PERTH: Garden City, the Swan Bells


6 August 2015. My brother and I intended to go to Garden City, a regional shopping centre in Perth. It is located in the southern suburb of Booragoon. We took the bus route 500 from the bus-stop in front of my uncle’s house (Mount Pleasant) to Garden City.

C360_2015-08-06-09-47-06-457 C360_2015-08-06-13-24-18-965


When we got to Garden City, we headed directly to Woolworths and Coles, because we wanted to buy……… chocolate obviously, and tea. In Perth, they give discounted price for different kinds of chocolates and chips almost everyday woohooo!

I will share a simple tips yet effective to you: before you decide to buy, please check both supermarkets (Woolworths and Coles), and find the lowest price 😀

Next, we had lunch at mall food court. We ordered butter chicken biryani @ Maya Masala stall, but sadly, the portions are too small. Thus, after that, we had Subway hehe *cannot stop eating*


Maya Masala stall @ Garden City Foodcourt

C360_2015-08-06-11-19-32-047 C360_2015-08-06-11-53-55-236

my butter chicken biryani | Subway ❤

Alhamdulillah, we felt full thereafter, and we headed toward Perth City, our next destination, afterwards. We planned to visit the Swan Bells, a 82.5-metres-high copper and glass campanile. People also called it the Bell Tower or the Swan Bell Tower. Also, we wanted to go to Swan River Foreshore, an area of public open space near the Swan Bells, where we can sit back, relax, and watch beautiful swans on astonishing Swan River.

………Sadly, surrounding areas of the Swan Bells were under construction huhu.We were really disappointed by the fact, buuut we had no other option and we did not have plan B, so that we went back home a bit early that day.

C360_2015-08-06-13-57-20-485 C360_2015-08-06-13-54-44-001

the Swan Bells | surrounding areas of it were under construction at the moment 😦

See you tomorrow! xoxo


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