Pekanbaru – Duri: Day 2 & Day 3


17 October 2015. We woke up pretty early in the morning, because we had to queue for take a bath and the girls must apply make up before we went to Yolan’s wedding reception kyaaa! But, before that, we had a brief chitchat at the living room, also we had bolu meranti (brought by Cukong, Chita’s boyfie, from Medan this morning) for breakfast, then we got acquainted with Kak Bembi and kak Rosa (Uda Usmar’s friends, they used to work in Dubai).

After we got ready, we went to Lancang Kuning Hall (Yolan’s wedding venue), which is located in Camp Chevron Duri.


Kak Rosa, Sabi, Chita were in front of the homestead

This camp is utterly enormous. We drove the wrong way~~ Alhamdulillah, finally we could reach Lancang Kuning Hall at around 11.30 am. When we arrived, the groom and the bride were yet to come and there were only a small number of people there, thus we could take pictures yeay!


my make-up, thanks Chit for capturing me :*


Sabi and Chita #ootd


semoga Sabi cepet nyusul Yolan haha *doain diri sendiri weee lah* 😀


Eventually, the groom and the bride come! Yolan is totally gorgeous, I am very happy to see them 🙂


anak daro jo marapulai


GEA with the groom and the bride


Sabi and Seba


Sabi, Fani, Seba

Having finished at the reception, we went back to the homestead. Can you guess what we did afterwards? Yessss, slept~ I got up when I heard Yolan’s voice. Was it a dream? In fact, it was not a dream, it was real haha. She already stands at the door, intended to take us to have dinner outside yippieee!


Uda Usmar, Hardang, Sabi, Mayang, Seba, Yolan @ Martabak Mesir

18 October 2015. We felt full and we headed back to the homestead. We had a short sleep and woke up around 1 am, because the door-to-door travel would pick us up at 2 am. We went directly to the Pekanbaru Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport (PKU), for the Lion Air flight to Jakarta at 08.25 am. Alhamdulillah, without delay…..

Because I did not have a time to stroll around Pekanbaru, therefore I bought souvenirs in this airport. They said it would be more pricey, buuuut I did not have any choice hehe. I purchased a box of very very delicious durian pancake ‘Megarasa’, very very good durian lempuk ‘Megarasa’ (I am not lying and I am not a fan of dodol and lempuk, buuuut I really love this one), and very very tasty bolu kemojo 😀

À bientôt!


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