Plaza Blok M Shooting Range


24 July 2016. My brother and I planned to do our very first experience in gun range. As far as I know, there are only two shooting ranges in Jakarta, the first one is located in Senayan, while another one is located inside Plaza Blok M – Bulungan. We picked the range in Plaza Blok M, because it costed us 50K for 35 bullets, while the price in Senayan is >500K. What a significant difference!!! The Plaza Blok M Shooting Range is an indoor range, which is located on 4th floor. You can find the entrance directly from parking area.

We arrived around 11 am. Perhaps it’s kinda too dramatic, but a second before I stepped through the door, I felt a little bit intimidated and frightened. I thought it’s likely just because it was my very first trip to a range…… When I stepped in the range, I was a bit surprised that there are only small number of visitors there. Oh, come on, it’s weekend! I wonder if it will have greater number of people on weekdays???? I hope the answer is yes, but if it does to the contrary, I’m scared that the range will be closed permanently soon hiks. Please come and join the fun, people!

They have 2 types of weapons to be rented : handgun and rifle. Both have different types of bullets, also different size of shooting targets. Considering the size of the gun, I (height : 155cm) chose the handgun instead of rifle. On the other hand, my brother (height : around 175cm) picked the riffle. Then, we decided to use our first 25 bullets on our own, then we exchanged our gun. So, I shot 25 handgun bullets and 10 rifle bullets. Yay!

20160724_115535 20160724_115626

my brother (around 175cm) and the rifle | Sabi and the handgun

If you have no idea how to use the weapons, don’t worry, because the officer are ready to teach you. Listen to him carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. Always remember to watch where the muzzle is pointed, have a good handle on your gun, and keep your finger off the trigger until you ready to shoot! Such indoor range has electric target hanger things. They are operated by 2 pushbuttons on the table located just right in front of your chair. If you push the button, the clip comes towards you, and if you push another button, the clip will go further away. The last but not the least, the most fun part –> load up your gun and shoot! ❤


2 red pushbuttons which operate the electric target hanger

20160724_111806 20160724_111921

how to use the rifle


how to handle your handgun

Based on my experience, it was much easier to use rifle. I got 76 points for 10 rifle bullets, and 67 points for 25 handgun bullets. I thought I can be the next (women version of) Leroy Jethro Gibbs muahahahaha. It took not longer than 1 hour to finish all 35 bullets plus take so much cool pictures with the gun. When you’re all done, don’t forget to remove your paper target from the clip. You can either save or throw away your target. Me? Of course I keep them!!!


the result of my brother’s rifle shooting (25 bullets) vs mine (10 bullets)


the result of my brother’s handgun shooting (10 bullets) vs mine (25 bullets)

It was a really fascinating experience. Definitely, I will go back soon! Please come and join me if you dare 😉



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