Pekanbaru – Duri: Day 1


16 October 2015. As I was going to Duri, I used my seventh time-off (out of 12) in my second year in my current job. Why Duri? Because 17 October would be the big day (probably the biggest day) of my very best friend, *drum rollYolan is getting married yuhuuuu!

Frankly, during these past couple of days, I was so anxious that I can’t go for that, since such never-ending smoking problems there. Buuuut, my flight with Batik Air (departed from CGK around 9 am) ran smoothly and we landed safely at PKU, alhamdulillah….

I was evidently on the same flight with Fizta and Ibah (Yolan’s high school best friend). We arrived at PKU around 11 am, and I met Seba (my and Yolan’s best friend) at the airport. Then, Seba and I headed to Duri at noon by door-to-door shuttle (we paid 100K/person). We did off road, and traffic jam also big trucks were everywhere, but eventually we reached Duri around 4 pm. I disembarked at Chevron’s homestead–Krakatau, a house where I spent the nights during my trip in Duri.

Chevron’s area of the Duri Field is enormous! Besides, it is so quiet, therefore you must have a car or motorcycle to live there, just as in the middle of nowhere :””’) Aaaand I met a huge chimpanzee in front of the homestead, it was so thrilling hehe. Thank God, shortly after that, Yolan and Uda Usmar (Yolan’s husband) came to the homestead in a short space of time. They brought me Buavita (yes Duri was so hot I felt debilitated *drank Buavita*) and incredibly delicious nasi padang (nyamnyam I am craving for Malah Dicubo currently)……..

After I have prayed magrib, Seba and Mayang (Seba’s high school friend, who also work at Baker Hughes with Yolan) came to the homestead. We went around the city by Mayang’s car, then we visited Mandau City Mall. Hmmm apparently it is the one and only mall in Duri, and do not expect to see such mall like in Jakarta haha.



Mayang, Seba, Sabi @ Mandau City Mall

Then, we headed back to the homestead and not long after that, Chita (my, Yolan’s, and Seba’s bestfriend) arrived. She brought nasi padang which has a super duper good sambel, alhamdulillah! After I helped her to finish her meal hehe, we had a long chitchat, and slept……..

In the middle of the night, Kak Bembi and Kak Rosa (Uda Usmar’s friends) arrived at the homestead. Recently, there are a lot of people in the homestead yipppieeee~ Okay, it’s enough for today, see ya tomorrow at Yolan’s wedding ❤



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