Perth: Fremantle (E-Shed Market, the Round House, Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle Prison)


7 August 2015. I walked to the Bull Creek Station in the morning, with my auntie and my brother. We caught bus route 501 from Bull Creek Station to Fremantle. It took us 30 minutes to get there.

When we all got to Fremantle, we went directly to E Shed Markets, an area in Fremantle which sells various souvenirs, because we will go back to Indonesia in a minute. The price of the souvenirs in E Shed Markets is more affordable than in Perth City. We purchased some souvenirs from a store named Aussin, which is owned by an Indonesian (her name is Bu Ade, who came precisely from Tangerang, same as us hehe).


one of the souvenirs I bought @ Aussin: boomerang

Within the next an hour, my brother had to go to masjid, to pray jummah. Therefore, my brother and I headed to Perth City by train, while my auntie stayed in E Shed Markets. From Perth Station, we planned to have lunch before my brother went to masjid. We chose Nando’s-Hay Street, but unfortunately, it was extremely crowded there. So that, my brother walked to Perth Mosque, on the other hand, I sat around DÔME Café-Hay Street.

After my brother finished praying, we had lunch @ Nando’s-Hay Street. And it is going to be the last Nando’s for us in 2015 😦 *lebe banget, tapi emang sedih, beneran* À bientôt, Nando’s….. I hope they will re-open their branches in Jakarta, as soon as possible. Aamiin~

After we felt full, we headed back to Fremantle again, by train. Pourquoi??? Because, we are in Perth currently, but we do not stroll around Fremantle yet. Nevertheless, Fremantle is an obligatory place to be visited in Perth. We had a nice stroll around there, we visited the Round House, Esplanade Hotel, and Fremantle Prison.

IMG_7242 IMG_7241

The Round House, the oldest building still standing in Western Australia. It is used as a prison, at first | meadow around The Round House


view from the top of The Round House


Esplanade Hotel, 4-stars hotel @ Fremantle, in a Victorian building


the gate of Fremantle Prison. This six-hectare jail was closed in 1991.

Because the sun has already set, we decided to went home, by bus. Adieu!


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    • Hi! 🙂
      I think, there are so many Nando’s worldwide nowadays, in Australia, Canada, South Africa, also in Malaysia and Singapore.

      Lovely Fremantle is renowned for its well-preserved historic buildings and streetscapes, in balance with a modern life. Also, this old-beautiful-little-city is very very close to the beach. For further details, probably you can visit

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