Kuala Lumpur : Back to Jakarta by KLM


8 May 2016. Today is our last day in KL. I woke up around 6 to solat subuh (please refer to this web for detail prayer times in KL). I got so exhausted at the time, and felt like to move any part of my body was an intense struggle 😦 Therefore, I slept again right after solat.

Then, Mba Hana and I woke up at 9, we took a shower, dressed, and headed to hotel restaurant for breakfast……………………. We returned to our room afterwards, so did Dea and Rani. Only Eta and Ndai were still able to stroll around at the time. They visited Berjaya Times Square after they had breakfast.

In the room, Mba Hana and I packed our belongings, took some photos in the room, laid on the bed (again), and finally we headed to hotel lobby for check-out at around 12.

IMG_8221  IMG_8228

view in front of our (Mba Hana’s and my) bed | view on the left side of our bed (@ Maison Boutique Hotel)

IMG_8226 IMG_8249

princess wall art

IMG_8250 IMG_8245 IMG_8255

mushroom forest (1) | the hot air balloons | mushroom forest (2) @ Maison Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur

After we checked out and got our deposit back at reception desk, we left the hotel and moved toward KL Sentral by GrabCar. We reached the station around 20 minutes later, and we headed directly to  the counter of Airport Coach @ KL Sentral basement. Coincidentally, there was a bus in imminent departure Alhamdulillah, so that we could get on the bus right after we paid RM10/person for the ticket.

1 hour later, we reached KLIA. After took some photos, we went in different directions, since Dea, Ndai, Rani, and Eta returned home with Malaysia Airlines, whereas Mba Hana and I used KLM. Moreover, we board KLM airplane in a separate building from Main Terminal Building. They called it : Satellite Building. We had to ride skytrain to reach such building.


@ Main Terminal Building, KLIA (Mba Hana, Rani, Dea, Eta, Ndai, Sabi)


KLIA skytrain (Main Terminal Building Satellite Building)

In Satellite Building, Mba Hana and I stopped by VS store, dasar yaaaa cewe ada aja yang dibeli padahal udah mau pulang haha *padahal di Jakarta juga ada VS kaaan*. After that, we headed to waiting room.


l’avion bleu

The type of aircraft being used on our flight is Boeing 777, a long-range wide-body airplane yippieeee, it’s been a long time since…….. I was beyond happy! Our meals on board was TASTY-WARM-veggie-pastels my-CGK-KUL-flight cannot serve their passengers in the same way pfffft!

In addition to that, in-flight entertainment worked well, I watched Kung Fu Panda 3 during the flight. As a result, I could finish my movie. Also, I purchased promo fares Alhamdulillah. I love KLM so much!~


on board (Mba Hana senyum nya bahagia banget duduk sebelahan sama kokoh ganteng wkwk)

We reached CGK safe and sound around maghrib time. When the immigration-and-baggage-carousel-things (yhaaa tau sendiri kan kalo di CGK nungguin bagasi lamanya kaya apa wkwk, yhaaa namanya juga di CGK) had finished, I headed home with my dad.

See you in the next vacation, gengs! 🙂


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