PERTH: Corica Pastries, return to Jakarta by Garuda


8 August 2015. My brother and I will get back to Indonesia tomorrow, hence we plan to buy our mom’s order today. It was corica apple strudels. Yuumm! Why we do not purchase them by tomorrow, before we head to the airport??? Because they closed on Sunday. And since they will also close on Saturday at 12:30 pm, thus we left home at 9 o’clock in the morning.

We walked from Mount Pleasant to Bull Creek Station. Then, we took the train (Mandurah Line) to Esplanade Station. Next, we caught the Blue CAT from Esplanade Bus Stop, and disembarked at a stop on Aberdeen Street. Corica Pastries is situated not far from such bus-stop. But unfortunately, it was a rainy day in Perth City 😦


Corica Pastries @ Aberdeen Street, Perth City


très appétissant

We bought 3 boxes of delicious apple strudels there, and got the Blue CAT not longer afterwards to Perth Station. Buuut, before we took the train from the station, we obviously had a Subway first (our last Subway in 2015, bye Subway~ see you soon!) and bought some postcards in souvenir shop.

Our schedule for today is barbecue time at home, yeaaay! Shortly after we got home, we started grilling those tempting raw fresh marbled meat steak :9

C360_2015-08-08-13-53-41-403 C360_2015-08-08-14-14-45-576

raw T-bone steak | juicy grilled meats


‘chef’ Adrian in da house y’all

medium rare T-bone steak + grilled potatoes and vegetables + creamy mushroom sauce = utterly delicious, bon appétit!

9 August 2015. We went back to Indonesia by Garuda Indonesia. We departed from PER on 5:40 pm (GMT+8) and arrived at CGK on 9:25 pm (GMT+7). Well, hello again Jekardah! 🙂



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