemudian, nama saya dipanggil, petugas pun memberikan passport baru saya dan meminta saya mengecek apakah data-data dalam passport sudah benar atau belum
  4. setelah itu, saya diminta mengcopy passport baru tersebut sebanyak 2 lembar untuk diserahkan kepada petugas loket. Kebetulan Money Changer di sebelah meyediakan jasa fotocopy juga, tapi fotocopy 2 lembar harganya 4000 dong hahaha
  5. setelah kertas fotocopy saya serahkan kepada petugas, saya pun bisa pulang membawa passport baru saya 😀


Semoga membantu ❤

Cirebon : Empal Gentong Bu Darma, Kraton Kasepuhan, Kraton Kanoman, Red Majid of Panjunan, Mie Koclok Cirebon, Batik Trusmi


On 23 September 2017, Mba Hana, Ndai, and I went to Cirebon. We rode Argo Jati train from Gambir Station. Such train departed at 9 am. We arrived @ Cirebon Station (in Kebonbaru, Kejaksan, Cirebon) at 12 pm.

Cirebon Station

By the time we arrived, it had already lunch time, thus we headed to Empal Gentong Bu Darma (on Jl. Diponegoro No. 21, Cirebon) for lunch. Such place was recommended by Mr Y, who live in Cirebon. He used to work in the same division as me. Their empal gentong (curry-like beef soup from Cirebon) tasted good and their kerupuk (deep fried crackers made from starch) tasted utterly delicious :9

empal gentong + kerupuk

feel satiated~


Our next destination was Kraton Kasepuhan (on Jalan Kasepuhan No.43, Cirebon). It is the most majestic kraton in Cirebon, where the Sultan lived. The Sultanate of Cirebon was a sultanate in West Java founded in the 15th century by Sunan Gunungjati. The sultanate’s capital was located around the city of Cirebon nowadays.

We rode Uber and disembarked at the gate of the kraton. The first building we found when we entered the complex was Siti Inggil. It resembles temple from the Majapahit Empire, which surrounded by red bricks. There are 5 buildings without walls inside Siti Inggil. All of them have different functions.

Siti Inggil

Next, we passed Tajug Agung (behind Siti Inggil) and headed to the main area of Kraton Kasepuhan complex. Inside the main area, there are : Taman Dewandaru (20 square meters of circle park, where you can find 2-face to face-white tiger statues (the symbol of Prabu Siliwangi). Behind Taman Dewandaru is the main building of the Kraton. It is painted white. 

between Siti Inggil and Tajug Agung

on my way to the main area of Kraton Kasepuhan


the main building of the Kraton

behind the main building


Our third destination was Kraton Kanoman (on Jl. Winaon Kampung Kanoman, Cirebon). The complex which is situated behind Kanoman Traditional Market, has a territory of 6 hectares. Unfortunately, such kraton is less maintained 😦

Chinese porcelain plates on the wall

front area of Kraton Kanoman Complex


the main building of the Kraton Kanoman Complex | another building around the main building


Our next destination was Red Masjid of Panjunan (on Jl. Kolektoran No.43, Cirebon) to pray zuhr and asr. Such masjid was built in 1480. The building is surrounded by red bricks, hence people call it “red masjid”. It resembles Hindu temple, it also has Chinese porcelain plates on the wall.

Red Masjid of Panjunan

Then, we stopped by a mie koclok-restaurant, not far from the masjid : Mie Koclok Cirebon (on Jl. Pekarungan, Panjunan, Cirebon). Mie koclok is chicken noodle soup from Cirebon. I didn’t order mie koclok, because it feels like the empal gentong and kerupuk are still sitting in the top of my stomach 😀 Mba Hana and Ndai said that such noodle soup tasted good.

mie koclok


Our last destination was Batik Trusmi (on Jalan Raya Trusmi Kulon No. 148, Cirebon). We rode the same Uber from Kraton Kanoman to Panjunan, Panjunan to Batik Trusmi, and Batik Trusmi to Cirebon Station. The driver offered us to hire him for the rest of our trip, and we agreed. If you intend to visit Cirebon and rent a car + the driver, you can contact me, I will give you the driver’s phone number. This Uber driver is nice and friendly, also knows some options of places which is renowned among the tourist, several popular cake shop owned by the actors / actresses, also he knows the route well.

At 6.40 pm, we rode Tegal Bahari train from Cirebon Station and arrived @ Gambir Station at around 9.30 pm. See you on the next trip! ❤

we were @ Cirebon Station and brought our Batik Trusmi’s shopping bag~

Kebumen & Karangsambung


This is going to be my first post of 2018 😀


Related to my previous post…………..

10 September 2017. A driver picked us up from Adisutjipto Airport-Jogjakarta at around 6 pm, then he took us to Kebumen. At Wates, we stopped by a gudeg-restaurant for dinner. Gudeg is a traditional Javanese cuisine, which is made from raw jack fruit stewed for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. I don’t like gudeg, but you can also have opor ayam (chicken cooked in coconut milk), opor telur (egg cooked in coconut milk), and sambal goreng krecek (cattle skin spicy stew) there.

At around 11 pm, we arrived @ Mexolie Hotel, Kebumen (across the Kebumen Station). Such hotel is a 3-stars-hotel, I really love Mexolie Hotel, because the room is big, clean, and cozy. Also, they provides various options of breakfast menu, and those tasted delicious :9

my room @ Mexolie Hotel


On 11 September 2017, after breakfast, we headed to Karangsambung for field observation. It was my second visit to Karangsambung. It gave me nostalgia, I am very happy!!! My first experience in Karangsambung was in 2012, when I attended Field Geology lecture during 1 month. After 5 years, I can return to Karangsambung again and visited :

the outcrop of Waturanda Formation

the outcrop of Kalijebug area

the outcrop of Olistostrome breccia, Lok Ulo

the outcrop of intercalation of chert and red limestone, Kali Muncar

the outcrop of Olistostrome claystone, Logandu; etc.

At the time, we also had lunch @ a kind of historic restaurant belongs to Mba War *we still call her ‘Mba‘ (a call for a female who a bit older than the caller), despite the fact that she already had grandchildren now 😀 she served some options of humble dishes at her restaurant, but all of them tasted delicious ❤ also, I ordered my love at the first sight –> gula asem (iced tamarind)! Whatta fresh refreshment in the hottest part of the day!!!!!

Mba War and Sabi

gula asem


On 12 September 2017, we visited Kampus LIPI Karangsambung. I strolled around the complex and took some photos in front of several buildings that gave me nostalgia :”””) such as Aula Tektonik (a building which is utilised as our dining room and classroom during our 1-month-stay in 2012) and Asrama Penosogan (the habitation of female student).

Museum Melange – Kampus LIPI Karangsambung

eclogite @ Museum Melange

Asrama Penosogan ❤


à bientôt, Karangsambung! Unwittingly, I left a little piece of my heart there……..

photo credit : Mas Awang, Pak Sunarli. Danke schön!

Odysseia, Pacific Place


On 8 September 2017, after office hours, I headed to Odysseia, a restaurant which can be found right around the lobby in front of Galeries Lafayette (Pacific Place, SCBD). At first glance from a distance, I can’t help falling in love with the decorations and ambience.

The outdoor area is larger than the indoor space. You can find a lot of hanging plants and hanging christmas lights, also small fountain, in outdoor area. It looks like a cozy and romantic garden (especially at night) ❤ in indoor space, there is a beautiful dome made by stained glass. When I was there, their outside area is fully booked, thus I sat indoor.

adorable dome inside the restaurant

view from my table

Odysseia’s menus are dominated by western cuisine. At the time, I picked : tuna aglio olio pasta and iced chocolate. Such pasta is delicious and featuring abundant tuna. It tasted delicious and quite spicy, though I still put some chilli powder on it to increase its spiciness ❤ I love hot and spicy food! My drink tasted good also 😀

my tuna aglio olio pasta and iced chocolate



Jogjakarta : Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko, Sate Klathak Pak Pong, Cheese Roll Wahyu Austin, Bakpia Kurnia Sari


10 September 2017, 08.05 am, I departed from Soekarno–Hatta Airport Terminal 3 to Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta. It was my very first experience, since I regularly come to Terminal 3 just to accompany Aji when he returned to the sites hehe.

@ Terminal 3

At around 10 am, I exited Adisutjipto Airport. Then, the first destination is Prambanan Temple. Believe it or not, I had never visited such temple before. Prambanan Temple is 9th-century Hindu temple. It is located approximately 17 kilometres northeast of Yogyakarta, on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, also one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. The main building inside the complex has 47-metre-high. There were a total of 240 buildings in the complex. The building of the temples are characterized by their tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu architecture.

Prambanan Temple


inside the temple | some buildings were heavily damaged due to earthquakes

The next destination is Ratu Boko, an archaeological site about three kilometres south of Prambanan temple. The site covers 16 hectares. It’s estimated that Ratu Boko is a settlement site, even though its precise function remain unknown.


Ratu Boko | the main gate view from Candi Pembakaran


Candi Pembakaran | Pendopo



can you spot Prambanan Temple? | it will be utterly astonishing to witness sunset there

There are a lot of little temples around Ratu Boko : Ijo Temple, Kalasan Temple, Banyunibo Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple. Also, Breccia Cliff Parks is pretty close. Unfortunately, I have limited time to explore the city at the time huhu.

Next, the third destination is sate klathak Pak Pong (on Jalan Imogiri Timur Km. 10, Bantul, Yogyakarta) for late lunch. It was my second visit. Frankly, I really want to taste sate klathak Pak Bari, but such place open only at night, unluckily I must head to Kebumen after Maghrib.

sate klathak ❤

I will tell the story of my visit to Kebumen in the next post. Oyaa, at the time I brought cheese roll Wahyu Austin (on Perumahan Taman Cemara G-1, Ring Road Utara, Maguwoharjo, Sleman) and bakpia Kurnia Sari in milk flavors to Jakarta. Alhamdulillah eventually I can get the milk flavors, because those almost always run out~


x o x o