Garut : Cibatu Station, FaveHotel Cimanuk, Alun-Alun, Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop, Batik Tulen


12 December 2016. It was a national holiday in my country (Maulid Nabi), at the same time I should go to Garut, since I had to attend a workshop on 13-15 December in Kamojang – West Java (around an hour drive from Garut). I rode Serayu Pagi Train from Senen Station (Jakarta) to Cibatu Station (Garut). It took me around 4 – 5 hours to get there.

Had arrived at Cibatu Station, a taxi (without taximeter) picked me up from the station to the FaveHotel Cimanuk (Garut). It took me another an hour. If you want to ride such taxi, you must order first. You can contact me via email, if you need their contact phone number 🙂

I got the information about the taxi service from FaveHotel. Because unfortunately the hotel only has an operational vehicle, so that they cannot fulfill my request when I asked them to pick me up from the station. Additionally, you are also be able to order the taxi if you want to stroll around the city.

view from my train window

I arrived to the hotel at around 4 pm. I was so starving, because I hadn’t had lunch yet, thus I ordered seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips) from the hotel restaurant.

my room on 3rd floor

My seafood pan-fried kway teow (ricecake strips). It was so damn delicious, although it’s not spicy enough for me :9

my room | view from my room window. At the time, I was the only person who utilized the pool, since it was so cold there brrrr~


it is not so big swimming pool, but it was more than enough because I enjoyed it on my own 😀 | view from my room window ❤


13 – 15 December 2016. I attended a 3-days-workshop in Kamojang. Every morning, a bus picked us up at around 7 am in hotel lobby, then the bus brought us back from Kamojang to the hotel at around 3.30 pm. When I arrived at the room, I went to the swimming pool slightly afterwards, and I returned to my room, took a bath, watched tv, slept *what a bore hehe*

what I had for my breakfast

I had sop buntut (oxtail soup) for my dinner :9 I always ordered my dinner from hotel restaurant


16 December 2016 was my last day in Garut, hence I strolled around the city. My first destination was Alun-Alun, where there is happening photo spot :

‘GARUT’ sign

Next, I headed to Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street, which was recommended by a friend of mine, who come from Garut. You can find : dodol (sticky, thick, sweet confection), Chocodot (chocolate with dodol fillings), instant nasi liwet (rice dish cooked in coconut milk), etc. Fyi, some of them can be found in Jakarta though.

Cita Rasa Souvenir Shop on Rancaekek Street

a variant of Chocodot

Then, I visited Batik Tulen (a batik home industry on Ciledug Street), which was recommended by a friend of mine also. Some of their products :


they are beautiful, aren’t they?


Je ne peux pas attendre le prochain voyage………. ❤


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