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Semarang : Plaza Hotel, Lawang Sewu, Tahu Gimbal & Es Durian Pak Edy – Taman KB, Universitas Diponegoro, Pusat Oleh-Oleh Djoe


23 January 2018. After office hours, I headed to Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport. This is my very first time at Halim. I flew to Ahmad Yani International Airport – Semarang with Batik Air. I went to Semarang to attend my brother’s graduation day @ Universitas Diponegoro (UnDip). I arrived in Semarang at around 8 pm and rode taxi to Plaza Hotel (Jl. Setia Budi No.103, Srondol Kulon, Banyumanik, Semarang).


24 January 2018. After had breakfast with my mom and my brother, we took some photos at the hotel. Plaza Hotel is an old hotel, but it is cozy, close to UnDip (on Jl.Prof.H.Soedarto, Tembalang, Semarang) and my brother’s boarding house, also the room is spacious. Moreover, their breakfast menu is good.

my brother and my mom

Afterwards, we visited Lawang Sewu (on Jalan Pemuda, Semarang). Lawang Sewu is a landmark in Semarang. The building was the headquarters of Dutch East Indies Railway Company. It is renowned as a haunted house. Lawang Sewu, in Javanese Language, means “Thousand Doors”, since it has numerous doors and arcs. In fact, the building has around 600 large windows.

The complex consists of several buildings. A Building faces Tugu Muda roundabout. There are large stained-glass windows and a grand staircase in the center of the building.

A Building

The B Building is located behind A Building. It has three stories. The first and second floor consist of office rooms, while the third floor is a ballroom. You can find a lot of bats at the ceiling in the ballroom, watch out! B Building also has basement. After Japanese invaded Indonesia, the Japanese army took over Lawang Sewu. Such basement was turned into a prison, with several executions taking place there.


B Building


steam locomotive

Then, we had lunch @ Tahu Gimbal & Es Durian Pak Edy – Taman KB (Jl. Mentri Supeno, Semarang). Tahu gimbal is local food in Semarang, which is made from tofu, lontong (compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder), gimbal (shrimp fried with flour), fried egg, sprout, and cabbage; with peanut sauce and petis (fermented prawn paste). I dont really like it, because it tasted too sweet for me. Whereas, their es durian (durian ice cream dessert) is good ūüėÄ


es durian | tahu gimbal

Next, we returned to the hotel. We ordered Lombok Idjo (on Jl. Setia Budi No.63, Banyumanik, Semarang) via GoFood, for dinner.


25 January 2018 is my brother’s graduation day. We were in UnDip from around 8 am to 12 pm. Afterwards, we had lunch @ Warung SS (on Jl. Sompok Lama No. 22, Semarang). For dinner, we picked Warung Pecel Bu Sumo (on Jl. Setia Budi No.35, Tinjomoyo, Banyumanik, Semarang).



26 January 2018, we bought some souvenirs @ Pusat Oleh-Oleh Djoe (on Jalan Pandanaran No.51, Randusari, Semarang), for instance : tahu bakso (tofu with meatballs inside) and mochi. Then, we returned to Jakarta ūüôā


Bogor : Grand Savero Hotel, CIP Forum @ Santika Hotel, Botani Square, Kedai Kita, Makaroni Panggang, Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang


6 November 2017. After office hours, I went to Bogor by KRL (commuterline) from Sudirman Station, since I had to attend CIP Forum on 7-8 November 2017. At around 10 pm, I arrived in the Grand Savero Hotel (on Jl. Padjajaran No.27, Bogor). After had checked-in, I took a shower, prayed, and slept. Bonne nuit!

my room @ Grand Savero Hotel. I ‚̧ it!


7 November 2017. After breakfast in the hotel (they served a lot of choices of breakfast menu and they tasted good), I headed to¬†Santika Hotel (on Botani Square, Bogor) to attend the first day of CIP Forum, from 8am – 4pm…………… After the first day of the forum had finished, I strolled around for a while @¬†Botani Square, and got back to my room afterwards. Then, I prayed, took a shower, had a rest for a while, watched tv, etc etc~ At around 8pm, I had dinner @¬†Kedai Kita (on Jalan Pangrango No.21, Bogor). It was my second experience. At the time, I ordered margarita stromboli (pizza rolled up into a log). Like it! Kedai Kita’s dishes are delicious :9

my margarita stromboli


8 November 2017. After breakfast, I attended the last day of CIP Forum, until closing and lunch time. Thereafter, I returned to my room, and swam in the hotel pool at around 4 pm.

seule @ hotel pool. Btw, Bogor Botanical Gardens is across the street.

After maghrib prayer, I headed to¬†Makaroni Panggang (on Jalan Salak No. 24, Bogor) and tried their renowned makaroni panggang¬†(baked macaroni) for the first time in my life. Hmmm I¬†wondered¬†what makes them so popular? In my opinion, their macaroni tasted so so, my mom’s baked macaroni is more delicious ūüėÄ

my makaroni panggang (baked macaroni)


9 November 2017. After breakfast, I headed to¬†Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang (on¬†Ruko Bantar Kemang, Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 20i, Baranangsiang, Bogor) to buy several boxes of their delicious lapis talas (a kind of sponge cake, made from talas / taro) and bring them home. I do love Sangkuriang lapis talas ‚̧ I always buy it when I visit Bogor.

At around 10 am, I checked out, headed to Bogor Station, and returned to Jakarta by KRL. Why so hurry? ………….. because someone returned from the sites at the time ūüėČ couldn’t wait to meet him again~ If you are wondering, perhaps you can read my previous post¬†here.



Belitung : Belitung Traditional House, Kaolin Lake, Galeri KUMKM Belitung, Warung Sunset Akaula


Related to my previous post……..

19 November 2017. After breakfast in the hotel, we took some photos for a while at the back side of the hotel (near the beach).

at the back side of Bahamas Hotel

Afterwards, we headed to Belitung Traditional House / Rumah Adat Belitung (on Jl. Gajah Mada / Jl. Ahmad Yani, Lesung Batang, Tj. Pandan, Belitung), right next to the office of the Regent of Belitung. Such traditional house is also called Rumah Gede (Big House) or Rumah Panggong (Stilt House).

Belitung Traditional House is a cultural museum. Thus, in main hall of the house, we can find Belitung’s traditional costume, traditional wedding outfit (kancing lima), wedding room, traditional food, musical instrument, cooking tools such as lisung (a tools for pounding paddy), traditional farming equipment, and some photos which illustrate culture of Belitung.

There are colorful umbrellas in front of the house, people call it ‘kembang goyang‘, as the welcome sign. After climbing the stairs (staircases in Belitung traditional house must have an odd number of steps), we cand find a broad patio. Then, we can step into the main hall, which is used for family bonding activities, for instance : relaxing, socializing, and mengaji (recite the holy Qur’an). There is no physical barrier inside the main hall, hence it looks so spacious.


traditional costume and traditional food of Belitung

‘the bride and the groom’ wear traditional wedding outfit of Belitung (kancing lima) in front of the traditional wedding bed

Next, we stepped into loss. It is a barrier between main hall and kitchen. And the last but not the least is kitchen, which is used for cooking and food preparation. Belitung Traditional House is a wooden house made from ironwood, which have a reputation for hardness, therefore it will be durable insyaAllah. Such traditional house was built by the government, so that the younger generation can take a look at the house which is hard to be found nowadays. Belitung Traditional House was inaugurated in 2009.


lisung (a tools for pounding paddy) and traditional farming equipment

traditional musical instrument of Belitung

Our second destination was the astonishing Kaolin Lake / Danau Kaolin (on Perawas, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung). Kaolin is a rock which is rich in kaolinite. It is mined for their commercial value, for instance : ceramics, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. As the result of excessive exploitation of kaolin, occured the marvelous Kaolin Lake. Since it is not intended for tourism, there is no tourist facility there.

Kaolin Lake

Next, we headed to Galeri KUMKM Belitung (on Jl. Sriwijaya, Tj. Pandan, Belitung) to buy some souvenirs. This gallery sell various kinds of keripik and kerupuk (deep fried crackers made from starch and other ingredients) made from seafood, also tees, keychain, postcard, magnet, goodie bag, etc, which are made by locals.

Our last destination for today is Warung Sunset Akaula (on Jl. Patimura, Tj. Pendam, Tj. Pandan, Belitung). We had lunch there. Seaview at noon from the restaurant is very beautiful, compared to our visit last night. But, since it is an outdoor area, I felt so hot at the lunch time~


Warung Sunset Akaula at lunch time

Then, we headed to H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin International Airport and returned to Jakarta. xoxo

Belitung : Tanjung Kelayang Beach, island hopping, Mi Belitung Atep, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Warung Sunset Akaula, Kopi Kong Djie Siburik


Related to my previous post……..


On 18 November 2017, after we had breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Tanjung Kelayang Beach, because we wanted to do an island hopping tour. Once we have parked our car, we met Pak Iwan (you can ask me if you want his number), whose boat we rented for that day.

on the way to Tanjung Kelayang Beach

On the beach, you can see a lot of boats, which is be able to be rented. Also, there is a food stall, where you can buy some food if you are hungry; and the restroom, where you can take a shower after¬†do an island hopping tour. Such restroom is clean ūüôā


@ Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Our first destination was Lengkuas Island,¬†the furthest¬†island among all. It took us around 30 minutes from Tanjung Kelayang Beach to Lengkuas Island. There is a lighthouse on the island. It’s a pity, we can’t get inside the lighthouse ūüė¶

on the boat, to Lengkuas Island

lighthouse @ Lengkuas Island

We took some photos on massive granite rocks, which can be found on the right side of the lighthouse. Also, there is a restroom on the island, and a coconuts seller on the beach. What a refreshing!!! So that, Mba Hana and I sat there, while we waited for Shelly and Pita changing their clothes to wetsuit in the restroom.


massive granite rocks

Sabi and Mba Hana

coconuts :9

Then, we board the boat again. But they stopped not long after, and we snorkeled yaaaay! It was my second snorkeling experience and it was great. The snorkel¬†spots are amazing, there are a lot of adorable little fish and beautiful coral there ‚̧


Our next destination was Batu Berlayar Island. It is a small island with some not-so-big granite rocks. Unfortunately, the sea level rose at the time, thus such island lost its ground.

Batu Berlayar Island in the background

The third island was Kelayang Island, that still covered by forest. Behind the forest, there are some granite rocks, which have 3 colors (red, green, orange). You have to walk around 15 minutes through the forest to reach such 3 colors granite rocks.


@ Kelayang Island

Afterwards, you have to walk on some huge granite rocks, before you can soak your feet in sea water which flow between the rock gap. 3 colors granite rocks are enormous rocks, hence I felt like I walk in a cave when I pass through within their gap.

within the gap of enormous 3 colors granite rocks


We ended our island hopping tour, because we were so tired and hungry at the time. Then, we headed to Mi Belitung Atep (on Jl. Sriwijaya No.27, Parit, Tj. Pandan, Belitung) for lunch. Personally, I think that mi belitung (yellow noodles in sweet shrimp soup) is more delicious than mi gantung, because mi belitung is not as sweet as mi gantung. Walls inside the restaurant are decorated with some photographs of celebrities who have dined there.

mi belitung

my mi belitung


We returned to the hotel and slept. After had prayed asr, we drove to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. We intended to witness sunset ‚̧ You can find a lot of massive granite rocks there, just like the other beaches in Belitung. Some scenes in Laskar Pelangi movie shot on Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

@ Tanjung Tinggi Beach

the sunset is really an amazing event :3


Next, we drove to Warung Sunset Akaula (on Jl. Patimura, Tj. Pandan, Kabupaten Belitung) for dinner. It is a gorgeous beach restaurant, where you can also watch beautiful sunset. I love to sit on the bean bag on the sand!!!

sit on the bean bag

my delicious ayam betutu (richly spiced Balinese poultry dish)


Our last destination on the day was Kopi Kong Djie Siburik (on Jl. Siburik, Tanjung Pandan, Kabupaten Belitung), which has been established since 1943. Their coffee bean is originated from Java and Sumatera Island, then they brew it in charcoal. Such coffee shop is so simple and authentic. Inside, you can find several small rooms.

I don’t like coffee, hence I ordered hot milk tea there. It tasted good ‚̧ and they are utterly kind ūüėÄ because they put a can of condesed milk on our table, so we can put it into our drink on our own.


Kopi Kong Djie Siburik | my hot milk tea


See you tomorrow!

Belitung : Mi Gantung, Museum Kata, Replika SD Muhammadiyah, Dermaga Kirana, RM Fega, Bahamas Hotel, RM Belitong Timpo Duluk


On 17 November 2017, I and my friends at the office (Pita, Shelly, and Mba Hana) went on a vacation to Belitung. We departed from Soekarno Hatta Airport at 6.20am, and arrived at H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport (in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung) around 7.20am. We rented a car (Avanza) from belitunginparadise. You can ask the owner to deliver the car to the airport.


Our first destination was Mi Gantung Laskar Pelangi¬†(on Jl. Melati, Lenggang, Gantung, Belitung Timur). Such restaurant¬†is being designed to be so colorful :3 I ordered mi¬†gantung (noodle) and iced jeruk hamoi (a kind of fruit originated in Belitung). I love iced jeruk hamoi so much! Their mi gantung is good, but in my opinion it tasted a bit sweet, and I don’t really like sweet dish.


mi gantung | iced jeruk hamoi


Then, we headed to Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (on Jalan Raya Laskar Pelangi No.7, Gantong, Belitung Timur). It is the first literature museum in Indonesia. Inside the museum, you can find a lot of Andrea Hirata’s quotes and scripts.¬†Andrea Hirata is an Indonesian author best known for the 2005 novel Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) and its sequels.



@ Museum Kata Andrea Hirata


Our next destination was Replika SD Muhammadiyah Laskar Pelangi. A lot of tourist visit such ramshackle building, since it has an inspiring stories behind. The original building has already collapsed, current building was re-builted for the filmmaking of Laskar Pelangi (2008 Indonesian film adapted from the Laskar Pelangi novel by Andrea Hirata). He studied there in the past.

Replika SD Muhammadiyah Laskar Pelangi


inside the classroom


Next, we crossed the street to visit Dermaga Kirana (Kirana Pier / Rattan House / Snail House). This house was built above an ex-mining pit lake. You can see mountain scenery and crystal clear water of the lake from the pier.

the pier | rattan house / snail house


Not long after that, we drove to Rumah Makan Fega¬†(on Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Baru, Manggar, Belitung), where you can partake in seafood¬†dishes¬†while¬†enjoying in the peaceful views of the lake in front of you ūüėÄ


calamary (delicious!) and roasted prawns | Rumah Makan Fega in the background


the pier & the lake


Then, we headed to the hotel,¬†Bahamas Hotel & Resort¬†(on Jl. P No.1, Air Saga, Tj. Pandan, Belitung), which is located at the beach. Our rooms are situated in front of the swimming pool ‚̧

Sabi’s and Mba Hana’s room

the patio in front of our room | swimming pool


swing near the swimming pool | enjoying sunset from the hotel


We had dinner @ Rumah Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk (on Jalan Lettu Mad Daud No. 22, Parit, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung), because we want to enjoy the beautiful old traditional house, as well as authentic taste of Belitung cuisine. Inside the restaurant, you can find some old stuff hanging on the wall.

gangan : fish soup from Belitung | pindang : cooking method of boiling fish / egg in salt and certain spices (delicious!)

old stuff hanging on the wall @ Rumah Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk


see you tomorrow!

Jogjakarta – Magelang : UEE (family gathering of Upstream Directorate – Pertamina)


On 27 October 2017, I and all of my friends in Pertamina UTC rode Taksaka Train, which departed from Gambir Station at 8.30 am. Such train arrived at Jogjakarta Station at 4.30 pm. Then, we continued our journey to Magelang by riding the bus, which had been picked us up at the station.

@ Gambar Station

The trip from Jogjakarta to Magelang took almost two hours. In Magelang, I got a room in Senthong Asri (on Jl. Balaputradewa 22, Borobudur РMagelang), along with Mba Sasti. This is our room :

my room @ Senthong Asri

bonne nuit et à demain!


28 October 2017. After breakfast, we headed to Plataran Heritage Borobudur (on Dusun Kretek, Karangrejo Borobudur, Magelang) by the same bus which we rode from Jogjakarta to Magelang yesterday. Then, we did cycling together from Plataran Heritage to Borobudur Temple (on Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang).


cycling together

all participants of UEE (family gathering of Upstream Directorate РPertamina), in front of Borobudur Temple

The next agenda was¬†team building games. I joined Group 2, along with Mba Hana and Shelly. We had to participate in (around) 8 games. After all the groups finished all the games, we watched traditional dance performance ‚̧

team building games

tradiotional dance performance | with the dancers ūüėÄ

After lunch, we could pick 1 activities of 3 options : Borobudur tour with a tour guide, cycling around Borobudur, or rafting. At the time, I chose Borobudur tour. The guide told us a long story about the temple……….

Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which was built in 9th century.¬†The temple consists of three levels : Kamadhatu (the world of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of forms), and Arupadhatu (the world of formlessness). It is decorated with 2,672 relief panels, 504 Buddha statues, and topped by a central dome. Such main dome is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated stupa.¬†Borobudur has the largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist reliefs in the world.

Worldwide knowledge of its existence was sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who was advised of its location by native Indonesians. Borobudur has since been preserved through several restorations. The largest restoration project was undertaken between 1975 and 1982 by the Indonesian government and UNESCO, followed by the monument’s listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once a year, Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Vesak at the monument, and Borobudur is Indonesia’s single most visited tourist attraction.


Mba Hana, Mba Sasti, Sabi, Mba Indah | Borobudur Temple

relief panels | the main stupa at the top

Then, we returned to Senthong Asri because we had to attend¬†Gala Dinner.¬†When I reached my room, I took a bath, prayed, got ready for the Gala, and rode the bus again to Plataran Heritage……..

Gala Dinner @ Plataran Heritage Borobudur, MC : Andre Taulany and Hesti Purwadinata

Binar, Sabi, Pita, Dilla, Shelly @ Gala Dinner. I miss Binar ūüė¶


On 28 October 2017, we rode Argo Lawu Train, which departed from Jogjakarta Station at 9 am.


Malang : Toko Oleh-Oleh Lancar Jaya, Malang Strudel, Bakso Kota Cak Man


Related to my previous post……..


29 September 2017 was our last day in Malang, thus the four of us (I and my friends at the office : Mas Hanif, Eja, and Sesa) went to souvenir shop(s) : Toko Oleh-Oleh Lancar Jaya (on Jalan R. Tumenggung Suryo No.86, Blimbing, Malang) to buy keripik tempe (tempe chips) and keripik buah (fruit chips) and Malang Strudel (nearest store from our hotel is on JL. WR. Supratman No 10, Klojen, Malang; across the Lavalette Hospital). Malang strudel is a type of layered pastry with a sweet filling, I really love the pineapple filling, instead of apple.

Before Jumu’ah prayer, we had lunch @¬†Bakso Kota Cak Man (outlet terdekat dari hotel kami : on¬†Jl. WR. Supratman Blok C-1 No. 14, Malang). Omg it is utterly delicious, you have to taste it if you visit Malang someday ‚̧

appetizing :3


what would you like to eat? | mine :9

We returned to the hotel afterwards, packed our belongings, check-out, and headed to the airport. I flew with Sriwijaya Air, which is departed from Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, Malang @ 3.10 pm.


Bye bye Malang, see you again soon! Not too soon tho ūüėÄ