Bandung : Eta’s Wedding, Bakso Soun Lodaya, LOL, Alun-Alun Bandung


17 October 2016 is Eta’s wedding day!!!!

I woke up early, then I salat subh, took a shower, wore my soft contact lenses, put on the make up, and dressed. After the six of us (the other participants of this trip: Mba Hana, Ndai, Manda, Dea, Rani; and I) got ready, we waited for Fika to pick us up from the hotel to the wedding venue in Graha Mangunggal Tridaya Cakti, which is also situated on Gatot Subroto Street, Bandung (similar to our hotel, Chara Hotel).


back row L-R : Dea, Manda, Rani, Ndai; front row L-R : Sabi, Mba Hana


pardon my selfie 😀

Then, the seven of us (plus Fika currently) arrived a little too late on the venue, but Alhamdulillah we still had chance to see Eta’s solemnization kyaaaa! They had Javanese tradiotional ceremony for their wedding……. Not longer after that, the solemnization was finished.


Ndai, Mba Hana, Manda, Legi (the groom), Eta (the bride), Sabi, Fika, Rani, Dea


what bridesmaids did when they were waiting for the groom and the bride to come to the wedding reception


for Eta & Legi, from us


Rizka, Syifa, Mba Hana, Shelly, Sabi


all the bridesmaids with the groom and the bride ❤

After the wedding reception had finished, we returned to hotel, wore our casual clothes, salat zuhr & asr, then strolled around the city yay! Oyaa, since Fika came a bit late in the morning, she didn’t join the morning photo session, thus we held afternoon photo session hehe. But unfortunately without Ndai, because she’s already gone outside with some of her college friends.

p_20160917_143714_bf_p p_20160917_143749_bf_p

yhaaa begitulah~

Our first destination was Bakso Soun & Mie Ayam Lodaya (beef ball, rice vermicelli, and chicken & mushroom noodles) on Veteran Street. I love beef ball so much, and their beef ball and rice vermicelli tasted delicious! ❤


pretended to be happy when in fact we were soooo hungry~


nomnom :9

Next destination was LOL (Lick Over Lips) on Emong Street (near to Batagor Abuy). We had delicious ice cream there, and they allow the customers to add topping by themselves hihi. I chose bubble gum, yakult, and cheese cake flavor with astor, pocky, and marshmallow topping.


bubble gum, yakult, and cheese cake ice cream with astor, pocky, and marshmallow on top, for sharing with Fika


front row L-R : Mba Hana, Dea, Rani; back row L-R : Manda, Sabi, Fika

Fika went home thereafter, whilst Dea returned to Jakarta, because she had another agenda on Sunday morning. Currently, there was only the 4 of us (Mba Hana, Rani, Manda, and I). So that, we decided to go to alun-alun (square). Alun-alun Bandung on Saturday night was extremely crowded (kalau mau sepi jam 2 pagi aja yesssh ke sininya hihi).

20160917_191247 20160917_200041_001

The absolute most mainstream photo location in Bandung : Masjid Raya Bandung (the Grand Mosque) | Pidi Baiq Quotes


Alun-Alun Bandung!


Sabi and Mba Hana @ alun-alun

We headed back to hotel on 8 pm, because we were a bit sleepy at the moment. I took some photos of interesting hotel-corridor, before I took a shower, salat maghrib & isha, and slept.

I hate to say these, but I have to 😦 Unfortunately, I had 2 bad experiences with Chara Hotel : 1) AC for my room didn’t work well, it was so hot and inconvenient!; 2) I found a cockroach in my room 😦 I hope Chara Hotel can make some improvement for such problem immediately.


the corridor :3

à bientôt!



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