Kuala Lumpur : Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village, Genting Highlands, Central Market, Sangkaya coconut ice cream, Pavilion


7 May 2016. Mba Hana and I woke up late, we were supposed to come to hotel restaurant at 7 am, buuut we just woke up at 7 hehe (and it’s because we were woken up by Ndai) *as a consequence of we slept again after solat subuh*. Hurry when we were taking a shower, hurry when we were dressing, and eventually we met the others at hotel restaurant, fyuuuh~ Despite the fact we came late, I could still have plenty of food for my breakfast (big breakfast, a few slices of greasy toast, dessert, etc.), luckily our GrabCar arrived a bit late that morning, Alhamdulillah 😀


my big breakfast @ Maison Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Colmar Tropicale in Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi would be our first destination. Frankly speaking, prior to the trip, I have never heard about Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia. Hence, when Ndai suggested that we should visit it, and I googled about it afterwards, I felt really excited about the idea. It is situated in Bentong District in Pahang, after Genting Highlands (approximately 50 km away from KL), thus it took us around an hour to rode from KL.

Colmar Tropicale is a 4 star French-themed resort, it was officially opened in 2000. This resort is also opened to visitors who are not lodging, but they have to pay entrance fee RM13 / person (includes entry to Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village, and Botanical Garden) at the front gate.


the ticket

IMG_7900 IMG_7903

the French-themed resort | in front of the resort, you will find a beautiful fountain and such building which resembles a castle

Colmar Tropicale itself resembles the buildings in Colmar, a town in the Alsace region of northeastern France, near the border with Germany. The old town of Colmar has cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered medieval and early Renaissance buildings. Although its location on the hills, Colmar Tropicale can be utterly hot during the day.

IMG_7906 IMG_7909

a pond with black and white swans, around the entrance area | the clock tower as the entrance of Colmar Tropicale

IMG-20160509-WA0084 IMG-20160509-WA0080

we are in front of the bridge | then we moved forward and here we are in front of the clock tower

IMG_7913 IMG_7910 IMG_7926

the bridge in front of the clock tower | inside the clock tower | the buildings behind the clock tower


pedestrian street lined with medieval buildings

IMG-20160509-WA0115 IMG-20160509-WA0125

with multi-colored buildings (restaurants, gift shops, and hotel rooms) which lined up on our left-and-right-sides


colorful pinwheel + bubbles = ❀

At the end of the cobblestone streets, you can find a tower (the building with green roof in the picture above) where you are be able to enjoy 360° view. To reach the top of the tower, you could either climb the stairs or utilize the elevator.


view from the top of the tower

After that, we headed to Japanese Village. Free tourist shuttle bus service, which connect Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village, are provided to enable visitors to get around. We sat at the bus-stop (close to the fountain in front of the resort) waiting for a bus to take us, you can find the estimated time of arrival and departure there. Buuut, our bus departed earlier than their normal departure time, Alhamdulillah we don’t have to wait too long~


bus schedule

Japanese Village is a highland garden surrounded by a tropical rainforest, which was designed by renowned Japanese architect (Kaio Ariizumi) and was built by a team of skilled craftsmen from Japan. This tranquil garden offers some great experiences, for instance: authentic Japanese tea ceremony (RM28/person, 4 sessions daily, you can see the detail of the schedule in the picture below), spa, kimono rental for a picture (RM20/person), etc.


Japanese tea ceremony schedule at the bus-stop

IMG_8168 IMG_8169

Japanese Village (1)


Japanese Village (2)


Japanese Village (3)

IMG-20160509-WA0038 IMG-20160509-WA0032

surrounded by tall trees in the tropical rainforests | in front of the Japanese house


one of the Japanese house @ Japanese Village

Then, we headed to Genting Highlands by GrabCar. It took an hour to get there from Japanese Village. When we arrived at Lower Genting Skyway Station, we went directly to the ticket counter, and pay RM13/person for the return ticket. And eventually, here we are…………….. rode the cable car 😀

IMG_8181 IMG_8182

about to leave the lower station


Genting Skyway ❀


inside the gondola

IMG_8194 IMG_8212

cable cars | Genting Highlands

IMG_8203 IMG_8210

cable cars | about to arrive at Genting Highlands Station

A gondola can carry 8 passengers. The 3.5 km journey up the mountain peak took approximately 15 minutes. Frankly speaking, we planned a trip to Genting Highlands just because we wanted to have amazing cable car experiences haha. Buuut, it’s already mid-afternoon when we arrived at Genting, and we haven’t had lunch yet, hence we had lunch at Marrybrown *apapun makanannya, as long as gaada di Indonesia* 😀


my kind of lunch :9

We were delightfully full afterwards, Alhamdulillah. Next, we returned to Lower Genting Skyway Station, and took taxi from the station to Central Market, KL. It was heavy rain outside, our taxi driver drove carefully (baca: sangat lambat sekali).

It’s still heavy rain outside when we reached Central Market. Fortunately, most of gift shops are situated inside the building, therefore heavy rain didn’t bother our activity that evening yiiihaaaa~ After fulfilled all the wishlist, the six of us moved to our next destination (Pavilion, Bukit Bintang) by GrabCar. While waiting for the GrabCar, I ordered Sangkaya coconut ice cream, it tasted utterly delicious, me love it!!! ❀


my 4 scoops of coconut ice cream on a fresh coconut husk, topped with toasted coconut flakes and chocolate sauce :9

Eventually, our GrabCar was coming, and we headed to Pavilion. In Pavilion, I stopped by at Etude (karena harga Etude di KL murah bangeeeeet dibanding harga Etude di Jakarta), Starbucks (to buy KL tumbler), and Giordano (to buy I


the Crystal Fountain, in front of Pavilion, Bukit Bintang

Sekian cerita jalan-jalan di hari ketiga kami di KL



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