27 December 2017 ❤ After office hours, Mba Hana, Ndai, Mba Indah, and me went to RoCA, ARTOTEL Thamrin (on Jl. Sunda No.3, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat) because we had to attend my friend’s bridal shower. I call her Mba Icha. Her wedding occured in February.

When I reached the lobby of ARTOTEL, at first glance, all I can think is “wow, the interior design of this place is absolutely astonishing, so artsy and gorgeous”. As well as RoCA, a restaurant which is located to the right side of you after coming through the front door of the hotel.

The restaurant has 2 areas : indoor and outdoor. Outdoor area is also the smoking area, thus we decided to have a seat indoor. I recommend you to come before the sky turn dark, so you can get better photographs. Because, in my opinion, the restaurant has poor lighting. Probably, they intend to provide dramatic ambience to their guests 😀

img-20161227-wa0064 img-20161227-wa0072

while waiting for Mba Icha (the bride-to-be) to come


finally, Mba Icha arrived @ RoCA



At the time, I ordered prawn spaghetti aglio olio and lychee tea. Both of them tasted good. If you have a plan to visit RoCA, you have to try their lasagna beef. My friend had it for the dinner, I tasted it, and I love it so much ❤ Also, we had Colette & Lola’s strawberry shortcake pie cake as the dessert. As we (the bridesmaids) gave it as one of the several gifts to Mba Icha.

20161227_185625 20161227_182415

my prawn spaghetti aglio olio | the Colette & Lola’s strawberry shortcake pie cake

img-20161227-wa0038 img-20161227-wa0051

a happy bride-to-be~


Ndai, Mba Hana, Mba Icha, Mba Indah, Sabi


Congratulations, Mba Icha! Hopefully, the others will also be getting hitched soon :*


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