Iftar 2016


As usual, during the blessed month of Ramadan, we have to more focused on worship and filled it with abundant righteous deeds. Besides, (for me) these 30 days are an occasion to enjoy feasts hehe. Indonesian called it bukber / buka bersama (iftar / the breaking of the fast). I usually did it with my friends in restaurants. This year, I think I didn’t do iftar as much as I did in prior year, I don’t know why…… So, this is the list of my iftar in 2016 :


1) 8 June 2016. We had iftar @ Ayam Tulang Lunak Hayam Wuruk – Sarinah. It’s on Adhi, because he recently celebrated his 25th birthday!!!! We got free green peas porridge from the restaurant, but unfortunately, I don’t like it, I don’t like peas hiks. Then, we ordered soft bone fried chicken with crunchy flakes (ayam presto goreng krispi), soft bone chicken with salted egg sauce (ayam presto bumbu telur asin), soft bone fried milkfish in crunchy flakes (bandeng presto dalam sangkar), and kangkung belacan. Yummm! We reciprocated by giving Adhi a surprise birthday cake and happy birthday wishes photos from us ❤


Rifki, Winda, Sabi, Adhi, Oka, Mba Maya, Sarah, Mba Wina, Ezzat, Mas Prabu @ Ayam Tulang Lunak Hayam Wuruk – Sarinah.


2) 12 & 19 June 2016. During Ramadan, The Rabbaanians provided us 2 religious gatherings in Masjid Agung Al-Azhar. After we prayed Asr in congregation, we listened to Ustadz Subhan Bawazier’s sharing and advices until Maghrib time. Then, the event-host-committee served us dates (kurma), pain au chocolat, fries (gorengan), compote (kolak), tea, and aqua for break fasting. After Maghrib prayer, they allowed us to choose between Sundanese / Betawi / Javanese / Manado cuisine for dinner in 12 June (Nusantara Indonesian cuisine theme), and mandi / biryani / basmati rice / …. (sorry, I forget another one) for dinner in 19 June (Arabian cuisine theme). The last agenda, but not the least, we prayed Isha and Taraweeh in congregation.


Shelly and Sabi were about to break fasting @ Masjid Agung Al-Azhar.


3) 13 June2016. My friends in the office (Suci, Shelly), and I had iftar @ Eat n Eat – Kota Kasablanka. After office hours, the three of us headed to Kokas. Il y a des embouteillages partout heftz. When finally we reached teh place, we prayed Asr first, then we strolled around and did window-shopping after that. For break fasting, I had my all time favorite mi kepiting kalimantan (crab noodles) and es duren (iced durian desserts) nyaaaaam! Next, we prayed Maghrib, and went home 🙂


4) 14 June 2016. Today, we had iftar “feast” @ Double Tree by Hilton Hotel – Cikini, organized by my office where they hosted orphan children from 2 orphanages in Jakarta. Before Maghrib time, we listened to Ustadz Wijayanto’s sharing and advices. Then, we had dates (kurma), fries (gorengan), compote (kolak), es buah, and beverages for break fasting. OMG all dishes are utterly delicious, especially es buah nyaaaaaa~ After Maghrib prayer, we had dinner in hotel restaurant. There are a huge variety of dishes, it was all super duper delicious. I tasted black pepper crab, dimsum, sushi, fresh oyster, pizza, pasta, fondue, and ice cream. I’m feeling full, satisfied, and happy, gaperlu sahur lagi deh kayanya besok pagi wkwkwkwk.

img-20160614-wa0013 img-20160614-wa0014

Mba Hana, Sabi | Mba Venny, Sabi, Shelly, Suci, Mba Hana @ Double Tree by Hilton Hotel – Cikini


we had dinner in hotel restaurant (Rifki, Adhi, Winda, Mei, Sabi, Mba Hana, Shelly, Suci, Dhuhri)


5) 20 June 2016. It’s time to had iftar with my besties at the office. We picked Pancious – Grand Indonesia. When we reached GI after office hours, we prayed Asr first, then we strolled around and headed to Pancious immediately afterwards. I had savoury waffle (sausage-salami) and thai tea at the time. We were delightfully full after that, Alhamdulillah. Next, we prayed Maghrib, and walked around the mall again 🙂


Mba Hana, Eta, Ndai, Sabi @ Pancious – Grand Indonesia


6) 21 June 2016. I had iftar with my college-big-sis, Sateeee! ❤ We chose to go to Auntie Anne’s – Grand Indonesia (again –> I went to GI two days in a row hehe). Oh my goodness, their cream cheese pretzel stix are so damn delicious! Plus, my lemonade tasted obviously fresh. Me loved them!


7) 25 June 2016. After payday, my mother and I went to Plaza Senayan and Senayan City, we looked for clothes for Eid al-Fitr celebration. We finished our ladies’ time by having iftar together at Bakerzin – Plaza Senayan. I had salmon pizza and iced chocolate for my dinner :9


8) 27 June 2016. We had iftar @ RM Sederhana – Jalan Sabang. It’s on Adhi-Rifki-Winda, because they would terminate their internship program imminently. There, I had cow brain curry (gulai otak), crackling crunchy beef  lungs (paru), fried stewed chicken (ayam pop), and avocado juice. I love nasi padang so much!!!!!! Just like Kvitland’s “Nasi Padang” lyrics : I like it like a bee likes honey, I like it like everyone likes money, I like it like the kids like their bunny, I like it if is rainy or sunny. At the end of the occasion, we reciprocated by giving them a surprise cake 😀


back : Ezzat, Hansen, Danto, Rifki, Leo, Olif, Jumman | front : Tsara, Bela, Sabi, Mba Wina, Sasti, Rifki, Winda, Adhi, Mba Maya, Mba Indah, Mba Sasti


Rifki, Winda, Sabi, Adhi. Currently, Rifki and Winda work at Pertamina Upstream Data Center (PUDC), Pasar Minggu; while Adhi pursue a master’s degree in TU Delft, Holland.


9) 28 June 2016. It was a small reunion between Rea (Babang), Krisna (Napnap), and I. We called ourself ‘Geng TGX Ceria’ 😀  It’s rare to have the whole team in one place. I think we did it for the last time in May 2014…… After that, it was only Babang and I had dinner together after office hours in Jakarta, while Napnap worked in the middle of nowhere hehe; or it was only Napnap and I watched movie together a couple of times, while Babang earned her master’s degree in the University of Nottingham, UK.

Fortunately, the three of us were in TGX (Tangerang) at the time, hence we could have iftar together in Sushi Tei – Lippo Karawaci. Nowadays, only Babang and I stay in Indonesia, whilst Napnap continue his studies in University of Auckland, NZ.


Sabi, Babang, Napnap @ Sushi Tei – Lippo Karawaci


Because Napnap was still hungry, we headed to seafood kaki lama afterwards 😀



Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin semuanya…………..


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