Ratu Busana – Pasar Sunan Giri (part 3)


31 August 2016. I would be one of the bridesmaids for Eta’s wedding day. Thus, I came to Ratu Busana – Pasar Sunan Giri, Rawamangun in order to turn the fabric from Eta into a wiron skirt. Other bridesmaids (Fika, Dea, Rani, Mba Hana, Manda, Ndai) and I (my gang in the office –> Princess Jombs gang wkwk) agreed to wear a black top and grey veil also on the day 🙂

Ratu Busana promised me to finish it in a week yippieeee~ It costed me 175K, I gave them 50K for a down payment, and will pay the rest (125K) next week.

1 week later……….. I visited Ratu Busana once more. When Mbaknya gave me my wiron skirt, I believe my reaction to it is just like………….. Meh. I. Don’t. Like. It. *shocked* On the other hand, I have to do the fitting things, and it turned out that the skirt fits me perfectly in a matter of size, but I don’t like the style at all hiks~

I paid 125K to them, went home by Uber, got my room, and felt so miserable. I looked to my skirt once again, and felt more awful. Y they had to make it into a pencil skirt (I don’t ask for it!), because it resulted a big-horrific-black triangle on front-side 😦

Therefore, I turned on tv, and watched CSI, so that I will forget my sadness quickly. After a couple of CSI episodes, I texted Yolan and Seba, tell em ’bout my problem. But, their reaction really surprised me, they said my skirt looks good 😀 OK, I’m a bit happy currently yay!

20160908_174640 20160908_174703

*what a coincidence! my skirt matched my bed sheet!* the tumpal yielded a big-horrific-black triangle on front-side | back-side *is it good? I still can’t believe haha*

17 September 2016. The day!!!! Early morning, I woke up, salat subh, took a shower, had breakfast, wore my soft contact lenses, and put on the make up. Then, I wore my failed skirt, black top, grey veil, black wedges, and the last but not the least I grabbed my black clutch also. We took a lot of photos while waited for Fika to pick us up from the hotel to the venue *I will enclose those photos in my next post 😉

Oyaa apparently, a friend of mine also turned her fabric from Eta into a wiron skirt. Buuut, the tailor didn’t make it into a pencil skirt. I really envy her when I looked her skirt in the closet. But, after we all wore our monochrome uniforms, the truth revealed –> my wiron skirt looked like a perfect wiron skirt, on the contrary it seemed like it’s unclear whether it is a wiron skirt or not for my friend’s hmmmm.


Dea, Rani, Mba Hana, Manda, Sabi, Ndai @ Chara Hotel, Bandung. A friend of mine in her wiron skirt (Manda) stood right next to me, but I think such photo don’t show the difference between both of skirt crystally.


Shelly and Sabi. Can you see my skirt well in this photo?

Dasar emang Sabi sotoy maksimal haha. A life lesson I can take away from this experience : just believe in the tailors of Ratu Busana, insyaAllah they know the best for your desire ❤

I wish for the other members of Princess Jombs gang to follow Eta immediately. Kiss kiss!


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