Jogjakarta: Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu, House of Raminten, Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Il Tempo Del gelato, Jejamuran, Alun-Alun


13 November 2015. I took a day off work (again), because I was going to Jogjakarta yeay! I departed from Soekarno-Hatta (CGK) on AirAsia flight at 10.30 am and I arrived at Adisucipto (JOG) at noon. Frankly, what is the main purpose of such trip??? Well, tomorrow I will attend my bestfriend’s wedding, Lia ❤

After I reached JOG, I waited for my friends, who have arrived in Jogjakarta this morning, to picked me up at the airport. Shortly after that, they came in a rental car, then we went to Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu for lunch.


soto daging + nasi kucing

It came in super duper small portions and it tasted so so, but the place was pretty crowded, because the price is extremely affordable perhaps. We did not feel full at all afterwards hehe. Thus, we headed to House of Raminten. We only had desserts there. I ordered es nya raminten, it tasted nice 🙂


es nya raminten

We felt utterly tired, because the weather in Jogjakarta is absolutely damn hot. Also, we felt full now Alhamdulillah. Hence, we planned to go to Greenhost Boutique Hotel, where we spent the night during our vacation in Jogjakarta.

We checked-in, solat, and got some rest for a while. The hotel interior is totally unique and awesome. So that, we took so many pictures of it hehe. We planned to swim in the afternoon, buuuut the location of the swimming pool is quite inappropriate….. Probably, it is for decorative purposes only.

C360_2015-11-13-16-10-46-162 C360_2015-11-13-16-17-47-575

l’intérieur de l’hôtel. The swimming pool is situated in lobby hotel 😀

C360_2015-11-13-16-22-14-108 C360_2015-11-13-16-20-30-942


l’intérieur de la chambre



dans la nuit

After we prayed magrib, we went outside for dinner. But, prior had dinner, we had ice cream first. Such cafe is really happening recently in Jogjakarta, Il Tempo del Gelato. Coincidentally, the location of this cafe is not far from our hotel, therefore we went there on foot yippieee!

I am not capable of eating ice cream cone and ice cream stick, so I ordered ice cream cup, as a result the picture of my ice cream is not as tempting as the picture of others’ ice cream which I saw in instagram haha. In that moment, I had delicious nutella ice cream and so so vanilla-oreo ice cream.


Il Tempo del Gelato


quelle est votre préférée?


my nutella and vanilla-oreo ice cream :9

Next, we went to Jejamuran. In fact, it is soooo far away from Prawirotaman~ In Jejamuran, almost all the dishes made of numerous kinds of mushrooms. We ordered plenty of food there, because the price is slightly affordable. I heart crispy and crunchy fried mushrooms above all, yummm!

IMG_7304 IMG_7306

@ Jejamuran

We headed to Alun-Alun afterwards, and we rode odong-odong there. Odong-odong is a 4-wheels-traditional-game which consists of 4 or 6 bicycles. They put them together into the LED-lighting-frame, and it will be driven by a person in the front row, who hold the steering wheel. When you ride odong-odong, you will be accompanied by the music from the player. At the momoent, we chose Doraemon one, and pay 30K for 1 lap 😀


parade of odong-odong


Ronald, me, Wilsen, and Chita in Doraemon odong-odong

Then, we went back to the hotel, and slept. Bonne nuit!


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