Bandung : RM Ciganea, Four Points Hotel, One Eighty, Prima Rasa, Zenbu, Xtrans


24 August 2016. Chevy, Dewa, Mas Hanif, and I went to Bandung by Mas Han’s car. We travelled between Jakarta and Bandung in 4 hours, parce qu’il y a des embouteillages partout. Also, we stopped by at RM Ciganea (Rest Area KM 73), for their yummy fried chicken and super delicious sambal :9 Eventually, we arrived to the Four Points Hotel – Dago at almost 4pm.

Four Points Hotel is absolutely a new modern hotel in great location in downtown Bandung, Jalan Ir Juanda no 46 to be exact. If you are from Pasteur, you just have to pass through the Pasopati Bridge, take the exit for Dago, and turn right at the second intersection to Jalan Ir Juanda (Jalan Dago), it will be on the left side of the road (between Pizza Hut and Superindo). The hotel area is a long and relatively thin lot, it has narrow multi-level basements and classy interior layout for the lobby. After we had met the representative of the EO at the lobby, we checked-in at reception desk, and headed to our own room.

20160824_161138 20160824_161223

my room

20160824_161407 20160824_161449

the bathroom

My room was situated at the 8th floor, such modern European style room is (around) 30 sqm large room, which features twin comfort bed for high-quality sleep. It’s bathroom is quite spacious, without tub. The advantage of staying in this hotel is you can find fast wifi connection in the entire building, as well as you can reach Pizza Hut, KFC, the Kiosk, Chatime, ACE, and Superindo in 5 minutes walk; but unfortunately, the hotel only has 2 tiny elevators and traffic jams outside the hotel is rather terrible.

I headed to swimming pool not longer after I arrived yippieeee~ I swam for an hour. The pool is not really big but there are only small number of people there Alhamdulillah 😀


the swimming pool

After I had taken a shower, I prepared a few more things for tomorrow workshop, along with Chevy, Dewa, and Mas Hanif. Then, when we were getting things done, I headed to One Eighty – Jalan Ganeca (in front of Warung Pasta), to meet Seba and Hengki. OMG, it’s been a long time………….


Sabi, Hengki, Seba. A couple days later, Hengki flew to London to pursue his master’s degree at Imperial College. Bye Hengkiiiii~

The grand opening of such cafe is in July 2016. It has an outdoor shallow pool (around 30-40 cm depth), and you can find some tables and chairs in the pool ❤ thus, you are be able to get your feet wet whilst having your dish.


the menu and my iced chocolate


my spaghetti aglio e olio


25 August 2016 (1st day workshop). We started the day by having breakfast together in hotel restaurant. Then, we headed to M-floor. The workshop held at 8am-4pm, there will be one hour lunch break at 12pm and twice-a-day coffee break at 10am and 2.30pm.


the hotel restaurant

dsc_0105 dsc_0109

the workshop


the participants in the same polo shirt

After workshop, I went to Prima Rasa – Jalan Kemuning, I bought some boxes of their delicious brownies nyaaam~ At night, we had dinner together at Zenbu – PVJ. When did the last time I go to PVJ? Hmmmm 3 years ago perhaps………

dsc_0158 dsc_0162

dsc_0165 dsc_0164

dinner @ Zenbu – PVJ


my appetizing salmon cream sauce pasta :9


26 August 2016 (last day of the workshop). Workshop was terminated before Jumu’ah prayer. After the prayer had finished, we had lunch together at hotel restaurant, to close the event. Not longer afterwards, I headed to Xtrans – Green Batara Hotel (Cihampelas) to ride the shuttle to Tangerang.


closing the workshop~


À bientôt!

photo credit : ubox utc. Merci beaucoup!


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