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Makassar : CGK, Batik Air, UPG, Ibis Styles, Losari Beach, Pisang Epe Mandiri, Four Points Hotel, Ratu Gurih Restaurant


24 July 2017. Dinda and I went to Makassar to attend FSTH Pertamina 2017. We flew with Batik Air which departed from CGK at 10.45 WIB and arrived into UPG at 14.10 WITA. During the flight, I watched Legend of the Guardians, slept, and had lunch. They offered the passengers ayam woku (Manado spicy basil chicken) or butter chicken for lunch. I obviously chose ayam woku, it tasted good, but a bit less spicy in my opinion……..

Sabi & Dinda @ CGK

We reached UPG and had to face a longer wait to get our baggage. Then, we rode GoCar to the hotel. Makassar is my hometown. The city is extremely hot huhu. It was my very first experience visiting my hometown, since almost all my family have already moved to Jakarta. Alors, je suis ravie yay!

Dinda and I, also Ndai (who arrived before us) stayed at Ibis Styles (on Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.3, Mangkura, Makassar). The trip from the airport took around an hour, il n’y a pas d’embouteillage Alhamdulillah. Get to the hotel, we checked-in and consumed the welcome drink (orange juice) next to the reception desk. Our (Dinda’s and my) room is situated on 12th floor.


Our (Dinda’s and my) room on 12th floor : Room 1217

In the room, I slept for a while, because I didn’t sleep well last night huhu. At 5 pm, Ndai and I headed to Losari Beach, Dinda didn’t join us because she had a thing to do in the room. Ibis Styles is quite close to the Losari Beach, moreover GoCar fare in Makassar is much cheaper then in Jakarta, thus I don’t wanna go back to Jakarta~


Ndai and I walked along the beach, from ‘Pantai Losari’ sign to Bank Mandiri building. We passed many pisang epe sellers hehe. It was almost maghrib time, there are a number of visitors in the beach, but still not so crowded compared to midnight.

Makassar ❤

what a beautiful sunset! (a GoCar driver told me that the most beautiful spot to witness the sunset is from the bridge of Center Point of Indonesia, which resemble a Tongkonan Traditional House) | Losari Beach with a lot of photobomb~

I am really scared of snakes, and you can find a lot of snakes, along with iguana and any kinds of lizard in Losari Beach hiiiy! They being handed over to visitors who have paid for the chance to take a selfie or photo with them. I don’t get the point at all!


After that, Ndai and I were hungry. We decided to had pisang epe (grilled banana which is flattened in a press and covered with a delicious topping). Ndai’s friend who live in Makassar recommended us to taste Pisang Epe Mandiri (on Jl. Ali Malaka, near KFC, across the BNI Somba Opu). At the time, I chose pisang epe topped with durian. It is so damn delicious.

pisang epe topped with durian

Dinda caught us up to Pisang Epe Mandiri. When the stomach is full, we left to Four Points Hotel (on Jl. Landak Baru No.130, Banta-Bantaeng, Rappocini, Makassar) to re-register the FSTH Pertamina 2017.

Next, we headed to Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto (on Jl. Lamaddukelleng No.9, Losari, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). We ordered otak-otak (grilled fish cake mixed with tapioca starch and spices), fried calamari, and clams in Padang sauce. They have one of the best otak-otak I ever tasted in my life!!!! I really love the calamari also ❤ but in my opinion, their Padang sauce tasted different from Padang sauce in Jakarta hehe.

some selection of sambal (hot sauce), the one on the top-right is da best, whilst the sambal on the top-left tasted similar to Ciganea’s sambal, but in my opinion it’s not suitable for seafood | otak-otak, fried calamari, clams in Padang sauce

Ndai, Dinda, Sabi @ Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto

Finally, we returned to the hotel. See you tomorrow! :*

The Residence OnFive by Grand Hyatt Jakarta


5 June 2017. Upstream Directorate – Pertamina hosted a Ramadan event : iftar with the orphans @ The Residence OnFive by Grand Hyatt Jakarta (on Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta Pusat). During the holy month of Ramadan, we finished the workday(s) early, therefore I, Shelly, Dinda, Mba Hana, Mba Indah, and Pita could leave the office at around 3 pm, and headed to the hotel @ Bundaran HI.

Alhamdulillah il n’y a pas d’embouteillages! So that, not long afterward, we could reach the place safe and sound. The opening act of the event is a capella group SNADA, next we listened to the preaching delivered by the Ustadz until beduk (a signal to begin the iftar), and the last but not the least we had takjil, prayed Maghrib, and had dinner.

The Residence OnFive is a private space and service which you can rent for your private event(s). Such venue which has ‘residence’ concept is located on the 5th floor of Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. You will pass by the swimming pool on your way to the building. The Residence OnFive has a homey, stylish, lavish, and minimalist roomy indoor space, also there is a super spacious green terrace outside.

I really enjoy my dish(es) on the day, along with my lovely friends ❤ I love their sirloin so much~ Besides, their tom yum seafood and empal gentong (curry-like beef soup originated from Cirebon, West Java) also tasted good, I like it! I was delightfully full afterwards, Alhamdulillah. Next, we took photos on the photo booth, prayed Isha, and returned home at around 8.30 pm.

until next year~


Tjikinii Lima


8 June 2017. Wow it’s already the 13th day of Ramadan 2017!  It seems like the first day of Ramadan was only yesterday, time has passed by sooo quickly~ I am so happy to have iftar on the day with my Princess gang at Tjikinii Lima (on Jl. Cikini 1 No.5) 😀

Tjikinii Lima

Such restaurant has homey vintage interior design dominated by wood furniture. There are two stories : the first floor has antique style indoor space and garden seating areas; whilst the second floor has private rooms and rooftop patio area. At the time, we prefer to sit at the rooftop patio area, which turns to be very pretty at night ❤ don’t forget to make reservations!

@ rooftop patio area : Sabi, Manda, Mba Hana, Eta, Ndai. The waitresses were so kind, they offered to take a picture of us when they saw us took photo using camera timer 😀

They provide free takjil (light snack to break the fast) everyday during Ramadan. When we were there, takjil of the day was kolak ubi & kolang-kaling (chewy-transparent-oval shaped snack & sweet potato compote). I love kolak ubi & kolang-kaling sooo much! But, this compote is the exception, since it tasted too plain yet too strong ginger flavor. However, never mind…… it’s free though.


kolak ubi & kolang-kaling

At the time, I had chicken dabu-dabu along with English Breakfast tea. Dabu-dabu is a type of hot and spicy condiment commonly found in Manado cuisine of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. My dish tasted good, nonetheless their sambal dabu-dabu is less hot and spicy, in my opinion.

my chicken dabu-dabu

Manda picked nasi campur bali, a dish of a scoop of white rice accompanied by small portions of some other dishes, for instance : ayam suwir (shredded chicken), sate lilit (spiced minced meat wounded around bamboo, then grilled on charcoal), sambal matah (famous raw sambal from Bali), etc. I love their sambal matah!

nasi campur bali

Ndai chose pad thai, stir-fried rice noodle from Thailand, cooked with eggs, bean sprouts, shrimp, etc. The dish served with red chili pepper and lime wedges. I heart pad thai, but this one is the exception, since it tasted too sweet 😦

pad thai

Mba Hana had ayam goreng mentega (fried chicken in butter sauce). Honestly, I didn’t taste her dish at the time.


ayam goreng mentega

Eta’s Thai special fried rice tasted like curry fried rice. The portion is big, unfortunately the fried rice is too dry. Eta and I didn’t really like the dish, on the contrary Ndai pretty much love it 😀

Thai special fried rice

it’s prettier at night, isn’t it?


Happy fasting everyone! 2 days left for Eid al-Fitr!

Bandung : ITB, Roti Gempol, Taman Sejarah, Taman Balai Kota, Yellow Truck


22 March 2017. Around 8 am, we headed to hotel restaurant for breakfast (day 1). Then, we left to the campus of ITB to attend ITB International Geothermal Workshop (IIGW) 2017.

the seminar

On lunch break, Dinda and I strolled around the campus. It is a saudade. Our starting-point is Himpunan Timur Jauh. Then, we walked to Kantin Bengkok, Parkiran SR, Masjid Salman, the main gate, boulevard, Tugu Soekarno, Kolam Indonesia Tenggelam, Plaza Widya, DPR, Oktagon / TVST, and returned to the seminar venue.

@ Plaza Widya

@ Kolam Indonesia Tenggelam : Geologi ❤

Seba & Sabi. What are you guys talking about?

When the first day of the workshop ends, Dinda and I went to Roti Gempol (on Jl. Gempol Wetan No.14, Citarum, Bandung) for early dinner, before we returned to the hotel.

my wheat bread with eggs + meat + cheese and Addictea thai tea ❤


23 March 2017. Around 8 am, we went to hotel restaurant for breakfast. Then, we left to the campus of ITB to attend the last day of the workshop. After lunch break, Dinda and I visited Taman Sejarah, a historic park which is newly available for public use. Such area is situated behind Balai Kota Bandung. On the park, you can find relief walls and several glasses in a row which portray the faces of the mayors of Bandung. Moreover, if you travel with children, they can play in shallow pool on this park. When I was there, there are a lot of elementary / kindergarten students participate in a study tour.

a glass which portray the face of current mayor of Bandung (Bapak Ridwan Kamil)

the relief walls

Then, we walked to Taman Balai Kota which lies in the complex of Balai Kota Bandung. It was pretty crowded when I visited the park. The majority of the visitors are teenagers, who do dance practice, take photos, or just sit in the park. There is a statue of white rhinoceros (Taman Badak) there. Below the statue, there is a fish pool with fountain. In addition to that, you can also find love locks area. Above the love locks, there is a red ‘LOVE’ sign.

Taman Badak as a part of Taman Balai Kota

My next destination was Yolan’s house, because Aunty Sabi missed Baby Adeeva so much :3 also, I miss Mommy Yolan’s home-made food ❤ After Maghrib, I returned to the hotel.

Adeeva :*


24 March 2017 was my last day in Bandung, it was a free time yaaay! In the morning, Dinda and I swam in hotel swimming pool, because I hadn’t worked out during the week.

hotel swimming pool

Then, we returned to the room, took a shower, and had breakfast. We had breakfast along with Fika, who visited us at the time 😀 after had breakfast, we packed our belongings and Dinda went home, while Fika and I headed to Yellow Truck (on Jl. Linggawastu No.11, Tamansari, Bandung).

Sabi et Fika @ Yellow Truck

my favorite tea of all times : English Breakfast!

The last but not the least, Fika drove me to Bandung Station (thanks Fika!). I rode Argo Parahyangan train at around 11:30 to Jakarta, so I can join tennis practice in the afternoon 😀

Sabi et Fika @ the station

I never get bored to visit Bandung ❤ despite the fact that there are some places make me feel nostalgic, but still I love Bandung so much!



Garut : Cibatu Station, FaveHotel Cimanuk, Alun-Alun, Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop, Batik Tulen


12 December 2016. It was a national holiday in my country (Maulid Nabi), at the same time I should go to Garut, since I had to attend a workshop on 13-15 December in Kamojang – West Java (around an hour drive from Garut). I rode Serayu Pagi Train from Senen Station (Jakarta) to Cibatu Station (Garut). It took me around 4 – 5 hours to get there.

Had arrived at Cibatu Station, a taxi (without taximeter) picked me up from the station to the FaveHotel Cimanuk (Garut). It took me another an hour. If you want to ride such taxi, you must order first. You can contact me via email, if you need their contact phone number 🙂

I got the information about the taxi service from FaveHotel. Because unfortunately the hotel only has an operational vehicle, so that they cannot fulfill my request when I asked them to pick me up from the station. Additionally, you are also be able to order the taxi if you want to stroll around the city.

view from my train window

I arrived to the hotel at around 4 pm. I was so starving, because I hadn’t had lunch yet, thus I ordered seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips) from the hotel restaurant.

my room on 3rd floor

My seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips). It was so damn delicious, although it’s not spicy enough for me :9

my room | view from my room window. At the time, I was the only person who utilized the pool, since it was so cold there brrrr~


it is not so big swimming pool, but it was more than enough because I enjoyed it on my own 😀 | view from my room window ❤


13 – 15 December 2016. I attended a 3-days-workshop in Kamojang. Every morning, a bus picked us up at around 7 am in hotel lobby, then the bus brought us back from Kamojang to the hotel at around 3.30 pm. When I arrived at the room, I went to the swimming pool slightly afterwards, and I returned to my room, took a bath, watched tv, slept *what a bore hehe*

what I had for my breakfast

I had sop buntut (oxtail soup) for my dinner :9 I always ordered my dinner from hotel restaurant


16 December 2016 was my last day in Garut, hence I strolled around the city. My first destination was Alun-Alun, where there is happening photo spot :

‘GARUT’ sign

Next, I headed to Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street, which was recommended by a friend of mine, who come from Garut. You can find : dodol (sticky, thick, sweet confection), Chocodot (chocolate with dodol fillings), instant nasi liwet (rice dish cooked in coconut milk), etc. Fyi, some of them can be found in Jakarta though.

Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street

a variant of Chocodot

Then, I visited Batik Tulen (a batik home industry on Ciledug Street), which was recommended by a friend of mine also. Some of their products :


they are beautiful, aren’t they?


Je ne peux pas attendre le prochain voyage………. ❤

Bandung : RM Ciganea, Four Points Hotel, One Eighty, Prima Rasa, Zenbu, Xtrans


24 August 2016. Chevy, Dewa, Mas Hanif, and I went to Bandung by Mas Han’s car. We travelled between Jakarta and Bandung in 4 hours, parce qu’il y a des embouteillages partout. Also, we stopped by at RM Ciganea (Rest Area KM 73), for their yummy fried chicken and super delicious sambal :9 Eventually, we arrived to the Four Points Hotel – Dago at almost 4pm.

Four Points Hotel is absolutely a new modern hotel in great location in downtown Bandung, Jalan Ir Juanda no 46 to be exact. If you are from Pasteur, you just have to pass through the Pasopati Bridge, take the exit for Dago, and turn right at the second intersection to Jalan Ir Juanda (Jalan Dago), it will be on the left side of the road (between Pizza Hut and Superindo). The hotel area is a long and relatively thin lot, it has narrow multi-level basements and classy interior layout for the lobby. After we had met the representative of the EO at the lobby, we checked-in at reception desk, and headed to our own room.

20160824_161138 20160824_161223

my room

20160824_161407 20160824_161449

the bathroom

My room was situated at the 8th floor, such modern European style room is (around) 30 sqm large room, which features twin comfort bed for high-quality sleep. It’s bathroom is quite spacious, without tub. The advantage of staying in this hotel is you can find fast wifi connection in the entire building, as well as you can reach Pizza Hut, KFC, the Kiosk, Chatime, ACE, and Superindo in 5 minutes walk; but unfortunately, the hotel only has 2 tiny elevators and traffic jams outside the hotel is rather terrible.

I headed to swimming pool not longer after I arrived yippieeee~ I swam for an hour. The pool is not really big but there are only small number of people there Alhamdulillah 😀


the swimming pool

After I had taken a shower, I prepared a few more things for tomorrow workshop, along with Chevy, Dewa, and Mas Hanif. Then, when we were getting things done, I headed to One Eighty – Jalan Ganeca (in front of Warung Pasta), to meet Seba and Hengki. OMG, it’s been a long time………….


Sabi, Hengki, Seba. A couple days later, Hengki flew to London to pursue his master’s degree at Imperial College. Bye Hengkiiiii~

The grand opening of such cafe is in July 2016. It has an outdoor shallow pool (around 30-40 cm depth), and you can find some tables and chairs in the pool ❤ thus, you are be able to get your feet wet whilst having your dish.


the menu and my iced chocolate


my spaghetti aglio e olio


25 August 2016 (1st day workshop). We started the day by having breakfast together in hotel restaurant. Then, we headed to M-floor. The workshop held at 8am-4pm, there will be one hour lunch break at 12pm and twice-a-day coffee break at 10am and 2.30pm.


the hotel restaurant

dsc_0105 dsc_0109

the workshop


the participants in the same polo shirt

After workshop, I went to Prima Rasa – Jalan Kemuning, I bought some boxes of their delicious brownies nyaaam~ At night, we had dinner together at Zenbu – PVJ. When did the last time I go to PVJ? Hmmmm 3 years ago perhaps………

dsc_0158 dsc_0162

dsc_0165 dsc_0164

dinner @ Zenbu – PVJ


my appetizing salmon cream sauce pasta :9


26 August 2016 (last day of the workshop). Workshop was terminated before Jumu’ah prayer. After the prayer had finished, we had lunch together at hotel restaurant, to close the event. Not longer afterwards, I headed to Xtrans – Green Batara Hotel (Cihampelas) to ride the shuttle to Tangerang.


closing the workshop~


À bientôt!

Internship Program PT. Pertamina (Persero) 2015-2016


June 2015. A friend of mine in the office, Haris, gave me the information that there is 3 new interns on Geology – Pertamina UTC team. Haris told me that one of them also lives in Tangerang and graduated from ITB, too. Buuut, I have no idea at all, I mean : during my college life in Bandung, I didn’t really concerned about where someone comes from. Additionally, Tangerang is not so small haha. Nevertheless, I was so curious about the information. So that, Haris and I visited them…………

Apparently, this new intern who also lives in Tangerang is Adhi (Teknik Geologi ITB 2010), while the rest are Rifki (Teknik Geologi ITB 2010) and Winda (Teknik Geologi Unpad 2010). They will become part of the internship program at UTC until at least 6 months later, and it is possible to be extended for the next 6 months 😀 Thenceforth, I am quite often came to their room. Moreover, we loved to run together in the afternoon. Especially Winda, we joined Zumba class every Tuesday, also we loved to watch movie and have culinary tours together ❤


@ Spumante (January 2016) : Winda, Sabi


@ Johnny Rockets (February 2016) : Sabi, Winda

img_20160317_171852 img_20160317_172222

afternoon run @ Monas (April 2016)

We loved to exchange some souvenirs after the trip to anywhere. Winda gave me the most delicious bakpia nowadays –> bakpia keju Kurnia Sari, from Jogjakarta; green tea chocolate from Puncak; etc. I reciprocated by giving them brownies Amanda from Bandung, also chocolate and goodie bag from KL. Moreover, they loved to treat me (us) : ATL Hayam Wuruk – Sarinah, RM Sederhana – Jalan Sabang, Bakso Titoti, and the most recently –> Zenbu – Plaza Indonesia.

They loved to take me to the breakfast / lunch events, also iftar, in the office. Furthermore, they once asked me to attend a meeting which is organized by Geology – Pertamina UTC team, just because there is someone involved in such meeting wkwk and did zuhr & asr prayer in congregation on 17th floor to meet someone *ceritanya lagi mengejar mas-mas* *sekarang udah insyaf Alhamdulillah* 😀

The fussiest person who I ever met (probably) in my whole entire life is Winda haha. She should be a comedian, instead of a geologist. The food lover is Adhi, who taught us to have pudding whilst queuing for the dim sum; or had foundue while queuing for ice cream; and ate 7 cakes at a time!!!! And the last but not the least: Rifki! Our superb photographer, whom I asked to if I found some difficulties in Petrel.

Oh my God, I’m so sad…… Since the beginning of 2016, I already know that Adhi will terminate the contract in June, because he will continue his education to Master Degree at TU Delft, Holland. This trio will lose their personnel in the middle of the year, hiks. But, the severest part of the story is…………. we got the info that the company will not extend the term of a contract beyond its original end date (June 2016) for Winda and Rifki also. Huaaaaa~ I’m utterly heartbroken 😦

Fortunately, they got the good news shortly after that. They will work at Pertamina Upstream Data Center (PUDC), Pasar Minggu after Eid al-Fitr holiday yippieeee~ Despite the fact that recently, we are not work in the same building anymore, but I’m very happy to know that they can still work at another subsidiary of Pertamina in Jakarta. Although, now I can’t jump directly to their room like in the old days, but I still feel so grateful that we can still see each other on the spare time ❤


their last day in the office : Rifki, Winda, Sabi, Adhi