The Holy Crab, Senopati


16 February 2017. To celebrate their 3rd anniversary, Holy Crab (on Jl. Gunawarman No. 55, Senopati) gave their customers a discount of 50%. Therefore, Shelly and I had our early dinner there on the day. Luckily, when we reached the place, it is not too crowded yet. Such restaurant has 2 stories with traditional Southern interior design style.

Sabi and Shelly

Holy Crab have lots of variety seafood to be chosen. Your foods will be served on the table, without plate, spoon, and fork (I thought it is not suitable for your first date hehe), they only provide you a shellfish cracker shell opener for your crab(s). What an exciting experience, despite the fact that Shelly and I had small cuts on our fingers because of the shell crabs 😀

Some selection of imported food : Dungeness Crab, King CrabLegs, Snow Crab Legs, and Lobster. Their prices depend on market price (seasonal price). At first, Shelly and I intended to order the Dungeness Crab, buuut unfortunately after we got adequate explanations from the waitress, we knew that the price of a Dungeness Crab is > IDR 1,000K!!!! Hence, eventually, we picked for the two of us : mud crab and clams with Medium Original Cajud sauce (yes, we had medium one, because Shelly cannot eat spicy food wkwk), also deep fried calamari.

mud crab, clams, deep fried calamari


We felt very full afterwards, Alhamdulillah.  The total of the bill for the final cost of the meal (plus 2 bottles of mineral water) is around IDR 600K. Buuut, we had to pay only IDR 300K yay! Honestly, I don’t have any intention to go back there someday, because in my opinion, it is overprice. I would probably say that they have good dishes, however nothing special about the taste…………… But still, THANK YOU for the discount, Holy Crab ❤



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