Jogjakarta: Lia’s Wedding, Kalimilk, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Lava Tour Merapi, Sate Klathak Pak Pong


14 November 2015. Chita and I woke up, prayed subuh, took a bath, ironed our dresses, applied makeup, and eventually, we (Ronald, Wilsen, Chita, and I) were ready at around 7.45 am. We headed to Masjid Kampus UGM (Lia’s wedding venue) from Greenhost Prawirotaman (our hotel) by a rental car. We did not know how to get there, hence we just relied on Waze and Google Maps. We arrived at approximately 8.30, a little too late, but we still had chance to see Lia’s solemnization kyaaaa!


the groom and the bride


Sabi and Chita @ Lia’s solemnization

Shortly after that, wedding reception was started. After we gave congratulation to Lia and her husband at the aisle, we ate hehe. I was completely peckish, as we did not have time to have breakfast that morning….. Then, we took a lot of photos there. Unfortunately, Jogja was so damn hot 😦


@ registration desk



Muchlis and Lia @ the aisle


Chita, the groom, the bride, Seba, Sabi


GEAwati 2009 with the groom and the bride



GEA with the groom and the bride

After the reception, we changed up to casual looks because we would stroll and explore Jogja yeaaay! Thankfully, some of our friends stayed in Wisma Kagama, which is located just a stone’s throw from Lia’s wedding venue. Therefore, we could go there to remove our makeup, pray, also change our clothes.

Then, we went to Kalimilk. We just ordered various types of milk there (I mean we do not have any meal), as we were still full…. In my opinion, my cookies milk tastes good, despite the fact that I can have such kind of milk in Jakarta or Tangerang haha. But, it’s okay, since they said that this place are really happening currently in Jogja 🙂

12247044_1125472670796154_3103490652281694381_n IMG_7330

@ Kalimilk


cookies milk

Next, we headed to so far away Ullen Sentalu Museum. We paid 30K/person for entrance fee, then we went around the museum with our friendly tour guide. Sadly, we can only take photos in some particular places. The thing is, all goods in the museum were someone’s personal collections…..


the ticket


@ Museum Ullen Sentalu

Our following destination was Lava Tour Merapi. To do such kind of tour, we had to ride jeeps with seating for 1 driver and 4 passengers. We chose 500K package/jeep for 2 spots: batu alihan (batu alien) and ‘Sisa Hartaku’ Museum.

The most exciting part of this activity is the off-road adventure. Moreover, the driver in the jeep I was in was totally ………… *speechless* my long sleeve t-shirt and my jeans get wet, also my head’s spinning like a carousel, nevertheless it was sooooo utterly fun!


we’re ready for the off-road



the jeep I was in



totally cool!

IMG_7355 IMG_7356

yeayness overload~


Mount Merapi

IMG_7379 IMG_7383

@ batu alihan (batu alien)


5 cm ala ala


beautiful colour of sunset sky

IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7415 IMG_7416

let’s move to the next destination


in front of ‘Sisa Hartaku’ Museum


when did the eruption of Mount Merapi occur?


some of the ‘victims’

Then, we headed to sate klathak Pak Pong for dinner. We were really hungry and unfortunately, traffic jam is everywhere on Saturday night……


sate klathak

IMHO, such sate klathak is tasty, it tasted almost similar to kambing bakar cairo. Buuuut, kambing bakar cairo is much more delicious haha.

Yap, this was the end of our journey today. Next, we went back to the hotel, and slept. Tchao!


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