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Makassar : CGK, Batik Air, UPG, Ibis Styles, Losari Beach, Pisang Epe Mandiri, Four Points Hotel, Ratu Gurih Restaurant


24 July 2017. Dinda and I went to Makassar to attend FSTH Pertamina 2017. We flew with Batik Air which departed from CGK at 10.45 WIB and arrived into UPG at 14.10 WITA. During the flight, I watched Legend of the Guardians, slept, and had lunch. They offered the passengers ayam woku (Manado spicy basil chicken) or butter chicken for lunch. I obviously chose ayam woku, it tasted good, but a bit less spicy in my opinion……..

Sabi & Dinda @ CGK

We reached UPG and had to face a longer wait to get our baggage. Then, we rode GoCar to the hotel. Makassar is my hometown. The city is extremely hot huhu. It was my very first experience visiting my hometown, since almost all my family have already moved to Jakarta. Alors, je suis ravie yay!

Dinda and I, also Ndai (who arrived before us) stayed at Ibis Styles (on Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.3, Mangkura, Makassar). The trip from the airport took around an hour, il n’y a pas d’embouteillage Alhamdulillah. Get to the hotel, we checked-in and consumed the welcome drink (orange juice) next to the reception desk. Our (Dinda’s and my) room is situated on 12th floor.


Our (Dinda’s and my) room on 12th floor : Room 1217

In the room, I slept for a while, because I didn’t sleep well last night huhu. At 5 pm, Ndai and I headed to Losari Beach, Dinda didn’t join us because she had a thing to do in the room. Ibis Styles is quite close to the Losari Beach, moreover GoCar fare in Makassar is much cheaper then in Jakarta, thus I don’t wanna go back to Jakarta~


Ndai and I walked along the beach, from ‘Pantai Losari’ sign to Bank Mandiri building. We passed many pisang epe sellers hehe. It was almost maghrib time, there are a number of visitors in the beach, but still not so crowded compared to midnight.

Makassar ❤

what a beautiful sunset! (a GoCar driver told me that the most beautiful spot to witness the sunset is from the bridge of Center Point of Indonesia, which resemble a Tongkonan Traditional House) | Losari Beach with a lot of photobomb~

I am really scared of snakes, and you can find a lot of snakes, along with iguana and any kinds of lizard in Losari Beach hiiiy! They being handed over to visitors who have paid for the chance to take a selfie or photo with them. I don’t get the point at all!


After that, Ndai and I were hungry. We decided to had pisang epe (grilled banana which is flattened in a press and covered with a delicious topping). Ndai’s friend who live in Makassar recommended us to taste Pisang Epe Mandiri (on Jl. Ali Malaka, near KFC, across the BNI Somba Opu). At the time, I chose pisang epe topped with durian. It is so damn delicious.

pisang epe topped with durian

Dinda caught us up to Pisang Epe Mandiri. When the stomach is full, we left to Four Points Hotel (on Jl. Landak Baru No.130, Banta-Bantaeng, Rappocini, Makassar) to re-register the FSTH Pertamina 2017.

Next, we headed to Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto (on Jl. Lamaddukelleng No.9, Losari, Ujung Pandang, Makassar). We ordered otak-otak (grilled fish cake mixed with tapioca starch and spices), fried calamari, and clams in Padang sauce. They have one of the best otak-otak I ever tasted in my life!!!! I really love the calamari also ❤ but in my opinion, their Padang sauce tasted different from Padang sauce in Jakarta hehe.

some selection of sambal (hot sauce), the one on the top-right is da best, whilst the sambal on the top-left tasted similar to Ciganea’s sambal, but in my opinion it’s not suitable for seafood | otak-otak, fried calamari, clams in Padang sauce

Ndai, Dinda, Sabi @ Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Resto

Finally, we returned to the hotel. See you tomorrow! :*

Jogjakarta : POP! Hotel Timoho, Bakpia Kurniasari, Lippo Plaza, Waroeng SS, Krisna’s wedding


8 July 2017. I flew from CGK to JOG at around 1 pm. When I arrived at JOG, I headed directly toward POP! Hotel Timoho (on Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono No.11, Muja Muju, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) to check in.

My room is on the 6th floor. I occupied the room along with my friend, Kiki. But we flew on different flights (Kiki arrived before me). When I reached JOG, Kiki was in Prambanan. I didn’t catch her up, because Jogja was utterly hot at the time, so that I decided to move directly to the hotel.

our room

colorful bedroom :3

In jogjakarta, congestion is everywhere, almost similar to Jakarta, I think…. Kiki spent a lot of time to get to the hotel, therefore I decided to go to Bakpia Kurniasari (on Jalan Glagahsari No.91C, Warungboto, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) while waited for Kiki to arrive. I also intended to buy Wahyu Austin’s cheese roll, but 3 boxes of Bakpia Kurniasari were heavy enough for me to carry 😦

Finally, Kiki got to the hotel yay! After we had cleaned ourselves up, taken a rest for a while, and prayed, we headed to Lippo Plaza (on Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 32-34, Demangan, Gondokusuman, Jogjakarta), because Kiki had to buy some things that she realized she forgot to bring hehe.

Next, we went to Waroeng SS (on Jl Veteran No 122, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) for dinner. I intended to have Sate Klathak Pak Bari afterwards, but unfortunately Kiki don’t eat goat meat aaaa :”””’) thus, I canceled such plan…….

Waroeng SS

they costed us < IDR100K :9

We were delightfully full afterwards Alhamdulillah, hence we returned to the hotel, took a shower, prayed, watched tv, and had chit-chat, before we slept~


9 July 2017. We slept again after prayed Subuh, and eventually woke up at around 8 am. Then, we continued the chit-chat and watched tv until around 9.30. After we had taken a bath, we put makeup on, got dressed, packed our belongings, and check out. But, we still left the luggage at the reception desk.

Next, we headed to Jl. Siliran Lor, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta, to attend Krisna’s wedding. When we reached the venue, Krisna and his wife were doing sungkeman (an emotional moment where the bride and the groom ask blessing by kneel down in front of their parents).


No longer after, the reception was commenced, we queued to give handshake to Krisna and his wife, had lunch, took some photos, then we returned to the hotel to remove the makeup and change into casual look, because we will heading to Jakarta afterwards.

FITB 09 at Krisna’s wedding

my partner on the trip : Rizqi Valentra, a.k.a Kiki ❤


à bientôt!

Bandung : The Majesty Hotel, Teras Cihampelas, Warunk Upnormal, Ciwalk


21 March 2017. Dinda (a friend of mine in the office) and I went to Bandung, because we had to attend IIGW (International ITB Geothermal Conference) 2017 @ the campus of ITB on 22-24 March 2017. Je suis ravie, as it’s been a while since I last visited my campus in early 2014……

We rode Argo Parahyanagan Train which departed from Gambir Station at 8.45 am, and reached Bandung at 12 pm. In Bandung Station, I bought a box of Mayasari’s bolen pisang keju (cheese and banana wrapped in dough). Then, we went to Majesty Hotel (on Jl. Surya Sumantri No.91, Sukajadi, Bandung).

the hotel lobby

After check-in, Dinda and I headed to our room on the 12th floor. Our room is a 3-bedrooms-and-2-bathrooms-apartment of (around) 100 square meters. After we had took a rest for a while, we decided to go to the hotel restaurant (next to hotel lobby) and have the welcome drink.

the apartment

my bedroom

my welcome drink

Next, we intended to have lunch @ Roti Gempol Jl. Surya Sumantri, buuuut when we got the place, it evidently has already permanently closed now 😦 so that, we changed our destination to Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) and Teras Cihampelas / Cihampelas Skywalk not longer after.

Cihampelas Street currently resembles a tunnel, since a bridge (called Teras Cihampelas) of length 500 m was built above it. There are 3 staircases and 1 lift which is available for you to climb the bridge.

@ Teras Cihampelas / Cihampelas Skywalk

Then, we had early dinner @ Warunk Upnormal (padahal di Jakarta juga ada yaaa hehe), before we got into the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast 😀

Warunk Upnormal’s most famous item is their selection of creative indomie dishes. Such restaurant consist of 2 stories (non smoking on the 1st floor and smoking area on 2nd floor). Their wifi is good enough, while the interior inside is cozy and instagram-able.

my nasi kulit sambel konslet (rice, chicken skin, hot sambal) and lychee juice

At the time, I picked lychee juice and nasi kulit sambel konslet (rice, chicken skin, hot sambal) with addition of sliced smoked beef. Both the dish and the beverage tasted good 😀 the waitress said that sambel konslet is a very hot sambal, buuut I think it’s not really hot hmmmm~ However, it is delicious, I like it!


PS : all photos in this post courtesy of Dinda, because a couple of days after I returned to Jakarta, I lost all photos in my phone’s Camera album hiks…… Bon, see you tomorrow.


Garut : Cibatu Station, FaveHotel Cimanuk, Alun-Alun, Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop, Batik Tulen


12 December 2016. It was a national holiday in my country (Maulid Nabi), at the same time I should go to Garut, since I had to attend a workshop on 13-15 December in Kamojang – West Java (around an hour drive from Garut). I rode Serayu Pagi Train from Senen Station (Jakarta) to Cibatu Station (Garut). It took me around 4 – 5 hours to get there.

Had arrived at Cibatu Station, a taxi (without taximeter) picked me up from the station to the FaveHotel Cimanuk (Garut). It took me another an hour. If you want to ride such taxi, you must order first. You can contact me via email, if you need their contact phone number 🙂

I got the information about the taxi service from FaveHotel. Because unfortunately the hotel only has an operational vehicle, so that they cannot fulfill my request when I asked them to pick me up from the station. Additionally, you are also be able to order the taxi if you want to stroll around the city.

view from my train window

I arrived to the hotel at around 4 pm. I was so starving, because I hadn’t had lunch yet, thus I ordered seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips) from the hotel restaurant.

my room on 3rd floor

My seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips). It was so damn delicious, although it’s not spicy enough for me :9

my room | view from my room window. At the time, I was the only person who utilized the pool, since it was so cold there brrrr~


it is not so big swimming pool, but it was more than enough because I enjoyed it on my own 😀 | view from my room window ❤


13 – 15 December 2016. I attended a 3-days-workshop in Kamojang. Every morning, a bus picked us up at around 7 am in hotel lobby, then the bus brought us back from Kamojang to the hotel at around 3.30 pm. When I arrived at the room, I went to the swimming pool slightly afterwards, and I returned to my room, took a bath, watched tv, slept *what a bore hehe*

what I had for my breakfast

I had sop buntut (oxtail soup) for my dinner :9 I always ordered my dinner from hotel restaurant


16 December 2016 was my last day in Garut, hence I strolled around the city. My first destination was Alun-Alun, where there is happening photo spot :

‘GARUT’ sign

Next, I headed to Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street, which was recommended by a friend of mine, who come from Garut. You can find : dodol (sticky, thick, sweet confection), Chocodot (chocolate with dodol fillings), instant nasi liwet (rice dish cooked in coconut milk), etc. Fyi, some of them can be found in Jakarta though.

Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street

a variant of Chocodot

Then, I visited Batik Tulen (a batik home industry on Ciledug Street), which was recommended by a friend of mine also. Some of their products :


they are beautiful, aren’t they?


Je ne peux pas attendre le prochain voyage………. ❤

Bandung : Eta’s Wedding, Bakso Soun Lodaya, LOL, Alun-Alun Bandung


17 October 2016 is Eta’s wedding day!!!!

I woke up early, then I salat subh, took a shower, wore my soft contact lenses, put on the make up, and dressed. After the six of us (the other participants of this trip: Mba Hana, Ndai, Manda, Dea, Rani; and I) got ready, we waited for Fika to pick us up from the hotel to the wedding venue in Graha Mangunggal Tridaya Cakti, which is also situated on Gatot Subroto Street, Bandung (similar to our hotel, Chara Hotel).


back row L-R : Dea, Manda, Rani, Ndai; front row L-R : Sabi, Mba Hana


pardon my selfie 😀

Then, the seven of us (plus Fika currently) arrived a little too late on the venue, but Alhamdulillah we still had chance to see Eta’s solemnization kyaaaa! They had Javanese tradiotional ceremony for their wedding……. Not longer after that, the solemnization was finished.


Ndai, Mba Hana, Manda, Legi (the groom), Eta (the bride), Sabi, Fika, Rani, Dea


what bridesmaids did when they were waiting for the groom and the bride to come to the wedding reception


for Eta & Legi, from us


Rizka, Syifa, Mba Hana, Shelly, Sabi


all the bridesmaids with the groom and the bride ❤

After the wedding reception had finished, we returned to hotel, wore our casual clothes, salat zuhr & asr, then strolled around the city yay! Oyaa, since Fika came a bit late in the morning, she didn’t join the morning photo session, thus we held afternoon photo session hehe. But unfortunately without Ndai, because she’s already gone outside with some of her college friends.

p_20160917_143714_bf_p p_20160917_143749_bf_p

yhaaa begitulah~

Our first destination was Bakso Soun & Mie Ayam Lodaya (beef ball, rice vermicelli, and chicken & mushroom noodles) on Veteran Street. I love beef ball so much, and their beef ball and rice vermicelli tasted delicious! ❤


pretended to be happy when in fact we were soooo hungry~


nomnom :9

Next destination was LOL (Lick Over Lips) on Emong Street (near to Batagor Abuy). We had delicious ice cream there, and they allow the customers to add topping by themselves hihi. I chose bubble gum, yakult, and cheese cake flavor with astor, pocky, and marshmallow topping.


bubble gum, yakult, and cheese cake ice cream with astor, pocky, and marshmallow on top, for sharing with Fika


front row L-R : Mba Hana, Dea, Rani; back row L-R : Manda, Sabi, Fika

Fika went home thereafter, whilst Dea returned to Jakarta, because she had another agenda on Sunday morning. Currently, there was only the 4 of us (Mba Hana, Rani, Manda, and I). So that, we decided to go to alun-alun (square). Alun-alun Bandung on Saturday night was extremely crowded (kalau mau sepi jam 2 pagi aja yesssh ke sininya hihi).

20160917_191247 20160917_200041_001

The absolute most mainstream photo location in Bandung : Masjid Raya Bandung (the Grand Mosque) | Pidi Baiq Quotes


Alun-Alun Bandung!


Sabi and Mba Hana @ alun-alun

We headed back to hotel on 8 pm, because we were a bit sleepy at the moment. I took some photos of interesting hotel-corridor, before I took a shower, salat maghrib & isha, and slept.

I hate to say these, but I have to 😦 Unfortunately, I had 2 bad experiences with Chara Hotel : 1) AC for my room didn’t work well, it was so hot and inconvenient!; 2) I found a cockroach in my room 😦 I hope Chara Hotel can make some improvement for such problem immediately.


the corridor :3

à bientôt!


Bandung : Gambir Station, Bandung Station, Chara Hotel


16 October 2016. Since 17 October would be the wedding of Eta, Princess Jombs gang went to Bandung yippieeee, we made our weekend getaway at the same time 😀 I was the first person who departed from Gambir Station (Jakarta) at 12:45pm to Hall Station (Bandung), I rode Argo Parahyangan train. Next, Dea departed from Jakarta at 6pm by DayTrans shuttle. And the last, Ndai, Mba Hana, Rani, and Manda who departed from Gambir Station at 8pm.

I reached Bandung at 4pm and requested for an Uber ride directly afterwards. But in fact, there was a massive traffic jam in front of the station, my Uber arrived 30 minutes later…… Then, we headed to the place we stayed, Chara Hotel on Gatot Subroto Street (near Simpang Lima). I thought the hotel only around 3 km away from station, but I spent almost 1.5 hours to reach it heftz.

Such hotel is situated near Trans Studio Mall, as well as alun-alun, where you can find mainstream places to take an instagram-able picture hihi. Chara Hotel is in the same building as Amaia Spa. This building has an eye catching exterior. Unfortunately, the parking lot is small, and their tiny lobby is laid in the back corner, behind the parking space.

I got the hotel, and checked-in in a rush, because it was already 5:30pm, but I hadn’t salat asr hiks. My superior deluxe room is on 5th floor, very close to the colorful hotel restaurant. This room is (around) 30 sqm large room, which features 2 double beds, cable TV, and a bit slow wifi connection.

20160916_172057 20160917_202931

my room @ Chara Hotel, Bandung | the hotel restaurant

After I had prayed, I organized my belongings, prepared all the things to attend the wedding, then I felt hungry……… But it was raining outside huhu, I couldn’t go to Bakso Enggal / Batagor Burangrang / Martabak San Fransisco (jadi laper hehe), even thought it’s just around a 15 minutes walk from the hotel, it’s a pity for me! Therefore, I ordered crisp salt and chili tofu (tahu goreng cabe garam) from hotel restaurant, and it tasted delicious ❤


a half size portion of my crisp salt and chili tofu (tahu goreng cabe garam). I thought that I was so starving, so that I forgot to take photos before ate them just right after the waitress delivered the dish to my room hihi

Alhamdulillah I felt delightfully full afterwards. Then, I took a bath, salat, watched tv, and slept. Around 10pm, Dea arrived at the hotel, I woke up and had a nice chit-chat with her until the last group got the hotel at around 12am. Bon, let’s go to sleep everybody, bonne nuit!


Bandung : RM Ciganea, Four Points Hotel, One Eighty, Prima Rasa, Zenbu, Xtrans


24 August 2016. Chevy, Dewa, Mas Hanif, and I went to Bandung by Mas Han’s car. We travelled between Jakarta and Bandung in 4 hours, parce qu’il y a des embouteillages partout. Also, we stopped by at RM Ciganea (Rest Area KM 73), for their yummy fried chicken and super delicious sambal :9 Eventually, we arrived to the Four Points Hotel – Dago at almost 4pm.

Four Points Hotel is absolutely a new modern hotel in great location in downtown Bandung, Jalan Ir Juanda no 46 to be exact. If you are from Pasteur, you just have to pass through the Pasopati Bridge, take the exit for Dago, and turn right at the second intersection to Jalan Ir Juanda (Jalan Dago), it will be on the left side of the road (between Pizza Hut and Superindo). The hotel area is a long and relatively thin lot, it has narrow multi-level basements and classy interior layout for the lobby. After we had met the representative of the EO at the lobby, we checked-in at reception desk, and headed to our own room.

20160824_161138 20160824_161223

my room

20160824_161407 20160824_161449

the bathroom

My room was situated at the 8th floor, such modern European style room is (around) 30 sqm large room, which features twin comfort bed for high-quality sleep. It’s bathroom is quite spacious, without tub. The advantage of staying in this hotel is you can find fast wifi connection in the entire building, as well as you can reach Pizza Hut, KFC, the Kiosk, Chatime, ACE, and Superindo in 5 minutes walk; but unfortunately, the hotel only has 2 tiny elevators and traffic jams outside the hotel is rather terrible.

I headed to swimming pool not longer after I arrived yippieeee~ I swam for an hour. The pool is not really big but there are only small number of people there Alhamdulillah 😀


the swimming pool

After I had taken a shower, I prepared a few more things for tomorrow workshop, along with Chevy, Dewa, and Mas Hanif. Then, when we were getting things done, I headed to One Eighty – Jalan Ganeca (in front of Warung Pasta), to meet Seba and Hengki. OMG, it’s been a long time………….


Sabi, Hengki, Seba. A couple days later, Hengki flew to London to pursue his master’s degree at Imperial College. Bye Hengkiiiii~

The grand opening of such cafe is in July 2016. It has an outdoor shallow pool (around 30-40 cm depth), and you can find some tables and chairs in the pool ❤ thus, you are be able to get your feet wet whilst having your dish.


the menu and my iced chocolate


my spaghetti aglio e olio


25 August 2016 (1st day workshop). We started the day by having breakfast together in hotel restaurant. Then, we headed to M-floor. The workshop held at 8am-4pm, there will be one hour lunch break at 12pm and twice-a-day coffee break at 10am and 2.30pm.


the hotel restaurant

dsc_0105 dsc_0109

the workshop


the participants in the same polo shirt

After workshop, I went to Prima Rasa – Jalan Kemuning, I bought some boxes of their delicious brownies nyaaam~ At night, we had dinner together at Zenbu – PVJ. When did the last time I go to PVJ? Hmmmm 3 years ago perhaps………

dsc_0158 dsc_0162

dsc_0165 dsc_0164

dinner @ Zenbu – PVJ


my appetizing salmon cream sauce pasta :9


26 August 2016 (last day of the workshop). Workshop was terminated before Jumu’ah prayer. After the prayer had finished, we had lunch together at hotel restaurant, to close the event. Not longer afterwards, I headed to Xtrans – Green Batara Hotel (Cihampelas) to ride the shuttle to Tangerang.


closing the workshop~


À bientôt!