dia.lo.gue, Kemang


I turned 25 on 21 November 2016, thus I invited Winda and Rifki on 4 December to lunch @ dia.lo.gue, Kemang. Since both of them live closer to the restaurant, I was the last person to arrive hehe. When I got there, they already put the balloons on my seat :3 also the tiara, a bouquet of flowers, and the gift aaaaa~ je suis ravie! Thank you so much Winda and Rifki ❤ In addition to that, not longer after, a waitress approached the table, holding a birthday cake with candles on it yaaaay! 😀

merci beaucoup!

my birthday cake

I was so starving at the moment, because I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. So that, we ordered the food slightly afterwards. I chose grilled chicken pesto and earl grey tea. My dish tasted good, also Winda’s dish (fish and chips). Rifki picked grilled chicken pesto, same as I did.

what we had for lunch :9

Winda’s fish and chips

my grilled chicken pesto

Had finished our lunch and the dessert (my birthday cake), we did our mini photo session hehe. Obviously, if you visit dia.lo.gue, you must take a shoot on their very famous stairs ❤

such iconic staircase

Rifki, Sabi, Winda

Merci beaucoup pour cet super après midi, Winda et Rifki!


à bientôt


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