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Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing


Myself, Nia, and Feby visited Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing (Ruko Sutera Niaga 1 no 18, Alam Sutera, Tangerang) on 17 August 2017 with little knowledge of climbing things, because it was our very first experience 😀 *Nia and Feby are my friends in Geology-ITB 2009.

Sabi, Nia, Feby @ Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing

You should pay IDR95K (non-member) at the first floor and they will provide you : harness, locking carabiner, climbing ropes, chalk (to keep your fingers and palms dry, which helps you avoid slipping), also rock climbing shoes (flexible shoes with grippy soles). Don’t forget to bring your own socks and wear clothes which offer comfort and mobility (stretch).

rock climbing shoes

You can store your shoes / sandals in shoes shelves on the first floor and keep your bag safe in the free lockers on the fourth floor. If you are hungry or thirsty, you can buy some food and drink in the first floor.

This indoor wall climbing space is not really big, but there is not a lot of people there. They have several different grades between walls. I can only conquer the very easy, easy, and quite easy walls, with some help from the instructor. There are 2 male instructors and 1 female instructor.

was struggling~

We climbed for an hour, rested for around 30 minutes, continued to climb for another 30 minutes, and stopped because we were really tired afterwards hehe. However, we were utterly happy and enjoyed our very first time climb so much, hence we plan to do it again someday yay!




Noi Pizza, Pondok Indah


On 12 July 2017, the bridesmaids from GL ITB 09 for Odi’s wedding (Fusi, Sekar, Kiki, Della, and I) organized a bridal shower for the bride to be. Since Odi’s favorite color is baby blue, the five of us wore baby blue blouse at the time.

Odi’s wedding took place @ Graha Sucofindo on 15 July 2017. Odi (Claudia Carmelita Kanter) is my bestfriend since my first year of college life. First college year in ITB called TPB. During TPB, Odi and I were at the same class, FITB 2009 – class 03.

The bridal shower was held @ Noi Pizza (Jl. Pinang Kuningan I Blok UL No.4, RT.17/RW.3, Pd. Pinang, Jakarta Selatan). The place is quite small but it is homey, cozy, and has gorgeous vintage interior design. I suggest you don’t come by your own car, because it will be hard to find a parking space there.

Noi Pizza offers some selection of pizza, pasta, and steak. We ordered some variants of pizza, all of them tasted good. Also, I had ice milk tea, but I didn’t really like it, because in my opinion it was less viscous.


the bride to be | Odi and Sabi in baby blue blouse; my favorite color is baby blue, also

Fusi, Kiki, Odi, Sekar, Sabi, Della


Jogjakarta : POP! Hotel Timoho, Bakpia Kurniasari, Lippo Plaza, Waroeng SS, Krisna’s wedding


8 July 2017. I flew from CGK to JOG at around 1 pm. When I arrived at JOG, I headed directly toward POP! Hotel Timoho (on Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono No.11, Muja Muju, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) to check in.

My room is on the 6th floor. I occupied the room along with my friend, Kiki. But we flew on different flights (Kiki arrived before me). When I reached JOG, Kiki was in Prambanan. I didn’t catch her up, because Jogja was utterly hot at the time, so that I decided to move directly to the hotel.

our room

colorful bedroom :3

In jogjakarta, congestion is everywhere, almost similar to Jakarta, I think…. Kiki spent a lot of time to get to the hotel, therefore I decided to go to Bakpia Kurniasari (on Jalan Glagahsari No.91C, Warungboto, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) while waited for Kiki to arrive. I also intended to buy Wahyu Austin’s cheese roll, but 3 boxes of Bakpia Kurniasari were heavy enough for me to carry 😦

Finally, Kiki got to the hotel yay! After we had cleaned ourselves up, taken a rest for a while, and prayed, we headed to Lippo Plaza (on Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 32-34, Demangan, Gondokusuman, Jogjakarta), because Kiki had to buy some things that she realized she forgot to bring hehe.

Next, we went to Waroeng SS (on Jl Veteran No 122, Umbulharjo, Jogjakarta) for dinner. I intended to have Sate Klathak Pak Bari afterwards, but unfortunately Kiki don’t eat goat meat aaaa :”””’) thus, I canceled such plan…….

Waroeng SS

they costed us < IDR100K :9

We were delightfully full afterwards Alhamdulillah, hence we returned to the hotel, took a shower, prayed, watched tv, and had chit-chat, before we slept~


9 July 2017. We slept again after prayed Subuh, and eventually woke up at around 8 am. Then, we continued the chit-chat and watched tv until around 9.30. After we had taken a bath, we put makeup on, got dressed, packed our belongings, and check out. But, we still left the luggage at the reception desk.

Next, we headed to Jl. Siliran Lor, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta, to attend Krisna’s wedding. When we reached the venue, Krisna and his wife were doing sungkeman (an emotional moment where the bride and the groom ask blessing by kneel down in front of their parents).


No longer after, the reception was commenced, we queued to give handshake to Krisna and his wife, had lunch, took some photos, then we returned to the hotel to remove the makeup and change into casual look, because we will heading to Jakarta afterwards.

FITB 09 at Krisna’s wedding

my partner on the trip : Rizqi Valentra, a.k.a Kiki ❤


à bientôt!

Bandung : ITB, Roti Gempol, Taman Sejarah, Taman Balai Kota, Yellow Truck


22 March 2017. Around 8 am, we headed to hotel restaurant for breakfast (day 1). Then, we left to the campus of ITB to attend ITB International Geothermal Workshop (IIGW) 2017.

the seminar

On lunch break, Dinda and I strolled around the campus. It is a saudade. Our starting-point is Himpunan Timur Jauh. Then, we walked to Kantin Bengkok, Parkiran SR, Masjid Salman, the main gate, boulevard, Tugu Soekarno, Kolam Indonesia Tenggelam, Plaza Widya, DPR, Oktagon / TVST, and returned to the seminar venue.

@ Plaza Widya

@ Kolam Indonesia Tenggelam : Geologi ❤

Seba & Sabi. What are you guys talking about?

When the first day of the workshop ends, Dinda and I went to Roti Gempol (on Jl. Gempol Wetan No.14, Citarum, Bandung) for early dinner, before we returned to the hotel.

my wheat bread with eggs + meat + cheese and Addictea thai tea ❤


23 March 2017. Around 8 am, we went to hotel restaurant for breakfast. Then, we left to the campus of ITB to attend the last day of the workshop. After lunch break, Dinda and I visited Taman Sejarah, a historic park which is newly available for public use. Such area is situated behind Balai Kota Bandung. On the park, you can find relief walls and several glasses in a row which portray the faces of the mayors of Bandung. Moreover, if you travel with children, they can play in shallow pool on this park. When I was there, there are a lot of elementary / kindergarten students participate in a study tour.

a glass which portray the face of current mayor of Bandung (Bapak Ridwan Kamil)

the relief walls

Then, we walked to Taman Balai Kota which lies in the complex of Balai Kota Bandung. It was pretty crowded when I visited the park. The majority of the visitors are teenagers, who do dance practice, take photos, or just sit in the park. There is a statue of white rhinoceros (Taman Badak) there. Below the statue, there is a fish pool with fountain. In addition to that, you can also find love locks area. Above the love locks, there is a red ‘LOVE’ sign.

Taman Badak as a part of Taman Balai Kota

My next destination was Yolan’s house, because Aunty Sabi missed Baby Adeeva so much :3 also, I miss Mommy Yolan’s home-made food ❤ After Maghrib, I returned to the hotel.

Adeeva :*


24 March 2017 was my last day in Bandung, it was a free time yaaay! In the morning, Dinda and I swam in hotel swimming pool, because I hadn’t worked out during the week.

hotel swimming pool

Then, we returned to the room, took a shower, and had breakfast. We had breakfast along with Fika, who visited us at the time 😀 after had breakfast, we packed our belongings and Dinda went home, while Fika and I headed to Yellow Truck (on Jl. Linggawastu No.11, Tamansari, Bandung).

Sabi et Fika @ Yellow Truck

my favorite tea of all times : English Breakfast!

The last but not the least, Fika drove me to Bandung Station (thanks Fika!). I rode Argo Parahyangan train at around 11:30 to Jakarta, so I can join tennis practice in the afternoon 😀

Sabi et Fika @ the station

I never get bored to visit Bandung ❤ despite the fact that there are some places make me feel nostalgic, but still I love Bandung so much!



Tokyo Belly, HokBen Stasiun Gambir, Medi’s Wedding @ Gedung BULOG


1. Tokyo Belly et Tom Tom (Grand Indonesia)

4 Januari 2015. Peserta meet up kali ini adalah: saya, Kiki, Putri, Sekar, dan Aishow. Sekitar setengah 4 sore, saya sampai di Tokyo Belly, dan Putri juga Kiki sudah ada di sana sejak pukul setengah 3. Kemudian, Aishow datang menyusul. Di Tokyo Belly saya memesan Ramen Tokyo Belly Classic, Kiki memesan semacam curry, dan Putri pesan apa ya Put? Lupa hehe. Sementara Aishow hanya ngeliatin kami makan, karena Aishow sedang puasa 😀


Aishow, Kiki, Sabi, Putri @ Tokyo Belly

Selesai makan, kami solat ashar, kemudian datanglah Sekar yang langsung menuju ke GI dari bandara. Acara selanjutnya adalah jalan-jalan keliling GI, sekalian Kiki nyari winter accessories, karena besok Kiki akan pergi ke US buat school. Yap school, Kiki ini adalah Halliburton’s employee. Ngerikaliiiii!

Tiba waktu magrib, kami pun menemani Sekar (yang belum makan) dan Aishow (yang buka puasa) makan di Tom Tom. Karena saya beneran masih kenyang akibat ramen Tokyo Belly, maka saya hanya memesan Thai Iced Tea.


@ Tom Tom

Ngobrol panjang lebar sampe ga kerasa ternyata udah hampir jam 9. Sebelum berpisah, selfie dulu, akibat ketidapuasan foto yang diambil sama mbak dan mas waitress selalu blur hiks.


Aishow, Kiki, Putri, Sabi, Sekar. A tout a l’heure a tous!


2. Hoka-Hoka Bento (Stasiun Gambir)

12 Januari 2015. Peserta meet up ini adalah saya dan para (calon) Bapak dan Ibu pejabat ESDM: Sekar, Fusi, Ucup, Daus (2008), dan Ahmad (2007) 😀

Jadi ceritanya para bapak dan ibu ini baru saja melakukan daftar ulang di kantor ESDM, kemudian mereka akan segera kembali ke Bandung setelah jam makan siang. Saya yang berkantor di depan Stasiun Gambir pun datang dan ikut makan siang bersama mereka.


Ahmad, Daus, Ucup, Sabi, Sekar, Fusi


3. Medi’s Wedding @ Bulog & Pizza Express (Kota Kasablanka)

14 Februari 2015. The very first wedding among all the member of GEA09, berlokasi di Gedung Bulog, Jakarta. Berhubung ini adalah pertamax gan, maka yang dateng pun rame betul. Seneeeeng banget, berasa lagi reunian!

GEA09 with the groom and the bride


Sabi, Sekar, Efrin, the groom (Medi), Aishow, Putri, Seba


Seba & Sabi di pintu masuk menuju pelaminan


Karena istrinya Medi (Dani) adalah anak TI ITB 09, donc ketemu sama Naes dan Cece (temen SMA ku yang juga anak TI ITB 09)


Daripada duduk-duduk ga jelas di parkiran, mendingan makan dan minum cantik di Pizza Express (Food Society, Kota Kasablanka) kan? 😉

Bon, sekian. xoxo

Sushi Tei – Senayan City, Bugis Kopitiam – Stasiun Gambir, Pancious – Pacific Place


Hello! Since today is the last day in 2014, jadi pengen ngepost. Tapi karena lagi males nulis, jadi banyakan foto daripada ceritanya yaa hehe. Kali ini ceritanya tentang meet up sama beberapa (baca: cuma baru tiga orang saja) ceciwi GEA. Je suis ravi yippieee! Udah lama bangeeeet ga ketemu kalian semua hiks….

1. Senayan City

4 Desember 2014. Ku-meet up dengan Kiki dan Yolan. Diawali dengan makan malam di Sushi Tei, lalu keliling-keliling Sency sampai sekitar jam 10 (padahal besok masih harus kerja huft), dan diakhiri dengan sleepover di kosan Yolan yeay!


Yolan, Sabi, Kiki


All time favorite: Baked Salmon Maki :9

2. Stasiun Gambir

15 Desember 2014. Lunchie di Bugis Kopitiam-Stasiun Gambir sama Sekar dan Karin yang mau interview di ESDM. Good luck girls, semoga hasilnya kabar baik :*


Sekar, Sabi, Karin

3. Pacific Place

24 Desember 2014. Belanja-belanji gegara abis gajian *banyak gaya, sama Karin, dilanjut dengan dinner di Pancious (akibat terlalu bingung mau nyoba-nyoba tempat makan baru, ujung-ujungnya ke Pancious lagi hihi).


Sabi, Karin


Abis beli numpang skin check gratisan berdua hoho. And this is the yield of my skin check @ SK II booth



Semoga bisa segera ketemu dengan ceciwi lainnya, s’embrasser!




Gak tau darimana asal muasalnya, tapi kami berenam sering menyebut diri kami Geng Opor(tunis). Geng Opor ini terdiri dari 6 cecewe Teknik Geologi ITB:


Full team: Seba, Tika, Sabi, Yolan, Lia, Chita (Ekskursi Geologi Teknik, Waduk Jatiluhur, Mai 2012)

Shabrina Paramitha (Sabi), keturunan Bugis-Padang-India-Jawa-Sunda-China (biar panjang) tapi kalo ketemu orang dimana-mana pasti mereka langsung pada bilang “Shabrina orang Sunda kan?” atau “Shabrina dari Bandung kan?”. Padahal ini rada putih karena sekarang nongkrong nya sehari-hari di bawah ac hehe (gapernah ke lapangan lagi) *geologist macam apaaaa*, bukan karena aku teh teteh-teteh Bandung *loh*. Penggemar masakan Padang, apalagi dendeng ijo dan ikan bilih RM Malah Dicubo, Bandung :9 selama menjadi anggota Geng Opor kosannya terletak di daerah Dago Asri. Sempat merasa sangat kesepian di Bandung, karena Yolan dan Lia TA di Chevron, Chita dan Tika di Total, Seba di pedalaman Jambi, sementara Sabi TA di Bandung menggunakan data dari dosen pembimbing. Anggota geng yang paling lama dapet kerja hiks, tapi Alhamdulillah sekarang udah mulai kerja di Pertamina UTC, Jakarta.

Prayolandini Gantifa Andwitri (Yolan), anak Minang yang tinggal di Perawang (dear my lovely readers, pada tau ga Perawang dimana? haha), kalo ngomong cepet banget ga ada koma apalagi titik, sampe kadang-kadang bingung dengernya. Penggemar masakan Padang dan RM Malah Dicubo juga, suka random ngangkot jauh-jauh dari Cisitu ke daerah Pasar Baru sama Sabi demi ke Malah Dicubo 😀 Bersama Seba sering pindah-pindah kosan, selama menjadi anggota Geng Opor awalnya Yolan ngekos di Daerah Pelesiran, kemudian pindah ke Cisitu Lama. Saat ini, Yolan kerja di Baker Hughes. Satu-satunya anggota geng yang bekerja sebagai pekerja lapangan. Kalo lagi ga di lapangan, berarti ngantor di Jakarta atau bahkan pelatihan ke Dubai. Ngeri kali memang! Kayanya akan menjadi anggota geng yang pertama nikah. Uuuuuu congratulation sayang!

Betseba BR Sibarani (Seba), anak Batak yang wajahnya ‘batak banget’ tapi gerak-geriknya ga mirip orang Batak. Aslinya dari Duri, papanya Seba karyawan Chevron. Lain dari kelima anggota geng lainnya, Seba adalah putri rimba yang suka pergi ke lapangan, TAnya juga di lapangan (yang lain? Geologist Clack-Click aja bruuuur!). Selain itu, Seba juga mineral / geothermal minded, sementara yang lain oil minded hihi. Kosannya selalu bersama Yolan. Donc, kosannya sering dijadiin markas belajar / ngerjain TA / bahkan ngegosip. Satu-satunya anggota geng yang masih berdomisili di Bandung, karena sedang melanjutkan S2 Geothermal di ITB.

Ruchita Mirza Ayurahma Utami Kusuma (Chita), anak SMA 8 Jakarta yang sebetulnya asli dari Bandung, tapi berdomisili di Jakarta. Hebat banget tiada duanya kalau untuk urusan perdanusan dan perhumasan. Anggota geng paling ngeri, selain karena jarak antara TA di Balikpapan-kolokium-sidang yang ngebut, Chita juga langsung mulai kerja di kantor Total E&P Indonesie di Balikpapan ga sampai sebulan setelah wisuda. Kayanya Chita ini udah khatam semua resto di Bandung hehe. Bingung mau makan di mana? Tanya Chita ajaaa…… Selama menjadi anggota Geng Opor awalnya Chita ngekos di Daerah Dayang Sumbi bersama Tika, kemudian pindah ke Kanayakan Baru menjelang-menjelang wisuda.

Nur Amalia Murtrijito (Lia), ibu peri baik hati sekali asal Jogjakarta. Selama menjadi anggota Geng Opor kosannya terletak di daerah Kanayakan Baru. Kosan Lia juga sering dijadiin markas belajar / ngerjain TA / ngegosip, karena mbak kosannya yang baik bangeeeet. Lia ini vegan, sukanya makan sayur (kebalikan dari Sabi), tapi akhir-akhir (setelah pulang TA dari Chevron) udah bisa makan daging / ayam, Alhamdulillah. Kalau pesen makanan juga ditanya dulu, pake mecin ga masaknya? Sehat banget hidupnya, udah cocok banget jadi ibu rumah tangga Liiiii :3 Saat ini, Lia juga kerja di kantor Total E&P Indonesie di Balikpapan, Lia mendapat kerja terlama kedua setelah Sabi.

Christiana Kartika Sidauruk (Tika), anak SMA 8 Jakarta yang juga orang Batak seperti Seba. Tika dan keluarganya berdomisili di Jakarta. Pada awalnya, Tika kurus loh teman-teman, tapi mungkin karena di Bandung makanannya beragam, aneh-aneh, dan enak-enak, Tika jadi membulat deh hehehe. Tika ini anggota geng yang pertama kali lulus, kelima anggota geng lainnya lulus di bulan Oktober 2013, sementara Tika lulus di bulan Juli 2013. Alors, banyak foto-foto geng yang hanya berlima saja, tanpa Tika…… Selama menjadi anggota Geng Opor kosannya terletak di Dayang Sumbi. Saat ini, Tika kerja di kantor Weatherford, Jakarta.

Foto-foto kami:


Puncak Wagirsambeng, Karangsambung (Juin 2012)


Hari terakhir di Karangsambung: Pantai Karangbolong (Juin 2012)


Ulangtahun Yolan (Juillet 2012)

4.1 4.2

As the student volunteer of AAPG ICE 2012, Singapour (Septembre 2012)


Wisuda ITB (Octobre 2012)


Madame Sari, Dago (Decembre 2012)


Malam Jakun (Decembre 2012)


Tika diwisuda duluan, Chita belum pulang dari TA di Total Balikpapan (Juillet 2013)


Setelah sidang Seba (Septembre 2013)


Photobox (Octobre 2013)

9 10

Rangkaian acara wisuda (Octobre 2013)


A couple days after our graduation day, using our own ‘toga’ yeay (Octobre 2013)

Okay, sekian dulu perkenalan diri Geng Opor. Kangen kalian bangeeeet, udah lama ga ngumpul full team, semoga bisa segera bertemu lagi secepatnya. Kiss kiss!