Food Tour / Wisata Kuliner : Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG)


29 May 2016. Before I begin the story of my-second-food-tour-experience with Shelly (a friend of mine in the office), I want to tell you about our prior activity in the morning…………

In order to celebrate National Yogurt Day, Heavenly Blush provided us a zumba class in the lobby of fX Sudirman. I met Shelly around 7 am, then we visited the registration desk to re-register. The person at the desk gave us the inflatable supporter stick, tees and 3 variants for delicious Heavenly Blush yogurt (strawberry, peach, and blackcurrant) sluuurp~ This 1-hour-class were taught by 3 zumba instructors from Celebrity Fitness. I thought such class is more exhausting than our zumba class in the office. Since the event was free, therefore there are a large number of participants on that day. But, it was really fun ❤

1 2

celebrate National Yogurt Day by Heavenly Blush on fX Sudirman

We returned home around 9.30. When I got my bedroom, I took a shower immediately, then slept. It’s almost azan zuhur, I woke up and dressed. After solat zuhur, I left my room to Gambir to meet Shelly, because we wanted to do MKG Food Tour yeaaay! Alhamdulillah, il n’y a pas d’embouteillage ce jour là……

Sunny Side Up (Gading Walk – Ground Floor)

When we reached MKG, we headed to Sunny Side Up for lunch immediately, because we were soooo starving. It has adorable interior design

3 20160529_141614

adorable interior design :3

4 5

while we’re waiting for the dishes to come

6 7

our lunch : creamy salmon (Shelly’s) and rendang omurice (mine). Both tasted good ❤

Cotton Drops (Gading Walk – Ground Floor)

Next, we moved to Cotton Drops, that really up the food-photo game on Instagram. Unfortunately, it has cramped outdoor-area, only 4 tables are provided. Soooo, can you imagine what happened to us when we came there on that rainy days? Moreover, I was really pissed off by the waiters. The tables and the chairs got wet by the rain drops at the time, buuuut none of the waiters did us a favor to wipe them heeeftz! As far as I could see, only 2 waiters got busy, while the rest were just have “a good chit chat” perhaps. Whatta poor service!!!!! But, I had to admit that my banana milk + cotton candy and Shelly’s strawberry milk + cotton candy tasted nice. I felt quite relieved after that.


my banana milk with cotton candy on top (around 3 seconds after I took this photo, the cotton candy got ruined by some pretty strong wind)

Alhamdulillah, we were delightfully full at the time, so that we strolled in the mall afterwards 🙂

Paletas Wey (2nd floor of Mall Kelapa Gading 3)

We were walking around when Shelly suddenly found the stand of Paletas Wey (in front of ‘House of Trap’, near to Kidz Station). She bought watermelon (on the top) and lemon (on the bottom) ice pop. It’s utterly delicious and fresh :9

9 10

Shelly’s watemelon and lemon ice pop. Sluuuuurp! ❤

Super Slice (Farmers Market, Mall Kelapa Gading)

Finally my craving for ice cream rolls had been satisfied, Alhamdulillah 😀 the stall is situated on the front right corner of a bunch of food stalls in front of Farmers Market. I picked the chocomaltine (chocolate and ovomaltine) ice cream, and it tasted good.

11 12

13 14

how to make the chocomaltine ice cream rolls :3


voila! bon appétit!

There’s still lots of appetizing food in MKG which lured me to taste them. In addition to that, the shops around the mall also offer us different type of appetizing food. I’ll definitely come back soon 😀



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