Ratu Busana – Pasar Sunan Giri (part 2)


Continuing story of Pasar Sunan Giri part 1…..

For the wedding of Yolan and Uda Usmar, the bridesmaids were going to wear red colored top (I don’t know the name of such kind of fabric, bahannya agak mengkilap) dan bawahan songket. Both of them arrived safe and sound in early September. Whereas, the wedding would be held in the middle of October 2015. Thus, I hastily put them in ‘Ratu Busana‘ shortly after that.

I wanted to transform them into a long sleeve peplum top (tanpa furing) with the ribbon waistband and a half-finished skirt, I mean bawahannya nanti still looks like a saroong, but I don’t have to struggle to put it on me without any assitance from my mom yeaay~ They costed me IDR 370K. Just like my previous experience, after the tailor finished doing body measurements of me, I paid DP of 50% to confirm my order, and ‘Ratu Busana’ promised me that they would finish it in the next 2 weeks.

2 weeks later….. I visited ‘Ratu Busana’ again. On that day, my songket has already been done. Despite the fact that it’s a bit different to what I told to the tailor 2 weeks ago. Nevertheless, I did not complain about it, because the result is pretty good! (untung nya yaa saya orangnya tidak ribet dan tidak banyak mau haha). So, I can directly take it home, Alhamdulillah~

Buuut, it is so obvious that there will always be a problem in your life. Well, my current problem is the red colored fabric was separated from the songket naaaah. Consequently, I had to wait mba di ‘Ratu Busana’ looked for the fabric for a very long time………………….

Then, after all this time *lebe*, the fabric was found, buuuut bentuknya masih sama seperti ketika saya serahkan 2 minggu yang lalu. Hmmm, *inhale exhale* I mean they haven’t transform it into a peplum top syalalala~ *speechless*. *take a deep breath* I don’t feel dizzy because of it though. Thankfully, I am not a procrastinator, Alhamdulillah 😀 I’m just…….. very surprised by the fact hehe. Well hey, don’t complain about your problems, there is still much to be thankful for. Thank God for problems you don’t have 🙂

As a result, mba di ‘Ratu Busana’ turned really really helpful afterwards muahaha. She phoned me everyday, told me about the progress of my peplum top. Alhamdulillah di saat lagi jomblo, ada yang nelfonin tiap hari gini *loh*.

3 days later……. On Tuesday afternoon, my peplum top has already finished kyaaaa~ See? So many good things are coming down, just dont stop walking, because someday, everything will make perfect sense. Also, don’t forget to be grateful. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.


Voila! What do you think?

I would probably say that I am very very happy with the result. In my opinion, it is nice, and my friends think so. If you wonder about whether saya kapok atau tidak menjahit di sana lagi? Clearly, the answer is no! It may seem that I suggest you: kalau kalian mau menjahitkan kain yang kalian punya di Ratu Busana-Sunan Giri datanglah dari jauh-jauh hari, don’t be a procrastinator! 😉



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