Dotonbori Foodtown, PIK Avenue Mall, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)


4 June 2017. My friends at the office (Shelly, Mba Indah, Dinda) and I decided to have iftar at Dotonbori Foodtown (in PIK Avenue Mall 2nd Floor, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, Jakarta). Dotonbori Foodtown is a new food court with many selections of affordable Japanese food. Such food court is snug and has spacious area with a lot of natural light from its source (the sun). There are approximately 20s stalls which sell sushi, katsu, taiyaki, cheesecake, donburi, ramen, drinks, etc. At the time, I chose Shigeru for my iftar, also Kibo‘s cheesecake for my suhoor.



One of the most striking and biggest tenants in Dotonbori Foodtown is Shigeru. Their food display is utterly appetizing with plenty of choices. I want to have all of them OMG! Each item is priced separately (also the chopsticks and sushi soy sauce wkwk). It’s quite hard for me to decide what I want for iftar since almost all the food looked so mouthwatering. Eventually, I picked sushi set, karaage, fish balls, kushikatsu, and lychee tea. All of them tasted good, except for the sushi, I didn’t really like it.

my sushi, karaage, fish balls, kushikatsu, and lychee tea for iftar.


Kibo Cheesecake

Kibo cheesecake is so damn delicious! It is soft, delicate, fluffy, moist, light with creamy molten filing. It has the perfect level combination of sweetness and cheesiness :9 I really love it! At the time, I take away 4 minis Original Molten for suhoor ❤

Formerly, Kibo sold their cheesecake online. I ever ordered their large Matcha Molten for sharing with my office mates, and it tasted so goood. By the way, I am not a green tea lover, but in my opinion the matcha flavor didn’t overpower the cheese flavor, therefore I love their Matcha Molten.


mini Original Molten cheesecake :9 | Matcha Molten


bon appétit!


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