Bandung : Roti Gempol, Malah Dicubo, Three Bears Cafe, the Kartipah Hotel


2 April 2016. I left my room to the travel pool at 6:30 am, it took me about 30 minutes by Uber, because I would be off to Bandung at 7:30 yeaaay~ It’s been almost 1.5 years since my last visit 😦

I reached Bandung at 10:30, il y a des embouteillages partout heftz. Then, I left the travel pool to the place where I would spend the night (The Kartipah Hotel @ Dago) by Uber. As I didn’t want to bring my luggage while I strolled around Bandung, therefore I put it in hotel reception desk. In addition to that, I cannot check-in to my room because it was 11 in the morning, whereas check-in time is 2 pm.

Hmmm did I tell you the reason of my current visit? It is because I would attend my high school friend’s wedding, who also lived in the same boarding house with me, on our college time in Bandung. Her name is Faradiani, I called her: Cece. Also, I loved to have such short term vacation in Bandung hehe. Cece would have her wedding @ The Kartipah Hotel, so that I would spend the night there, biar ga repot 😉

My first destination was Roti Gempol (behind Midori Japanese Restaurant). Believe it or not, this is my very first visit there haha *kemana aja Sab selama 4 tahun kemarin kuliah di Bandung*. I ordered roti bakar gandum komplit (toasted wheat bread, with cheese, omelette, and smoked beef filling yuuummm!) and addictea (thai tea flavored). I met my friends (who kuliah di fakultas yang sama tapi beda jurusan) there, they are Isnan, Pece, and Ade.


toasted wheat bread (with cheese, omelette, and smoked beef filling) and addictea (thai tea flavored) :9

My second destination was Amanda Brownies @ Dago. I bought several boxes of steamed brownies there. Next, I returned to the hotel for check-in. Buuuut, I arrived at the hotel at 1:30 pm (30 minutes before check-in time) huhu. Thankfully, mas resepsionis was utterly kind, he allowed me to check-in when I got there, Alhamdulillah~


the corridor towards my room

20160402_134141 20160402_134209

20160402_134242 20160402_135014 20160403_072043

my room ❤

After finished take some photos, pray, etc, I got ready for the next destination woohooo~ I would meet Fika (she used to work at Pertamina UTC, just like I do currently. But, Fika’s already resigned, and now she takes master program @ ITB) , and our destination was RM Malah Dicubo @ Stasiun Bandung. I really really miss this place sooooo much 😦 I miss their cabe ijo, dendeng, ikan bilih, etc, my favorite dishes when I was younger haha. I could go there 3-4 times a week, meanwhile it’s location is pretty far from my boarding house @ Dago Asri…………….


dendeng ijo (dendeng nya saya nambah, padahal nasinya cuma 1, emang gabisa cuma makan 1x kalo kesini…..)

After that, we headed to Three Beras Cafe @ Paskal Hyper Square. This cafe is a new cafe in Bandung, I mean ehmm jaman saya masih jadi mahasiswa belum ada hehe. It has simple yet lovely interior, me like it! We just ordered dessert there, because we were already full, but we wanted to have a cozy place for chit chat ❤


my rose lychee pannacotta (yumm!) & english breakfast tea @ Three Bears Cafe

20160402_161900 20160402_162134

mignon :3


Sabi et Fika

I returned to the hotel afterwards, I prayed, took a bath, prepared all the things for attending Cece’s wedding tomorrow, watched tv, had a nice chit-chat with Naes (my roommate for this trip). Naes was one of my ex-roommate (when we were in 3rd grade) in my boarding school life. Then, we went to bed at around 11 pm………..

3 April 2016. We woke up at around 5 am to pray subuh, then we slept again shortly after that 😀 Eventually, we got up at 8 (I love weekend so much). We took a bath, had breakfast, got dressed, applied make up, and finally we were ready kyaaa~ Before we headed to the venue of wedding reception, which is located just 1 minutes walking from our room, we checked-out at reception desk first.


my breakfast


I had breakfast in a semi-outdoor hall, which is situated adjacent to the fish pond and the joglo ❤


my make-up and my dress hehe


@ photo booth: Sabi, Naes, Andaru (the occupants of room 103, H Building, Insan Cendekia Serpong in 2008-2009 🙂 Recently, Naes work in Bank Mandiri, while Andaru just arrived in Indonesia a couple of months after finishing her master program @ Southampton, UK.



Naes, Cita, Messya, Sabi, Oli, Yara, Andaru, Bibil, Riken, Ira, Fikung, Nuri, Akhdan, Danny @ Cece’s wedding reception

The reception was ended at 2 pm. I headed to travel pool not longer after that, because I would be off to Jakarta at 3:30 (it is weekend and I’m in Bandung, hence there is heavy traffic jam everywhere hehe).

À bientôt, Bandung…..


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