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Bogor : Grand Savero Hotel, CIP Forum @ Santika Hotel, Botani Square, Kedai Kita, Makaroni Panggang, Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang


6 November 2017. After office hours, I went to Bogor by KRL (commuterline) from Sudirman Station, since I had to attend CIP Forum on 7-8 November 2017. At around 10 pm, I arrived in the Grand Savero Hotel (on Jl. Padjajaran No.27, Bogor). After had checked-in, I took a shower, prayed, and slept. Bonne nuit!

my room @ Grand Savero Hotel. I ❤ it!


7 November 2017. After breakfast in the hotel (they served a lot of choices of breakfast menu and they tasted good), I headed to Santika Hotel (on Botani Square, Bogor) to attend the first day of CIP Forum, from 8am – 4pm…………… After the first day of the forum had finished, I strolled around for a while @ Botani Square, and got back to my room afterwards. Then, I prayed, took a shower, had a rest for a while, watched tv, etc etc~ At around 8pm, I had dinner @ Kedai Kita (on Jalan Pangrango No.21, Bogor). It was my second experience. At the time, I ordered margarita stromboli (pizza rolled up into a log). Like it! Kedai Kita’s dishes are delicious :9

my margarita stromboli


8 November 2017. After breakfast, I attended the last day of CIP Forum, until closing and lunch time. Thereafter, I returned to my room, and swam in the hotel pool at around 4 pm.

seule @ hotel pool. Btw, Bogor Botanical Gardens is across the street.

After maghrib prayer, I headed to Makaroni Panggang (on Jalan Salak No. 24, Bogor) and tried their renowned makaroni panggang (baked macaroni) for the first time in my life. Hmmm I wondered what makes them so popular? In my opinion, their macaroni tasted so so, my mom’s baked macaroni is more delicious 😀

my makaroni panggang (baked macaroni)


9 November 2017. After breakfast, I headed to Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang (on Ruko Bantar Kemang, Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 20i, Baranangsiang, Bogor) to buy several boxes of their delicious lapis talas (a kind of sponge cake, made from talas / taro) and bring them home. I do love Sangkuriang lapis talas ❤ I always buy it when I visit Bogor.

At around 10 am, I checked out, headed to Bogor Station, and returned to Jakarta by KRL. Why so hurry? ………….. because someone returned from the sites at the time 😉 couldn’t wait to meet him again~ If you are wondering, perhaps you can read my previous post here.




Jogjakarta – Magelang : UEE (family gathering of Upstream Directorate – Pertamina)


On 27 October 2017, I and all of my friends in Pertamina UTC rode Taksaka Train, which departed from Gambir Station at 8.30 am. Such train arrived at Jogjakarta Station at 4.30 pm. Then, we continued our journey to Magelang by riding the bus, which had been picked us up at the station.

@ Gambar Station

The trip from Jogjakarta to Magelang took almost two hours. In Magelang, I got a room in Senthong Asri (on Jl. Balaputradewa 22, Borobudur – Magelang), along with Mba Sasti. This is our room :

my room @ Senthong Asri

bonne nuit et à demain!


28 October 2017. After breakfast, we headed to Plataran Heritage Borobudur (on Dusun Kretek, Karangrejo Borobudur, Magelang) by the same bus which we rode from Jogjakarta to Magelang yesterday. Then, we did cycling together from Plataran Heritage to Borobudur Temple (on Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang).


cycling together

all participants of UEE (family gathering of Upstream Directorate – Pertamina), in front of Borobudur Temple

The next agenda was team building games. I joined Group 2, along with Mba Hana and Shelly. We had to participate in (around) 8 games. After all the groups finished all the games, we watched traditional dance performance ❤

team building games

tradiotional dance performance | with the dancers 😀

After lunch, we could pick 1 activities of 3 options : Borobudur tour with a tour guide, cycling around Borobudur, or rafting. At the time, I chose Borobudur tour. The guide told us a long story about the temple……….

Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which was built in 9th century. The temple consists of three levels : Kamadhatu (the world of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of forms), and Arupadhatu (the world of formlessness). It is decorated with 2,672 relief panels, 504 Buddha statues, and topped by a central dome. Such main dome is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated stupa. Borobudur has the largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist reliefs in the world.

Worldwide knowledge of its existence was sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who was advised of its location by native Indonesians. Borobudur has since been preserved through several restorations. The largest restoration project was undertaken between 1975 and 1982 by the Indonesian government and UNESCO, followed by the monument’s listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once a year, Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Vesak at the monument, and Borobudur is Indonesia’s single most visited tourist attraction.


Mba Hana, Mba Sasti, Sabi, Mba Indah | Borobudur Temple

relief panels | the main stupa at the top

Then, we returned to Senthong Asri because we had to attend Gala Dinner. When I reached my room, I took a bath, prayed, got ready for the Gala, and rode the bus again to Plataran Heritage……..

Gala Dinner @ Plataran Heritage Borobudur, MC : Andre Taulany and Hesti Purwadinata

Binar, Sabi, Pita, Dilla, Shelly @ Gala Dinner. I miss Binar 😦


On 28 October 2017, we rode Argo Lawu Train, which departed from Jogjakarta Station at 9 am.


Malang : JCM 2017 @ Ijen Suites, Pos Ketan Legenda – 1967, Alun-Alun Kota Wisata Batu, Kopi Letek


Related to my previous post……..


28 September 2017, I headed to Ijen Suites (on Jl. Ijen Nirwana Raya Blok A No. 16, Klojen, Malang), along with my friends at the office (Mas Hanif, Eja, and Sesa), to attend the last day of the conference : JCM 2017. On the day, Mas Hanif was scheduled to present the paper he wrote with me and Pak Yustin. Then, we had lunch, attended the closing ceremony, and returned to the hotel.

Mas Hanif and Sabi, after closing ceremony


When I arrived at my room, I got some rest, took a shower, prayed maghrib. Then, I, along with Mas Hanif, Eja, and Sesa, headed to Pos Ketan Legenda – 1967 (on Jalan Kartini No.6, Ngaglik, Batu), near The Square Kota Wisata Batu, for dinner. Such place has been established since 1967 for sure. When we got there, there was a pretty long queue.

I ordered sticky rice with durian and coconut milk, crispy tofu with crunchy vegetables filling, and bowel satay :9 all of them tasted very delicious ❤


our sticky rice | crispy tofu & bowel satay


Shortly afterwards, we walked to The Square Kota Wisata Batu / Alun-Alun Kota Wisata Batu (on Jl. Agus Salim, Sisir, Batu). It was super crowded at the time, though it was Thursday night, not weekend. The four of us tried the ferris wheel on the square hehe.



The Square Kota Wisata Batu


Last thing we did before returned to the hotel was enjoying our last night in Malang at Kopi Letek until midnight. Such tiny cafe is located across the square, on Jl. Diponegoro No.23, Sisir, Batu to be exact. At the time, I ordered milkshake, instead of coffeee, also some fritters.


Kopi Letek | view from our table


See you tomorrow!

Malang : swimming @ MaxOne Hotel , JCM 2017 @ Ijen Suites, Terminal Mie


Related to my previous post……..

27 September 2017. I swam before I ate breakfast. MaxOne Hotel Malang (on Jalan Jaksa Agung Suprapto II No.75, Klojen, Malang) has rooftop pools on the 8th floor. Malang weather is pretty cold in the morning, thus there is no one but me swam in the pool at the time~

rooftop pools on the 8th floor

After I had breakfast, I took a shower, dressed up, and headed to Ijen Suites Hotel (on Jl. Ijen Nirwana Raya Blok A No. 16, Klojen, Malang), along with my friends at the office (Mas Hanif, Eja, and Sesa) to attend the conference : JCM 2017. We listened some oral presentations until lunch time and listened some oral presentations again afterwards.

Winda and Sabi was in front of Winda’s poster. Winda used to work as an internee in Pertamina UTC from 2015 to 2016

On the day, the conference terminated at around 4.30 pm. Hence, Sesa and Eja returned to their hotel not long after. While, Mas Hanif and I still stayed at the venue, because we were invited to have farewell dinner with Pak Alfian and other members of NEGT team. Pak Alfian retired on October 1.

NEGT team – Pertamina UTC @ JCM 2017

After all the member of NEGT team had prayed maghrib, we left Ijen Suites and headed to Terminal Mie (Jl. Bend. Sigura-gura Bar. No.24, Malang). Such restaurant has interior design resembling terminal (bus station). You can find angkot frame, seat made by soft drink crate, table made by metal drums, and other terminal inspired wall decors, there. Angkot is public transportation which looks like minivan or minibus with eye catching color. Every angkot has their own route, distinguished by the color itself or number code. The route usually written on windshield.

farewell dinner @ Terminal Mie

see you tomorrow~

Malang : JCM 2017 @ Ijen Suites, Daster Jalan Jakarta, Ronde Titoni


Related to my previous post…………..


On 26 September 2017, I, along with my friends at the office (Mas Hanif, Eja, and Sesa) attended the conference : JCM 2017 @ Ijen Suites Hotel. We listened some oral presentations until lunch time and listened some oral presentations again afterwards. Around 3 pm, we left Ijen Suites and returned to the hotel, because Mas Hanif didn’t feel well at the time~

oral presentation @ JCM 2017


it’s lunch time | Sesa, Sabi, Eja, Mas Hanif @ Ijen Suites Hotel, Malang


Not long afterwards, Sesa, Eja, Mac, and I headed to Daster Embroidery Tangerang-Malang (on Jalan Jakarta No.56, Malang), whilst Mas Hanif only stayed in his room~ Why they put “Tangerang” on its name? Because, the store used to be located on Jalan Tangerang. They sell not so many options of daster (comfort loose gown made from cotton, to wear at home), but Alhamdulillah luckily I could get an adorable daster, and it feels soft and sooo comfy.


Then, we returned to the hotel………. When I arrived at my room, I also didn’t feel well 😦 therefore, I slept directly after changing from jeans to pajama. Alhamdulillah I felt great when I woke up, so that I could join my collegemates to have dinner @ Ronde Titoni (Jl. Zainul Arifin No.17, Klojen, Malang), which has been established since 1948.


Ronde is small round batters, consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar which has crushed peanuts filling, soaked in hot ginger water. It is a perfect dish to be enjoyed for a bit chilly night in Malang ❤


see you tomorrow~

Malang : Batu Secret Zoo, Gala Dinner @ Ijen Suites, Seafood Udhay Permata Laut


Related to my previous post…………..


On 25 September 2017 at around 11.30 am, Mas Hanif, Sesa, Eja, Mac, and I headed to JaTim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo). It took us about an hour to get there, we rode Gocar. When we arrived, we directly walked to ticket counter and buy the ticket in cash.

bracelet for the visitor

Batu Secret Zoo was built since 2008, and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono spoke at the opening in 2010. The zoo is 14 hectares in size. Some of their collections are : lion, tiger, flamingo, meerkat, zebra, anteater, tapir, various kinds of reptiles, etc.



inside the zoo (from top left to bottom) : leopard, flamingo, tapir, male lion, water rabit, baboons, mandrill


feeding bats | my lunch :9

There is an amusement park inside Batu Secret Zoo, named Fantasy Land. At the time, we only ride : carousel, tsunami, and animal coaster. I won’t ride tsunami and animal coaster in the future, never again!


carousel | tsunami

There is haunted house attraction also. But I didn’t get into the house hehe. Only Mas Hanif and Sesa did it. They said that the house is impressive. Are you brave enough to head into such haunted house? 😀

park in front of the haunted house

Moreover, visitors are able to get the opportunity to feed a tiger via balcony. Such balcony has acrylic glass floor, thus we can see tiger’s behaviour to reach his lunch.

a white tiger looks to the fresh red meat hanging on the rope


We finished our tour inside the zoo at around almost maghrib time. Then, we returned to the hotel because we had to attend Conference Gala Dinner @ Ijen Suites Hotel (Jl. Ijen Nirwana Raya Blok A No. 16, Klojen, Malang).

When I reached my room, I prayed, took a bath, got ready for the Gala, and rode GoCar along with Mas Hanif, Sesa, and Eja to Ijen Suites Hotel. But, apparently there are too many people in too little space @ the Gala 😦 so that, after the last speaker ended his speech, the four of us, plus Japir and Dona (Sesa’s and Eja’s friend) headed to Seafood Udhay Permata Laut (on Jl. Ciliwung, Blimbing, Malang) for dinner.

It is an awesome place to have seafood dishes, which was recommended by Japir. At the time, we had boiled clams, pan-fried garlic butter prawns, and gourami with chili sauce. All of them tasted utterly delicious ❤

boiled clams | pan-fried garlic butter prawns

left-right : Mas Hanif, Eja, Japir, Dona, Sesa, Sabi


see you tomorrow~

Perpanjang Passport 2018


Halo teman-teman! Karena sebentar lagi passport lama saya akan habis masa berlakunya, maka di awal tahun ini saya sibuk mencari info bagaimana tata cara memperpanjang passport saat ini. Sejak beberapa waktu yang lalu, kantor imigrasi sudah menggunakan sistem online, jadi kita tidak perlu repot-repot datang ke kantor imigrasi pagi-pagi untuk mengambil nomer antrian. Tetapi, saya diberi tahu oleh beberapa teman kalau sistem online pengurusan passport saat ini pun berbeda dengan pengurusan 1-2 tahun yang lalu. Berikut penjelasannya……………..


Tahapan pertama adalah Membuat Permohonan Antrian :

  1. kalian harus membuat akun terlebih dahulu di sini
  2. jika sudah, kalian bisa log in menggunakan username dan password kalian
  3. akan muncul list kantor-kantor imigrasi, kalian pilih ingin membuat / perpanjang passport di kantor imigrasi mana dan pada tanggal berapa. Namun, dalam kasus saya pribadi, saya tidak dapat membuat permohonan antrian melalui web, ketika itu saya tidak dapat melakukan pemilihan tanggal, jadi saya pun mendownload app “Antrian Paspor” dari PlayStore
  4. teman-teman bisa membuat permohonan antrian (memilih kantor imigrasi dan tanggal) pada hari Jumat, as soon as possible. Karena ketika saya membuat permohonan antrian di hari Jumat (5 Januari 2018) setelah solat subuh, kuota antrian di Mal Pelayanan Publik Jakarta Selatan (yang terdekat dari tempat tinggal saya) sudah habis hehe. Akhirnya, saya pun memilih Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat (yang terdekat dari kantor) dan Alhamdulillah masih ada kuotanya saat itu. Saya memilih jadwal untuk tanggal 11 Januari 2018 jam 9 pagi. Kalian bisa membuat / perpanjang paspor di kantor imigrasi mana pun, tidak perlu disamakan dengan wilayah ktp
  5. setelah itu, kalian akan menerima email : BUKTI LAYANAN ANTRIAN PASPOR ONLINE yang harus diprint dan dibawa pada saat kalian datang ke kantor imigrasi
  6. bagi teman-teman yang mau membuat permohonan antrian di Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Pusat, bisa melakukan pendaftaran melalui WhatsApp ke nomer 081299004406, dengan format : #nama#tanggal lahir#tanggal antrian passport. Contoh : #Shabrina Paramitha#21111991#11012018. Kemudian kalian akan menerima balasan apakah tanggal antrian yang kalian inginkan sudah full atau masih available


Tahapan kedua adalah Interview, Scan Fingerprint, dan Foto di Kantor Imigrasi :

  1. pada tanggal 11 Januari 2018, saya datang ke Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat sekitar jam 8.30 sambil membawa : fotocopy passport lama dan aslinya, fotocopy KK dan aslinya, fotocopy ktp dan aslinya, fotocopy akte kelahiran dan aslinya, serta bukti antrian paspor online yang suda diprint (semua harus dalam ukuran kertas A4). Semakin cepat kalian datang, semakin cepat urusan kalian akan selesai nantinya
  2. semua berkas fotocopy dan bukti antrian paspor online diserahkan kepada resepsionis, sedangkan dokumen aslinya hanya diperlihatkan saja
  3. kalian akan diberikan map oleh resepsionis tersebut, yang berisi semua berkas fotocopy dan form yang harus diisi
  4. setelah form selesai diisi, teman-teman naik ke lantai 2 untuk menyerahkan map tersebut kepada petugas, kemudian kalian bisa duduk manis di ruang tunggu sambil menunggu nama kalian dipanggil. Nah disini keuntungan bagi orang yang datang lebih cepat, namanya akan dipanggil lebih dulu tentunya 😀
  5. ketika dipanggil, kalian akan diinterview sebentar oleh petugas, discan fingerprint nya, dan difoto. Yang ditanyakan oleh petugas saat itu kepada saya : untuk apa perpanjang passport, sudah pernah pergi kemana saja, dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan lain seputar itu
  6. setelah selesai, kalian kembali ke ruang tunggu lagi, duduk manis, dan menunggu nama kalian dipanggil untuk kedua kalinya
  7. ketika dipanggil, kalian akan diberikan 2 lembar kertas yang berisi tata cara pembayaran passport dan nominal yang harus dibayarkan. Petugas menjelaskan bahwa kertas ini nantinya harus diserahkan kembali saat pengambilan passport; pengambilan passport dapat dilakukan sekitar 3 hari kerja setelah melakukan pembayaran; dan pembayaran bisa dilakukan melalui bank apa saja


Tahapan ketiga adalah Pembayaran :

  1. saya membayar melalui atm bni pada tanggal 11 Januari 2018
  2. seperti biasa, masukkan kartu dan pin kalian, kemudian pilih Menu Lain >> Menu Pembayaran >> Menu Imigrasi
  3. masukkan Nomor Permohonan Passport yang terdapat pada kertas yang diberikan oleh petugas di kantor imigrasi
  4. simpan baik-baik bukti pembayaran kalian, karena harus diserahkan ketika melakukan pengambilan passport


Tahapan terakhir adalah Pengambilan Passport :

  1. saya datang lagi ke Unit Layanan Paspor Jakarta Barat pada tanggal 17 Januari 2018 sekitar jam 13.30
  2. oleh resepsionis, saya langsung diarahkan ke loket pengambilan passport. Saya menyerahkan 2 lembar kertas tata cara pembayaran passport dan bukti pembayaran kepada petugas di loket, kemudian saya diminta duduk dan menunggu
  3. tak berapa lama kemudian, nama saya dipanggil, petugas pun memberikan passport baru saya dan meminta saya mengecek apakah data-data dalam passport sudah benar atau belum
  4. setelah itu, saya diminta mengcopy passport baru tersebut sebanyak 2 lembar untuk diserahkan kepada petugas loket. Kebetulan Money Changer di sebelah meyediakan jasa fotocopy juga, tapi fotocopy 2 lembar harganya 4000 dong hahaha
  5. setelah kertas fotocopy saya serahkan kepada petugas, saya pun bisa pulang membawa passport baru saya 😀


Semoga membantu ❤