Ratu Busana – Pasar Sunan Giri (part 1)


In 2015, 2 of my college best friends were getting married. They are Yolan and Lia. I was chosen as one of their bridesmaids, along with Seba and Chita. Hopefully, the three of us will soon be getting married as Yolan and Lia did, aamiin.

Lia’s wedding held on November 2015, while Yolan’s took place on October 2015. However, brokat and furing from Lia came first (in early August). Definitely, I won’t discuss about the fabric thingy in further details, because I am not an expert in this field. Nah kan gimana mau nikah?? It would be much better, if we have profound discussion about rocks *the real geologist is here* *pencitraan* 😉

Jadi ngelantur kemana-kemana gini ngomongnya. Bon, I’ll get straight to the point, this is the beautiful package from Lia, yang dikirim jauh-jauh dari Jogjakarta.


couldn’t be sweeter than this :3

I spent hours a day Googling, I looked for some ideas for what to do with these kinds of fabrics……. Then, I decided to turn them into a maxi dress. I thought that light pink gown will make you feel like a princess. Finallyyy got to realize my childhood dream of being a princess (just as every little girl’s dream) kyaaa~ thank you Lia ❤


I imagine myself in such dress. Source: http://koleksidress.com/10-contoh-model-brokat-dress-kombinasi-satin-yang-memikat/

To have my dream dress come true, I need to buy another type of fabric to be utilized as the flared skirt, which will be attached to the bodice of the dress. I tried to ask many people the same question, and finally I got the answer: I have to buy satin for my desired skirt. As a result, I went to Toko Fancy in Pasar Mayestik with a friend of mine (Eta). It is a highly recommended place if you are looking for good and affordable fabrics. I thought it was serendipity that I came in super-sale time, and I bought 3 meters of pastel pink satin in Toko Fancy (IDR 35K / meter) Alhamdulillah~

Next, I looked for a good kebaya makers around Kuningan-Gambir, and people suggested me to go to Pasar Sunan Giri, a place where I can make a great kebaya and it won’t cost much.

The calendar may say it was the middle of August 2015, I headed to Pasar Sunan Giri with Eta (thank you so much Taaaa!). We visited a bunch of stores there, in order to compare prices from all of them. Eventually, I picked ‘Ratu Busana‘, because they offered me the lowest price untuk model dress yang saya inginkan. Moreover, I respected ‘Ratu Busana’ because they gave some advices to me, but still fit in with my desire. Ada toko lain yang bilang “jangan dibikin dress, soalnya bla bla bla~” lah yang mau pakai bajunya kan saya, kenapa jadi dia yang ngatur? Bhaaay~

The dress costed me IDR 350K. Since I thought I am slim enough, thus I did not put corset in it, saya hanya ingin menggunakan baju manset biasa nantinya. So that, I don’t have to worry to not capable of eating much on Lia’s wedding day *loh* 😀 Then, saya juga tidak memodifikasi brokatnya (digunting-gunting pola bunga-bunga brokat nya kemudian dijahit membentuk pola tertentu pada kain tule / tile kosong). Are you confused? So am I~

After the tailor finished doing body measurements of me, I paid DP of 50% to confirm my order. ‘Ratu Busana’ promised me that they would finish it in the next 2 weeks.

2 weeks later….. I visited ‘Ratu Busana’ again, unfortunately I had to face the truth that my dress had not finished yet. It was already looked like an amazing princess dress, buuut without buttons and the lowest part of the dress had not been sewn. Hmmm aku sih oke~ secaraaa Lia’s wedding will be held in the next 3 months hihi, I still have a lot of time yippieee! Buuut, I was completely confused at the moment, because it’s a  totally different  from what I want, I mean ini modelnya tidak sama dengan yang saya gambarkan ke penjahitnya 2 weeks ago~~ However, I did not complain at all, because I really love my dress!!!

2016-02-14 19.25.30

@ fitting room – Ratu Busana. This is my lovely gown for Lia’s wedding, without the ribbon waistband. What do you think? ❤

Mba di ‘Ratu Busana’, who helped me at my dress fitting, told me that I can take my dress home by tomorrow. Buuut, it would be tiring me if I had to bolak-balik Kuningan-Rawamangun almost everyday huhu, therefore I decided to take it home 2 weeks later yeaaay!!


my final dress @ Lia’s wedding reception (14 November 2015)

Begitulah pengalaman pertama saya menjahit di Ratu Busana-Pasar Sunan Giri. Kapok? Not at all!!! The result is astonishing. Buuut, I suggest you one thing: don’t be a procrastinator 🙂 On the next post, I will share my second experience menjahit di Ratu Busana-Pasar Sunan Giri for Yolan’s wedding.



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