Internship Program PT. Pertamina (Persero) 2015-2016


June 2015. A friend of mine in the office, Haris, gave me the information that there is 3 new interns on Geology – Pertamina UTC team. Haris told me that one of them also lives in Tangerang and graduated from ITB, too. Buuut, I have no idea at all, I mean : during my college life in Bandung, I didn’t really concerned about where someone comes from. Additionally, Tangerang is not so small haha. Nevertheless, I was so curious about the information. So that, Haris and I visited them…………

Apparently, this new intern who also lives in Tangerang is Adhi (Teknik Geologi ITB 2010), while the rest are Rifki (Teknik Geologi ITB 2010) and Winda (Teknik Geologi Unpad 2010). They will become part of the internship program at UTC until at least 6 months later, and it is possible to be extended for the next 6 months 😀 Thenceforth, I am quite often came to their room. Moreover, we loved to run together in the afternoon. Especially Winda, we joined Zumba class every Tuesday, also we loved to watch movie and have culinary tours together ❤


@ Spumante (January 2016) : Winda, Sabi


@ Johnny Rockets (February 2016) : Sabi, Winda

img_20160317_171852 img_20160317_172222

afternoon run @ Monas (April 2016)

We loved to exchange some souvenirs after the trip to anywhere. Winda gave me the most delicious bakpia nowadays –> bakpia keju Kurnia Sari, from Jogjakarta; green tea chocolate from Puncak; etc. I reciprocated by giving them brownies Amanda from Bandung, also chocolate and goodie bag from KL. Moreover, they loved to treat me (us) : ATL Hayam Wuruk – Sarinah, RM Sederhana – Jalan Sabang, Bakso Titoti, and the most recently –> Zenbu – Plaza Indonesia.

They loved to take me to the breakfast / lunch events, also iftar, in the office. Furthermore, they once asked me to attend a meeting which is organized by Geology – Pertamina UTC team, just because there is someone involved in such meeting wkwk and did zuhr & asr prayer in congregation on 17th floor to meet someone *ceritanya lagi mengejar mas-mas* *sekarang udah insyaf Alhamdulillah* 😀

The fussiest person who I ever met (probably) in my whole entire life is Winda haha. She should be a comedian, instead of a geologist. The food lover is Adhi, who taught us to have pudding whilst queuing for the dim sum; or had foundue while queuing for ice cream; and ate 7 cakes at a time!!!! And the last but not the least: Rifki! Our superb photographer, whom I asked to if I found some difficulties in Petrel.

Oh my God, I’m so sad…… Since the beginning of 2016, I already know that Adhi will terminate the contract in June, because he will continue his education to Master Degree at TU Delft, Holland. This trio will lose their personnel in the middle of the year, hiks. But, the severest part of the story is…………. we got the info that the company will not extend the term of a contract beyond its original end date (June 2016) for Winda and Rifki also. Huaaaaa~ I’m utterly heartbroken 😦

Fortunately, they got the good news shortly after that. They will work at Pertamina Upstream Data Center (PUDC), Pasar Minggu after Eid al-Fitr holiday yippieeee~ Despite the fact that recently, we are not work in the same building anymore, but I’m very happy to know that they can still work at another subsidiary of Pertamina in Jakarta. Although, now I can’t jump directly to their room like in the old days, but I still feel so grateful that we can still see each other on the spare time ❤


their last day in the office : Rifki, Winda, Sabi, Adhi



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