A Glimpse of Zumba

Zumba is an aerobic-dance mix, which was founded by Beto Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer. Fyi, zumba is a trademark. The choreography includes hip-hop, salsa, merengue, etc.

What Goes Down in My Zumba Class

I join zumba class after office hours, in my office (Zumba Hulu – Pertamina Pusat). This one-hour-class is held every Tuesday and Thursday, along with an instructor. It’s a bit hard for me to do some zumba choreography, particularly that booty shake heftz! As a result, you will get sweaty excessively after the class. One word about my zumba class: it’s addictive!

my zumba class on Tuesday, with Mba Helen as the instructor (backsound: Jumping by Armando & Heidy)

And these are my zumba mates:

1457618322242 1457618595565

27 October 2015 | 22 October 2015

1457618744722 1457618823511

5 November 2015 | 10 November 2015


26 November 2015

IMG-20151215-WA0003 IMG-20160301-WA0007

16 December 2015 | 1 March 2016


3 March 2016

Have you tried on Zumba? 😉


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