Cacaoté, Senopati


16 February 2017Cacaoté is a cake shop & restaurant, which is situated on Jl. Senopati Raya No.80, Jakarta. Shelly and I are satiated after had dinner @ The Holy Crab, but we still visited Cacaoté afterwards to have dessert and obviously take some pretty pictures in such beautiful restaurant 😀

The exterior of Cacaoté looks like an elegant castle, and the interior is absolutely gorgeous, feminine, and dominated by floral print and white-gold-pink-colors with chandeliers hanging on the ceiling.

that famous spot is on the right side of the front door

les fleurs

When we stepped in, we were welcomed with their appetizing cakes selections. It’s quite hard for us to decide what we want for dessert since almost all the cakes looked so cute and delicious.

we are in front of the cake displays, what a lovely interior design!

Eventually, I picked mango cake with coconut filling perhaps (OMG I didn’t know the composition of the cake haha), while Shelly had two flavours of macarons. All I know is my cake tasted really good, I will definitely come back for the other variants :9


my mango cake, which resembles a caterpillar | Shelly’s macarons

à bientôt!


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