Bandung : Farmhouse Susu Lembang, RM Padang Malah Dicubo


18 September 2016. The five of us (Sabi, Mba Hana, Ndai, Manda, and Rani) woke up early and took a shower, then we ordered Roti Gempol for delivery via GoFood. After that, we left hotel (Chara Hotel, Gatot Subroto) around 9 am and headed to Farmhouse Susu Lembang by Fika’s car. Thank you Fika for picking us up 😀


before we left (back row L-R : Manda, Mba Hana, Ndai; front row L-R : Fika, Sabi, Rani)



Since we left quite early, the traffic congestion didn’t occur yet Alhamdulillah. So that, we could arrive at Farmhouse 30 minutes later yaaay! AT the front entrance, we should pay IDR30,000/person. Please keep your ticket safe, as it can be exchanged for a glass of (chocolate / plain / strawberry) milk for welcome drink. After Fika had parked the car, we strolled around Farmhouse.

Farmhouse Susu Lembang is one of current most popular tourist attraction in Bandung. It is situated on Jalan Raya Lembang. Fyi, Lembang is renowned for its milk production. Buildings inside the Farmhouse were designed to resemble classic European houses. SUch place is totally crowded on weekends hiks. I thought that Farmhouse is quite similar to Colmar Tropicale – Malaysia, it is bigger than Malaysian’s tho, also the weather is friendly, cold enough compared to the Colmar Tropicale ❀

20160918_104702 img-20160918-wa0038

love padlocks | Mba Hana, Sabi, Manda, Ndai, Fika


cactus :3

20160918_110555 p_20160918_110924_1_bf_p

@ Farmhouse Susu Lembang

20160918_111206 20160918_112001

Rani & Fika @ souvenir shop | bakery


grilled sausage :9

20160918_112431 20160918_113401

jam in jars | buildings inside Farmhouse

20160918_112545 p_20160918_112841

decorative walls | from where we stand 😀

20160918_115006 p_20160918_115643

my chocolate milk | moi

Our next destination was Bandung Station, because we would like to return to Jakarta afterwards. Before we boarded the train, we bought klapertart and brownies @ Den Haag Klapertart and Kartika Sari, across the station. Also, we bought the most delicious dendeng ijo (dendeng batokok) in the world @ RM Malah Dicubo for lunch :9


Sabi & Shelly on the train

See you, Bandung! ❀


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