Kartini Day 2016


Friday, 22 April 2016. Well, before I start telling my superb experience to spend the Kartini Day, I’m about to tell you another story. But, I won’t share details about it *kesel ga? bikin penasaran doang yaa haha*

Where do I have to start? Hmmm yesterday (21 April), I found myself very happy, enormously happy *gausah tanya kenapa hihi*. If you know the thing, you would probably think: it’s just a thing! But, for me, obviously it’s a big thing ❤ *bingung kan pasti*

Then, on 22 April morning, when we celebrated the Kartini Day, I was still happy 😀 I was happy because of the Kartini Run and aerobics competition (a part of 2016 Kartini Day celebration) and of course, I was happy because such memorable occasion yesterday afternoon *lebe banget haha*

Buuuut, after office hours, I got unexpected bad news. I mean, it’s a bad news for me…. As a matter of fact, such news surely had been known by them (pelaku kegiatan tersebut maksudnya) for long enough. Still, I did not know about the news at all, (luckily or unluckily?) someone just told me about it on 22 April, after office hours. Aaaaaannnd, for now on, maybe everything is already too late………………………. Hmmm, no!! It’s never too late, but (almost) everything will be different by tomorrow 😦

Ah, it’s so sad 😦 *speechless* Well, be patient Shab! And always believe that something wonderful from Allah swt. is always about to happen, bismillah.

You are not allowed to stay sad for a long period of time *nanti jadi panjangan curcolnya, dibanding cerita Kartini Day nya*, hence I will start telling my nice experience to spend the Kartini Day. Yiihaaaa~

In my office, there is annual celebration of Kartini Day. Last year, I participated in Kartini Run 2015. This year, I also participated in Kartini Run 2016. In addition to that, I joined aerobics competition afterwards.


my running race numbers


finally, we finished 5-laps-run (around 3.5 km) @ Pertamina Head Office, Gambir

Not longer after that, we got involved in aerobics competition, and I got my new numbers. Actually, we were supposed to wear traditional dresses (kebaya, etc.) to participate in aerobics competition. It’s adorable! Buuut, it’s impossible for me and some of my friends, who already taken part in Kartini Run.


after excercise, we took some photos with Pak Dwi Soetjipto 😀

B612_20160422_080514 B612_20160422_080711

Winda, Sabi, Mba Nay. Winda and Mba Nay wore traditional dresses in aerobics competition. | Mba Hana, Mba Indah, Winda, Sabi, Mba Nay

Next, we (Mba Hana, Mba Indah, Winda, Sabi, Mba Nay) had breakfast together, along with other participants in aerobics competition. We were ravenous after our workout session haha. They served dimsum, lasagna, toast, zuppa soup, etc. I had dimsum and lasagna, what a hearty post-workout feast <3.

While the others (other friends of mine) already back to their own room, because they did not want to regret their times-to-burn-500-calories-but-only-five-minutes-to-get-them-back. No!! Just kidding 😀 The truth is, their bosses are not as generous as ours wkwkwkwk.

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.”  ― Mary Wollstonecraft


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