Senayan Archery Field (Lapangan Panahan Senayan)


10 September 2016. Fusi, Sate, and I took part in an archery training program @ Senayan Archery Field (Lapangan Panahan Senayan). It’s kinda “farewell party” for Sate, because she will leaves the country immediately to earn her masters degree at Imperial College, London. You can enter the field through Gate VII GBK. It’s rather difficult to reach it if you don’t ride your own vehicle, I suggest you to use either Uber or Go-Jek.

The coaches gave a briefing (about safety protocol and whistle commands, basic equipment, how to shoot, etc.) to all participants before we start our session. The “basic steps” of how to shoot are : stance & posture, nock (finger & hand placement), hook string and place bowhand, set up (extending the bow arm), drawing the bow, anchoring, aim, and the last but not the least is release (


targets are placed at around 10 m from the archers, each of them is 122cm in diameter with a 10 ring 12.2cm in diameter

There are around 10 people participate in such 2 hours (8-10 am) training program. Fusi, Sate, and I were given 3 strandard bows, 15 arrows, 3 finger tabs, 3 arm guards, and 1 target. It can be seen that the 3 of us are “tim hore” for this training session 😀


3 sriKENDI : Sate, Sabi, Fusi

Step-by-step training protocols : A coach blew the whistle as a sign of all participants are able to shoot the target. After a few minutes, when all arrows were released, coach blew the whistle again as a sign of all participants can remove their arrows from targets. After target area had been clean, coach would blow the whistle again as a sign of all participants are able to shoot the target (again). Throughout practice, the coaches watched and gave correction for the good technique.

When you are releasing the arrow from the bow, I suggest you to watch the direction of your arrows carefully, don’t allow them to fly far away from target, because it will be very difficult to find them among cogongrass. Additionally, sometimes you cannot remove the arrows from the target easily (mungkin karena cewe-cewe bertiga ini belum pada sarapan sebelum latihan hehe, jadi nya tak bertenaga), you can solve the problem by pulling it by 2 people (the first person hold the head, whilst another hold the bottom), or if the things get harder as you can handle it anymore, you can ask some help to the coach 😀

1473478561776 1473478554535

nock & hook the string | set up (extending the bow arm) & draw the bow



Just fyi, Coach Rizki is a very nice person, he watched and gave correction to “tim hore” seriously. But unfortunately, apa daya skill emang ga sampe, so that I thought that it didn’t improve our skill at all wkwk. He is a good photographer also, he directed us some nice pose ala-ala, therefore we can yield a number of instagram-able and path-able photos muahahahahaha~


3 sriKENDI : Sate, Sabi, Fusi

1473478576998 1473478592632

3 sriKENDI feat. a good archer guy in blue tees, who can launch most of his arrows at 9 / 10 concentric scoring rings in the target (paling cuma 1 yang meleset ke zona lain), I thought that tim hore‘s skill almost similar to him 😀 the ONLY difference between us and him is we can shoot an arrow at 9 / 10 concentric scoring zones, while others meleset ke zona lain hahaha (udah syukur Alhamdulillah ga terbang ke arah rumput-rumput yang bergoyang tu anak panah, bikin susah aja nyarinya hehehe)

If you need profound information about how to join archery training program @ Senayan Archery Field, you can visit –> 🙂

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming

– quotesgram


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