Kuala Lumpur : KLIA, KL Sentral, Maison Boutique Hotel, Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Jalan Alor


5 May 2016. It’s gonna be a long weekend yeaaay! Some of my friends in the office (Mba Hana, Dea, Ndai, Eta, Rani) and I went to KL. We stayed for 4 days (3 nights).

I left home to SHIA with my dad at 6 am. Apparently, there’s a bit of a traffic jam to the airport, though it’s still early in the morning heftz. Consequently, I got to the SHIA at around 7. I am the last person to arrive obviously 😀 When I arrived, Mba Hana, Dea, and Rani already had finished their breakfast @ HokBen, meanwhile I already had my breakfast at home. The four of us would be fly to KL with Malaysia Airlines, whereas Eta and Ndai flew with AirAsia from Bandung.


we had froyo as a dessert, after breakfast (Sabi, Mba Hana, Rani, Dea)


let’s go!


Rani and Sabi were on board

What should I do to pass the time on this 2-hours-flight? Watch movie! I picked Brooklyn, an almost-2-hours-film, which has the shortest duration among other available movies. As a result, I didn’t get to finish my movie 😦 I feel a bit disappointed with Malaysia Airlines, because all passengers on the flight can access in-flight entertainment 30 minutes after took-off pffftt! Yekan gimana mau selesai nontonnya haha.

Moreover, their meals on board (tuna / chicken sandwich, I chose the tuna one) was tasteless in my opinion….. Well hey, we talk about an Asian airline, not European. Asian cuisine are renown for their spicy taste 😀 But, it’s just my luck, I purchased promo fares Alhamdulillah, jadi ga rugi-rugi banget yaaaaaaah. To sum up, Garuda Indonesia is much more better than Malaysia Airlines yeay!

20160505_133244 20160505_133659

Finally, we arrived @ KLIA! (Mba Hana, Sabi, Rani, Dea) | Sabi and Dea were @ immigration counter

When the immigration-and-baggage-carousel-things had finished (Alhamdulillah yaa gapake lama banget kaya di SHIA hihi), we headed to the counter of Airport Coach, a RM10-bus which will bring us to KL Sentral (city center). They said that Airport Coach bus have wifi on-board, but the truth was their wifi can work properly just a while. After a few minutes, wifi connection service was shut down :p


my Airport Coach ticket

An hour later, we reached the counter of Airport Coach @ KL Sentral (NU Sentral) basement. Then, we went to ground floor, and headed to the counter of Maxis Hotlink, because we wanted to purchase Malaysian sim-card (RM10) and 7-days-internet-service (RM10).


Maxis Hotlink (no nya ga diblur, karena sim card nya aja udah gatau ada dimana sekarang hehe)

We can use WhatsApp currently, yeay Alhamdulillah! Thus, we can contact Eta and Ndai, and met them 🙂 After that, we had lunch @ KL Sentral. I prefered Subway for my lunch, while the rest had lunch @ mcD hehe. Di Jakarta banyak yaaaa padahal 😀


Subway ❤

We were delightfully full afterwards, Alhamdulillah. Next, we headed to our hotel (Maison Boutique Hotel) by train. We disembarked @ Hang Tuah Station (the nearest station to our hotel), then we walked around 15 minutes to the hotel, a bit distant hehe. In addition to that, we still had our luggage in our hand 😀 let’s burn calories and lose weight faster babyyyyyy~

When we got to the hotel, we checked-in at reception desk and they gave us the super fresh welcome drink sluuurp! We booked 3 superior rooms on December 2015. Unfortunately, all of the superrior rooms were full when we arrived at the hotel. Buuuuut, they gave us free upgrade as a consequence, yeaaay Alhamdulillah! We just had to put RM200 for deposit at reception desk (they returned it when we checked-out). All of our rooms are situated on the 4th floor, and these are our rooms……………………….. Totally cute! ❤

IMG_7528 IMG_7527 IMG_7535

This was my room. My roommate was Mba Hana. Our room has 2 stories, and this is our 1st floor: main bathroom and living room. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

IMG_7537 IMG_7539

This is our 2nd floor : bedroom, tv, and toilet.

IMG_7531 IMG_7532

our main bathroom

IMG_7542 IMG_7550 IMG_7551

Eta’s and Ndai’s 1st floor @ Maison Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur

IMG_7547 IMG_7549

Eta’s and Ndai’s 2nd floor

IMG_7552  IMG_7559

Dea’s and Rani’s 1st floor @ Maison Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur

IMG_7556  IMG_7558

Dea’s and Rani’s 2nd floor


we’re on Gotham City :3

Had finished solat, taking a rest for a while, etc., we were off to Suria KLCC by GrabCar, because it was heavy rain outside……… And traffic jam is everywhere, very similar to Jakarta hehe. When we reached Suria KLCC, we went directly to Nando’s for dinner 😀


my lovely peri-peri roast chicken ❤

IMG-20160507-WA0021 IMG-20160507-WA0022 IMG-20160507-WA0023 IMG-20160507-WA0030

@ Nando’s

We were full afterwards, Alhamdulillah. Next, we headed to i-Setan Supermarket to buy chocolate obviously! Then, we stroll around Suria KLCC, because it still raining outside 😦 But after all this time, it seems that the rain is not going to stop in a while, therefore we compelled to take photos with Petronas Twin Towers in the background during the rain.


@ Petronas Twin Towers

IMG_7602 IMG_7633

If you want the towers looked even more beautiful, you can go across the road, it will make you easier to capture until the top of the towers 🙂

Next, we headed to our last destination for today : Jalan Alor, by GrabCar (again). But, we still felt full after dinner, hence we didn’t buy anything there. Oyaaa, I bought this appétissant coconut ice cream :9 (by the way, this is not that famous Sangkaya) my coconut ice cream tasted so so……

IMG_7639 IMG_7641

Jalan Alor | coconut ice cream

It’s already after midnight, we headed back to the hotel by GrabCar. After I reached my room, I took a bath, solat, etc. And finally, I went to bed at 3 am -_- *zombie mode on*

Sekian cerita jalan-jalan hari pertama di KL.



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