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Bonjour tout le monde! Je m'appelle Shabrina. Je suis géologue. Actuellement, j'habite à Jakarta. J'adore voyager, faire du sport, manger, regarder les films et la télé, écouter de la musique, et expérimenter une nouveauté. Enchanté!

Paradigma Kafe & Restaurant, Cikini


On 2 February 2018, Shelly, Mba Hana, Asri, Irma, and I had lunch @ Paradigma Kafe & Restaurant (on Jl. Pegangsaan Barat No.4, RT.16/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat). Such restaurant is located inside Golkar Building, across the Cikini Station. You can also find several shops in the building, for instance : Kue Roti Cikini, Lokales, Sudut Kaca, Ice on Pan, etc.

Golkar Building has astonishing exterior design, with a lot of vines on the walls. I thought the view must be more amazing at night. In front of the building, there is a park with artificial grass and bean bags. I guess, it would be great to be there after 4 pm.

there are a lot of vines on the walls (Asri, Irma, Shelly, Sabi)

Mba Hana sat on the artificial grass

Paradigma is a spacious open space restaurant, which is dominated by grey colours. For the interior design, they keep it minimalist. When you step into the restaurant, you can see the coffee bar on the left and the tables, also a kind of huts are on the right.

the entrance


minimalist interior design (Asri, Mba Hana, Shelly, Irma, Sabi)

dominated by grey colours

They provide Indonesian cuisine, but there is no wide range of choices. At the time, I picked tempe mendoan (snack made of thinly-sliced tempe, covered in batter, then being deep fried until crispy). It tasted delicious! While my friends ordered : fried rice, pan-fried banana, spring rolls, etc. Unfortunately, it took quite a long time for us to get our dishes 😦

pan-fried banana

fried rice

spring rolls | tempe mendoan

bon appétit!


Bandung : Aston Pasteur Hotel, Yami-Yami Noodle House, Paskal Food Market, Bakso Sakum, Braga Permai, Malah Dicubo, Kedai Ling-Ling, Warung Cobek Aneka


18 February 2018. I departed for Bandung, to attend a workshop. I rode Argo Parahyangan Train from Gambir Station. When I had arrived @ Bandung Station, I ordered Uber to Aston Pasteur Hotel (on Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No.162, Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung). It’s already lunch time when I entered my room, thus I ordered Yangzhou fried rice @ Yami-Yami Noodle House (Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung) via GoFood. It is one of my favorite dish!

my room | view from my room window

Yangzhou fried rice

At around 4 pm, I went to hotel pools, along with Mba Indah, my friend in the office, who also attend the workshop and stay @ Aston Pasteur Hotel. For dinner, I finished my Yangzhou fried rice, as it came in big portions 🙂


19 February 2018. After had breakfast at the hotel (they served a lot of choices of breakfast menu and they tasted delicious), I headed to Grand Aquila Hotel (on Jalan Doktor Djunjunan No.116, Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung) on foot, to attend the first day of the workshop. It started at 8 am, and terminated at 4 pm. Afterwards, Mba Indah and I returned to Aston Pasteur Hotel.

We went to Paskal Food Market (Paskal Hyper Square, Jalan Pasirkaliki No.25-27, Bandung) for dinner. Paskal Food Market is an open-air food court, where you can find plenty of food from all around Bandung in one place. Buuut, since it has a lot of options, it makes me confused everytime I visited such place. Eventually, at the time, I picked Bakso Sakum. People say it is delicious, but I don’t agree with them.

Bakso Sakum

Next, we had dessert @ Braga Permai (on Braga Street No.58, Braga, Sumur Bandung, Bandung City). I chose my favorite lava cake at the time :9 Braga Permai is a vintage-themed restaurant, their food is delicious, and their main course came in big portions. Not long after, we went back to the hotel.

lava cake


20 February 2018. After had breakfast at the hotel, I headed to Grand Aquila Hotel to attend the last day of the workshop. It started at 8 am, and finished after lunch time. Therefore, in the afternoon, Mba Indah and I were be able to had early dinner @ Malah Dicubo (on Jl. Stasiun Hall Selatan No. 27, Kebon Jeruk, Andir, Kb. Jeruk, Andir, Kota Bandung). Malah Dicubo is an authentic Padang restaurant, it feels like that I am in Sumatera Barat ❤ I really love their dendeng ijo / dendeng batoko (beef jerky in green chilli sauce).

dendeng ijo / dendeng batoko

After that, we went to Kedai Ling-Ling (on Jalan Sukajadi No. 157, Bandung) for having dessert. My favorite dessert there is mango dessert. Yummy! Not long after, we returned to the hotel.


sabi, mba indah | mango dessert

Seba came to my room at around 7 pm. I am so happy, it’s been a long time since we last met 🙂


21 February 2018. I got back to Jakarta by Argo Parahyangan Train. Before I left the hotel, I had ordered ayam pop (garlic and coconut seasoned fried chicken) @ Warung Cobek Aneka (on Jalan Cisitu Lama No.54A, Bandung) via GoFood, for my lunch in the train. Warung Cobek Aneka is a famous restaurant among ITB students, who live in Cisitu or Dago Asri. When I was younger hehe, I had ayam pop for my lunch / dinner almost everyday. But unfortunately, they increase the price significantly~~ I feel sorry to ITB students nowadays hiks.

ayam pop


Bye my lovely city, see you soon!

Semarang : Plaza Hotel, Lawang Sewu, Tahu Gimbal & Es Durian Pak Edy – Taman KB, Universitas Diponegoro, Pusat Oleh-Oleh Djoe


23 January 2018. After office hours, I headed to Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport. This is my very first time at Halim. I flew to Ahmad Yani International Airport – Semarang with Batik Air. I went to Semarang to attend my brother’s graduation day @ Universitas Diponegoro (UnDip). I arrived in Semarang at around 8 pm and rode taxi to Plaza Hotel (Jl. Setia Budi No.103, Srondol Kulon, Banyumanik, Semarang).


24 January 2018. After had breakfast with my mom and my brother, we took some photos at the hotel. Plaza Hotel is an old hotel, but it is cozy, close to UnDip (on Jl.Prof.H.Soedarto, Tembalang, Semarang) and my brother’s boarding house, also the room is spacious. Moreover, their breakfast menu is good.

my brother and my mom

Afterwards, we visited Lawang Sewu (on Jalan Pemuda, Semarang). Lawang Sewu is a landmark in Semarang. The building was the headquarters of Dutch East Indies Railway Company. It is renowned as a haunted house. Lawang Sewu, in Javanese Language, means “Thousand Doors”, since it has numerous doors and arcs. In fact, the building has around 600 large windows.

The complex consists of several buildings. A Building faces Tugu Muda roundabout. There are large stained-glass windows and a grand staircase in the center of the building.

A Building

The B Building is located behind A Building. It has three stories. The first and second floor consist of office rooms, while the third floor is a ballroom. You can find a lot of bats at the ceiling in the ballroom, watch out! B Building also has basement. After Japanese invaded Indonesia, the Japanese army took over Lawang Sewu. Such basement was turned into a prison, with several executions taking place there.


B Building


steam locomotive

Then, we had lunch @ Tahu Gimbal & Es Durian Pak Edy – Taman KB (Jl. Mentri Supeno, Semarang). Tahu gimbal is local food in Semarang, which is made from tofu, lontong (compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder), gimbal (shrimp fried with flour), fried egg, sprout, and cabbage; with peanut sauce and petis (fermented prawn paste). I dont really like it, because it tasted too sweet for me. Whereas, their es durian (durian ice cream dessert) is good 😀


es durian | tahu gimbal

Next, we returned to the hotel. We ordered Lombok Idjo (on Jl. Setia Budi No.63, Banyumanik, Semarang) via GoFood, for dinner.


25 January 2018 is my brother’s graduation day. We were in UnDip from around 8 am to 12 pm. Afterwards, we had lunch @ Warung SS (on Jl. Sompok Lama No. 22, Semarang). For dinner, we picked Warung Pecel Bu Sumo (on Jl. Setia Budi No.35, Tinjomoyo, Banyumanik, Semarang).



26 January 2018, we bought some souvenirs @ Pusat Oleh-Oleh Djoe (on Jalan Pandanaran No.51, Randusari, Semarang), for instance : tahu bakso (tofu with meatballs inside) and mochi. Then, we returned to Jakarta 🙂

Love (part 5, 6, 7)


Related to my previous post…….. I skipped part 5 and part 6, because we met only a few times and I thought we didn’t take any photo at the time hehe.


Part 5 : Aji returned from the sites on 26 January 2018 in the morning. However, we just met at dinner time, because I was in Semarang at the time, and my return flight was in the afternoon. We had dinner @ around Airy Rooms. On 27 January, we had breakfast also @ around Airy Rooms, then had lunch @ Bopet Mini (Jalan Bendungan Hilir Gang II No.1A, Jakarta Pusat), watched Australian Open final between Caroline Wozniacki and Simona Halep, and had dinner @ Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus (Jl. Taman Setia Budi I No.36, RT.3/RW.2, Jakarta Selatan). On 28 January in the morning, Aji went home.

We met again on the night of 11 February, we had some chit-chat, and ordered McD for dinner via GoFood. On 12 February, I accompanied Aji to the airport. I introduced him to my favorite beverage : macchiato @ KOI – T3 and had brief conversation before he should go to waiting room before board the aircraft which will depart to Balikpapan at around 2 pm.


Part 6 : Aji had 2-week-workshop-training @ Cileungsi. When he arrived in Jakarta (on the morning of 18 March), he rode taxi from the airport along with his friends, who also joined 2-week-workshop-training. But, he disembarked at Setiabudi One, and came to my boarding house, while I was at home 😀 he forgot that I went home at the time hehe. Since I felt sorry for him, bummed around Jakarta alone, then I returned to Jakarta not long after. We met @ Sarinah, had Aji’s favorite meatball @ Jalan Sabang for lunch, and watched A Wrinkle in Time @ Setiabudi One. After had ordered Eatlah via GoFood for dinner, Aji headed to Cileungsi.

During the weekend (24-25 March 2018), I was in Singapore, while Aji had a lot of tasks to do. Hence, we met again on 29 March, we had dinner @ KoKas. On 30 March, after had late breakfast @ Ayam Lengkuas (on Jalan Setiabudi Tengah No. 1, Jakarta Selatan), I accompanied him to the airport, and met his friend there 🙂


Part 7 : Aji returned from the sites on 29 April 2018. We had lunch @ BK – Setiabudi One, strolled around and watched Avengers @ Pacific Place. Then, we had dinner @ Pancious. On 30 April, after office hours, I directly headed to his RedDoorz, and we ordered Carl’s via GoFood for dinner (eat burgers everyday haha). 1 May is public holiday (Labour Day). We had breakfast together @ McDc – Plaza Festival, before Aji played futsal @ Citos and went home afterwards.

Aji was in Jakarta again on the night of 4 May. He came to my boarding house for a while and we had brief conversation at the time ❤ On 5 May, Aji took part in ITB Alumni Futsal Tournament @ Citos. I watched him play futsal from around 11 am – 6 pm. Alhamdulillah his team won the tournament! Buuut, Aji was ill after the games wkwk, thus he returned home and I headed to my boarding house, after we had dinner @ Pepper Lunch – Citos.


On 10 May, we met in Bandung :

we had Bakso So’un & Mie Ayam Lodaya (Jl. Veteran No.3, Bandung) for lunch, c’est bon!

then, visited our friends’ coffee shop –> Bahagia Kopi @ The Saparua (Jalan Ambon No.15, Bandung)


Aji’s matcha | my es kopi bahagia (café au lait with honey) tasted good :9

and had dinner @ Se’i Sapi Lamalera (Jalan Bagus Rangin No. 24A, Bandung), c’est délicieux!


12 May 2018 | Aji’s es kepal milo (shaved ice with milo sauce)


I returned to jakarta on 13 May. Then, we met again on 15 May, after office hours, in Jakarta. We watched Deadpool @ Plaza Indonesia. On 16 May, I accompanied Aji to the airport. We had lunch @ Marugame – T3 and had some chit-chat before he should go to waiting room and board the aircraft to Balikpapan at around 2 pm.


Look forward to tell you the next stories, à bientôt!

Sate Taichan 87 Bang Ocit – Senayan vs Sate Taichan “Goreng” Tebet


28 November 2017. After zumba class in the office, Pita, Shelly, Mba Indah, and I had dinner @ Sate Taichan Senayan. Along Asia Afrika Street, around Mulia Hotel to be exact, you can find many sate taichan stalls. I don’t think anyone could say the number of the stall there for sure. Sate taichan is chicken satay which is grilled without peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. People say that Sate Taichan 87 Bang Ocit has the most delicious sate taichan among others *make no mistake, because some stalls have almost similar names*

Apparently, Bang Ocit’s stall is the most crowded. The stall open at 8.30 pm, but before it, visitors already in line. They are able to order too before 8.30. In fact, some visitors already got the tables also. When the dish is ready (the first order done at around 8.30 pm), the waitress will call our name via speaker 😀 we moved toward him, paid the bills, and brought our food to our table.

sit lesehan-style (sit on the floor / carpet)

Next to Bang Ocit’s stall, there is a coconuts seller :9 I really love Bang Ocit’s sate taichan with sambal (hot sauce made from a mixture of chili peppers) which is sprinkled by monosodium glutamate ❤ plus coconut water! My friends said that their sambal is really hot, but I like it hehe. I can eat more than 20 skewers! I suggest you to not order the lontong (compressed rice cake in cylinder form, wrapped inside the banana leaf), since the taste of lontong + sambal = weird 😦

sate taichan, sambal, lontong, and coconut water :9

30 Januari 2018. My friends in the office and I ordered Rachel Vennya’s Sate Taichan “Goreng” Tebet (on Jl. Tebet Raya No.70, Tebet Timur, Jakarta) via Go-Food. At the time, I had no idea who is Rachel Vennya, and all of my friends wondered haha. Evidently, she is a renowned vlogger from Indonesia. Actually, I dont like to watch vlog and Korean drama, just like the other girls. I love to watch action films, war movies, soccer matches, F1, tennis matches, NCIS, CSI, and the other forensic investigators series ❤ I watch drama, good drama movies to be exact, such as : The Descendant, Room, The Vow, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, etc., not Korean drama~~~~ I watched Boys Before Flowers and Sassy Girl Chun-hyang when I was a senior high school student in boarding school. I watched it along with a lot of my friends in living room in dormitory building hehe. Also, I watched One Litre of Teras (it Japanese though, not Korean), Hearty Paws, and Wedding Dress. My friends in the office wanted to see me cry while I watch film, but in fact I didn’t cry at all……… I’m sorry.

Okay, back to the topic! Why we ordered Sate Taichan “Goreng” Tebet via Go-Food? Because there will be a long queue if we intend to dine in. Meanwhile, Go-Food has special line 😀 hence it will be quicker. Thank you Go-Jek! At the time, I had sate taichan goreng (fried sate taichan), chicken bowel satay, chicken skin satay, sambal taichan, and sambal saidah. IMHO, Bang Ocit’s is more delicious! I like Rachel Vennya’s chicken skin satay. Sambal taichan and sambal saidah have different taste, but the level of the deliciousness is almost similar. Sprinkle some monosodium glutamate to make the sambal more delicious *generasi micin banget wkwk.

sate taichan goreng (fried sate taichan), chicken bowel satay, chicken skin satay, sambal taichan, and sambal saidah

Who wins? Sate Taichan 87 Bang Ocit @ Senayan obviously!


Onokabe – Pluit Junction


7 January 2018. Had finished strolling around Museum MACAN, Pita, Shelly and I headed to Pluit Junction for lunch @ Onokabe (on Pluit Junction Ground Floor Unit 18-23, Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya, Penjaringan, Jakarta). It is a buffet restaurant. We arrived at Onokabe and it was really crowded there. Thus, we had to take queue number and wait perhaps around 30 minutes for the table. We waited at the lounge near the entrance, sat, and consumed the free snack they provided to us, since my stomach was already growling at the time 😀

Finally, the waitress called our number yay Alhamdulillah! We got a table in the back side of the restaurant. Each table in Onokabe has grills and suki stove. There are some menus you can have : suki (soup), grill, buffet menu, condiments, desserts, and beverages.

Some ingerdients for the soup is put in conveyor belt, which go around each table. Hence, we don’t have to walk to take several ingredients we want. While, the rest isn’t put in conveyor belt, such as clams. There are a few option of soup in Onokabe : chicken broth, tom yum kung, miso soup, beef soup, mushroom soup, Indonesian soto soup, Balinese betutu soup, and szechuan soup. You can choose 2. At the time, we picked : chicken broth and tom yum kung.

the ingredients in conveyor belt

suki (soup) : chicken broth and tom yum kung

Ingredients for grilled dishes have its own place, there are : seafood, beef, and chicken, seasoned in several styles. Beside soup and grill, there are buffet menu. You can pick between : rice, french fries, fried rice, fried noodle, pasta, karage, etc.

the ingredients for grilled dishes


For condiments, Onokabe provides some options : chili sauce, tomato sauce, mayo, salty soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, tabasco, rawit (bird’s eye chili), garlic sauce, leek, etc. Had finished my main course, I tasted their desserts. There are a few choices : ice cream, pudding, cake, fruits, jajanan pasar (Indonesian traditional cake), etc. For the beverages, you can pick between : tea, coffee, sodas, or mineral water.

Moreover, Onokabe has a playground for kids near the entrance. Therefore, if you bring your own child, they will never get bored waiting.


Onokabe = ono kabeh? 😉

Bogor : Grand Savero Hotel, CIP Forum @ Santika Hotel, Botani Square, Kedai Kita, Makaroni Panggang, Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang


6 November 2017. After office hours, I went to Bogor by KRL (commuterline) from Sudirman Station, since I had to attend CIP Forum on 7-8 November 2017. At around 10 pm, I arrived in the Grand Savero Hotel (on Jl. Padjajaran No.27, Bogor). After had checked-in, I took a shower, prayed, and slept. Bonne nuit!

my room @ Grand Savero Hotel. I ❤ it!


7 November 2017. After breakfast in the hotel (they served a lot of choices of breakfast menu and they tasted good), I headed to Santika Hotel (on Botani Square, Bogor) to attend the first day of CIP Forum, from 8am – 4pm…………… After the first day of the forum had finished, I strolled around for a while @ Botani Square, and got back to my room afterwards. Then, I prayed, took a shower, had a rest for a while, watched tv, etc etc~ At around 8pm, I had dinner @ Kedai Kita (on Jalan Pangrango No.21, Bogor). It was my second experience. At the time, I ordered margarita stromboli (pizza rolled up into a log). Like it! Kedai Kita’s dishes are delicious :9

my margarita stromboli


8 November 2017. After breakfast, I attended the last day of CIP Forum, until closing and lunch time. Thereafter, I returned to my room, and swam in the hotel pool at around 4 pm.

seule @ hotel pool. Btw, Bogor Botanical Gardens is across the street.

After maghrib prayer, I headed to Makaroni Panggang (on Jalan Salak No. 24, Bogor) and tried their renowned makaroni panggang (baked macaroni) for the first time in my life. Hmmm I wondered what makes them so popular? In my opinion, their macaroni tasted so so, my mom’s baked macaroni is more delicious 😀

my makaroni panggang (baked macaroni)


9 November 2017. After breakfast, I headed to Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang (on Ruko Bantar Kemang, Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 20i, Baranangsiang, Bogor) to buy several boxes of their delicious lapis talas (a kind of sponge cake, made from talas / taro) and bring them home. I do love Sangkuriang lapis talas ❤ I always buy it when I visit Bogor.

At around 10 am, I checked out, headed to Bogor Station, and returned to Jakarta by KRL. Why so hurry? ………….. because someone returned from the sites at the time 😉 couldn’t wait to meet him again~ If you are wondering, perhaps you can read my previous post here.