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PERTH: Corica Pastries, return to Jakarta by Garuda


8 August 2015. My brother and I will get back to Indonesia tomorrow, hence we plan to buy our mom’s order today. It was corica apple strudels. Yuumm! Why we do not purchase them by tomorrow, before we head to the airport??? Because they closed on Sunday. And since they will also close on Saturday at 12:30 pm, thus we left home at 9 o’clock in the morning.

We walked from Mount Pleasant to Bull Creek Station. Then, we took the train (Mandurah Line) to Esplanade Station. Next, we caught the Blue CAT from Esplanade Bus Stop, and disembarked at a stop on Aberdeen Street. Corica Pastries is situated not far from such bus-stop. But unfortunately, it was a rainy day in Perth City 😦


Corica Pastries @ Aberdeen Street, Perth City


très appétissant

We bought 3 boxes of delicious apple strudels there, and got the Blue CAT not longer afterwards to Perth Station. Buuut, before we took the train from the station, we obviously had a Subway first (our last Subway in 2015, bye Subway~ see you soon!) and bought some postcards in souvenir shop.

Our schedule for today is barbecue time at home, yeaaay! Shortly after we got home, we started grilling those tempting raw fresh marbled meat steak :9

C360_2015-08-08-13-53-41-403 C360_2015-08-08-14-14-45-576

raw T-bone steak | juicy grilled meats


‘chef’ Adrian in da house y’all

medium rare T-bone steak + grilled potatoes and vegetables + creamy mushroom sauce = utterly delicious, bon appétit!

9 August 2015. We went back to Indonesia by Garuda Indonesia. We departed from PER on 5:40 pm (GMT+8) and arrived at CGK on 9:25 pm (GMT+7). Well, hello again Jekardah! 🙂



Perth: Fremantle (E-Shed Market, the Round House, Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle Prison)


7 August 2015. I walked to the Bull Creek Station in the morning, with my auntie and my brother. We caught bus route 501 from Bull Creek Station to Fremantle. It took us 30 minutes to get there.

When we all got to Fremantle, we went directly to E Shed Markets, an area in Fremantle which sells various souvenirs, because we will go back to Indonesia in a minute. The price of the souvenirs in E Shed Markets is more affordable than in Perth City. We purchased some souvenirs from a store named Aussin, which is owned by an Indonesian (her name is Bu Ade, who came precisely from Tangerang, same as us hehe).


one of the souvenirs I bought @ Aussin: boomerang

Within the next an hour, my brother had to go to masjid, to pray jummah. Therefore, my brother and I headed to Perth City by train, while my auntie stayed in E Shed Markets. From Perth Station, we planned to have lunch before my brother went to masjid. We chose Nando’s-Hay Street, but unfortunately, it was extremely crowded there. So that, my brother walked to Perth Mosque, on the other hand, I sat around DÔME Café-Hay Street.

After my brother finished praying, we had lunch @ Nando’s-Hay Street. And it is going to be the last Nando’s for us in 2015 😦 *lebe banget, tapi emang sedih, beneran* À bientôt, Nando’s….. I hope they will re-open their branches in Jakarta, as soon as possible. Aamiin~

After we felt full, we headed back to Fremantle again, by train. Pourquoi??? Because, we are in Perth currently, but we do not stroll around Fremantle yet. Nevertheless, Fremantle is an obligatory place to be visited in Perth. We had a nice stroll around there, we visited the Round House, Esplanade Hotel, and Fremantle Prison.

IMG_7242 IMG_7241

The Round House, the oldest building still standing in Western Australia. It is used as a prison, at first | meadow around The Round House

canon on the round house

view from the top of The Round House


Esplanade Hotel, 4-stars hotel @ Fremantle, in a Victorian building

the gate of Fremantle Prison. This six-hectare jail was closed in 1991.

Because the sun has already set, we decided to went home, by bus. Adieu!

PERTH: Garden City, the Swan Bells


6 August 2015. My brother and I intended to go to Garden City, a regional shopping centre in Perth. It is located in the southern suburb of Booragoon. We took the bus route 500 from the bus-stop in front of my uncle’s house (Mount Pleasant) to Garden City.



When we got to Garden City, we headed directly to Woolworths and Coles, because we wanted to buy……… chocolate obviously, and tea. In Perth, they give discounted price for different kinds of chocolates and chips almost everyday woohooo!

I will share a simple tips yet effective to you: before you decide to buy, please check both supermarkets (Woolworths and Coles), and find the lowest price 😀

Next, we had lunch at mall food court. We ordered butter chicken biryani @ Maya Masala stall, but sadly, the portions are too small. Thus, after that, we had Subway hehe *cannot stop eating*


Maya Masala stall @ Garden City Foodcourt

C360_2015-08-06-11-19-32-047 C360_2015-08-06-11-53-55-236

my butter chicken biryani | Subway ❤

Alhamdulillah, we felt full thereafter, and we headed toward Perth City, our next destination, afterwards. We planned to visit the Swan Bells, a 82.5-metres-high copper and glass campanile. People also called it the Bell Tower or the Swan Bell Tower. Also, we wanted to go to Swan River Foreshore, an area of public open space near the Swan Bells, where we can sit back, relax, and watch beautiful swans on astonishing Swan River.

………Sadly, surrounding areas of the Swan Bells were under construction huhu.We were really disappointed by the fact, buuut we had no other option and we did not have plan B, so that we went back home a bit early that day.

C360_2015-08-06-13-57-20-485 C360_2015-08-06-13-54-44-001

the Swan Bells | surrounding areas of it were under construction at the moment 😦

See you tomorrow! xoxo

PERTH: Pinnacles Desert, Guilderton


5 August 2015. My uncle did not go to work (again), because we (my uncle, my auntie, my cousin (Memey), my brother (Adrian), and me; without another cousin of mine (Farid)) were going to Nambung National Park or Pinnacles Desert, which is situated about 200 kilometres north of Perth, yeayness~

We left home around 7 am and we drove about 2.5 hours to the Pinnacles. On our way, we passed over Lancelin sand dunes (for sand-boarding experience over the dunes). Unfortunately, we did not go there, because we rode in Ford Focus, on the other hand we must driving 4WD across such white sand dunes. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to have great fun at the dunes in the future 😀

We arrived at Pinnacles and paid AUD10 / car for entrance fee. Pinnacles Desert tour is kinda similar to Taman Safari tour, we drive our car around, obviously on the marked track. The difference is, we can park our car in spacious area, get out of our car, explore the desert, and take some photos at Pinncales; whereas in Taman Safari, we can’t get out of our car, or you will be attacked by the lions, tigers, and many more rawrr!

Memey (my cousin) @ Nambung National Park or Pinnacles Desert

IMG_7162 IMG_7159

at Pinnacles

What is Pinnacles to be exact? Well, they are captivating natural limestone, which vary in size from about 30 centimetres to almost 4 / 5 metres. They were formed approximately 25,000 years ago. By looking at the rocks, as a geologist *aziiik, cembetul banget* I would probably say that it used to be a shallow marine environment there, but later this marine environment ebbed and left such limestone deposits.




my uncle, my auntie, Memey (my cousin), Adrian (my brother), and me


my brother and Memey; me

After exploring the desert, we made a quick stop at the petit musée and gift shop near car park. After that, we headed back to Perth, but at this time, we stopped @ Guilderton to had lunch in a seaside gazebo, prayed zuhur and ashar, also played in the playground hehe.


the gazebo


the playground | swing on a swing ❤

Bon, à la prochaine!

PERTH: Caversham Wildlife Park, Curtin University, Swan River’s Sand Bar


4 August 2015. Today, Memey will compete in primary-school-student-fun-run in her school. She was one of 5 representatives from Brentwood Primary School. Thus, my uncle did not go to work. So, as a result, he was able to drive my brother and me to Caversham Wildlife Park, which is located a bit far from Mount Pleasant (about an hour drive, without traffic jam). I think it is rather arduous to go to such park by public transportation, because this park was situated far enough from the road which is passed by the bus.

We arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park at 9 am. After paid the entrance fee (AUD26 / person), my brother and I entered the zoo, meanwhile my uncle and my auntie went back to Perth City. My brother and I strolled around the zoo, we relied on the map which is given to us when we bought the ticket.


An upside-down green bird, cuteness overload! He turned to be like that keen to be captured by us :3


Fed kangaroos kyaaaa~

IMG_6992 IMG_7001IMG_6994

Wombat Show: Wombat’s Friends



IMG_7048 IMG_7012 IMG_7015 IMG_7018 IMG_7019 IMG_7024

other striking animals at the zoo (from top left to bottom right) : tazmania devil (the real one is not as cute as that Looney Tunes cartoon character, isn’t it?), super big turkey, pony, black llama, white llama, ostrich.


meet Mr. Koala. They sleep up to 20 hours a day, and lucky us to met him when he wakes up.

Having finished strolling around the zoo, we came to the cafe (while waiting for my uncle picked us up). And because we are hungry, we ordered these (and also my fave, lipton lemon tea hehe):


delicious sandwiches for brunch


receive this coin (depicting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) as a change hurrayyy!

Shortly after that, my uncle and my auntie arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park, then we headed to Curtin University to pray zuhur, and had lunch at Nando’s near the university (right at this moment, I imagine those tempting peri-peri chicken, and I’m craving for it huhu, why there is no Nando’s outlet in Jakarta????? *cry*)


Masjid @ Curtin University

After prayed ashar at home, Memey took my brother and me to the nearby beach (actually this is not a beach, but river channel deposits *cukup sekian pembahasan tentang geologi nya, jangan dilanjutkan* haha). We went there on foot, it took us only 10 minutes to walk from home.


bridge over Swan River


@ the pier


river channel deposits, but people call it “beach” because there were a plenty of sand there hehe

C360_2015-08-04-17-00-10-637 C360_2015-08-04-17-00-13-443 C360_2015-08-04-17-00-16-899

eventually, i took off my boots, so i could have the great feeling of walking on the sands and let the waves touch my feet ❤


residential area around the river

Byeeeee, see you tomorrow 🙂

PERTH : Kings Park (the Glass Bridge, State Memorial War), Cottesloe Beach


3 August 2015. I started my day following my auntie, who accompany Meymey (my little cousin) to the school, on foot. It took only about 10-15 minutes walk from my uncle’s house to Brentwood Primary School. After that, my auntie and I made a quick stop at IGA Supermarket, which is located opposite the school.

Next, today I am going to stroll around the city with my brother. Our first destination is Kings Park. It’s nearly 9 o’clock in the morning, my brother and I left home, we walked toward the Bull Creek Station (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line). From Bull Creek Station, we took the train to Perth City, and disembarked at Esplanade Station. Then, we walked to the bus-stop at St Georges Terrace and took bus route 37 to the Kings Park (via Fraser Avenue), which terminates at Wadjuk Carpark.

When we got to the park, both of us directly want to go toward The Glass Bridge (Lotterywest Federation Walk). We followed the road and relied on a map which we found in Wadjuk Carpark bus-stop. Unfortunately, we (literally) got lost! But………. luckily, we got lost to places worth to visit yippieeee 🙂


Got lost to places worth to be visited!

I felt a bit tired because we already walked sooooooo far. Hence, we decided to take a little break: we sat, took some photos, looked around, aaaaaand fortunately, we saw the Glass Bridge in the distance! We got up and sought the fastest and nearest way which will lead us to the bridge…………. And here they are:


the Glass Bridge


the Glass Bridge (2)


My brother stared at the Swan River, from the Glass Bridge

Then, we planned to visit DNA Tower……. Sadly, we forgot haha, and we just realized when we were a short distance from State War Memorial (which lies in a stone’s throw away from the exit). Thus, we cancelled the visit to DNA Tower, and we directly headed to State War Memorial.


State War Memorial


Scenery around State War Memorial

We felt really hungry! Therefore, we had brunch while sitting around Fraser Avenue. We ate lasagna (my auntie’s home-cooked food) with such kind of scenery :

scenery of Perth City and Swan River

Feeling full after finishing a box of delectable lasagna, we decided heading to our next destination: Cottesloe Beach. We took bus route 102 from the bus-stop on Mounts Bay Road. On Google Maps, it seems that Kings Park and Mounts Bay Road are close. In fact, both of them are close enough, buuuut they are located at different altitudes 😀 So, the question is: how to reach Mounts Bay Road from Kings Park? And the answer is: on foot! We walked via Bellevue Terrace and Cliff Street, soooooo far away huft……

Thankfully, the weather in Perth is so friendly Alhamdulillah, so that I have no problem to walk so far, no anger, no sweating, just mild soreness in my feet hehe. In essence, we finally found bus route 102 yipppieee! We passed over University of Western Australia ❤ and so on and so on, and eventually we disembarked at Cottesloe Beach bus-stop.


Cottesloe Beach


My brother | Kind of bird which like to steal our food 😦

Having finished at the beach, we decided to go back to the city and took bus route 102 from the bus-stop. But, this time we stopped by to have late lunch @ Nando’s Nedlands, because we felt hungry (again).


Those completely irresistible peri-peri flame-grilled chicken :9 we ordered the mild one, because my brother does not like spicy food. Whereas in reality, the super hot one is not spicy enough for me………

After that, we headed to Esplanade Bus Station, and took Blue CAT (it’s free!) to Perth Station (Blue CAT, Red CAT, Green CAT, and Yellow CAT are free! You can see the route here). Why are we went to Perth Station, not directly headed to Perth Underground Station? Because I want to buy Australis Velourlips @ Priceline kyaaaa~

C360_2015-08-03-15-54-45-788 C360_2015-08-03-16-00-50-698

Hay Street, Perth City


Australis Velourlips: Hon-O-Loo-Loo and Ho-Chee-Min shades

After getting what I want, we walked from Perth Station to Perth Underground Station, then took the train (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line) to home 🙂

À la prochaine!

PERTH: Fremantle (Kailis Fish Market), Perth Mosque, Murray Street


I dedicated this post to my mom, because today is her birthday ❤ Happy birthday mom! Thank you for everything.

2 August 2015. Today, we (my brother, my uncle, my auntie, my cousins, and me) will go to Fremantle! We had our breakfast before taking bath and getting ready to go. Breakfast menu for today (and also for the upcoming seven days in Perth) is koko crunch + fresh milk (I am not a person who enjoy drinking full cream plain milk, buuut this is an exception, because fresh milk in Perth tastes completely yumm, sluuurp!).

Cold weather (about below 10degC, sometimes it can even reach below 5degC) seems to make me hungry like almost all the time, therefore I also have toast with nutino (a kind of nutella) filling for my breakfast. Alhamdulillah, I don’t even ever feel bored of such menu, because they are utterly delicious :9


Nom nom

Finally, we got ready at around 10 am and we headed to Fremantle. My auntie and I went by train, while the rest went by car. Why? Well, my uncle’s car has only 5 seat with 5 seat belt, thus it can only take 5 people (1 driver and 4 passengers) and currently, there are 6 people in the house, consequently someone has to go to Fremantle by train / bus.

Hence, my auntie and I walked to Bull Creek Station (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line). It took only 10-15 minutes to walk. As a matter of fact, we can go to the station by bus route 500 (from Bull Creek Station to Booragoon Bus Station / Garden City) which passed by the front of my uncle’s house. Every bus route have their own fixed schedule for every single day, which can be seen on the bus-stop. So cooool! Kapan Transjakarta bisa kaya gini ya? Well, the point is, we missed the bus, and the next bus is a long time coming, therefore we prefer to go on foot to the station.

We took the train to Perth Underground Station from Bull Creek Station (in fact, we can take bus route 501 from Bull Creek Station to Fremantle Station, but that day, we wanted to go by train haha). We disembarked @ Perth Underground Station, we walked to Perth Station, and we took the train to Fremantle Station (Fremantle Line) afterwards. Fyi, to go by bus and train, I used Transperth. You also be able to pay cash, but it seems that will be more expensive.


@ Perth Station #ootd



I really enjoy the scenic views from Perth Station to Fremantle Station. This trip took approximately 30 minutes. We passed through the adorable Cottesloe Beach (it will be explained profoundly on PERTH: Day 3).

My auntie and I arrived around 11 am in Fremantle and we went directly to E-Shed Market (a great place to buy souvenirs). But, because I just arrived in Perth yesterday, I think this is not the right time for me to buy souvenirs haha. So that, my auntie would like to show me the souvenir shop which is owned by Indonesian (the name of the shop is Aussin), then my auntie also introduced me to Bu Ade, the owner of the shop. She is very kind and friendly ❤ Well, I really recommend this place for the cheapest souvenirs in Perth (and btw, this is not advertising).

Next, my uncle picked us up at E-Shed Market, and we headed to Kailis Fish Market for lunch.


Kailis Fish Market and the lobster 😀

C360_2015-08-02-12-22-14-974 C360_2015-08-02-13-01-24-238

Lunch menu for today: BBQ Platter. C’est très appétissant!!! | Plus gelato for dessert 🙂

I finished the platter, then ordered butterscotch-strawberry gelato yummm! Obviously I feel really full after finishing them. Then, we took a walk for a while around Kailis and other foreshore restaurants.


Full team @ Fremantle: my brother (Adrian), Sabi, Meymey, Farid, my auntie (Tante Endang), my uncle (Om Jarot)

Having finished in Fremantle, we headed back to Perth City. Our first destination in Perth City is Perth Mosque, because we have not prayed Zuhur yet. Next, we went to Murray Street. I bought a lot of chocolate in Woolworths and went back home by train again with my auntie afterwards.

C360_2015-08-02-15-06-40-869 C360_2015-08-02-15-06-05-827

Perth Mosque


@ Perth City


Perth Underground Station

Bon, see you tomorrow!