PERTH: Pinnacles Desert, Guilderton


5 August 2015. My uncle did not go to work (again), because we (my uncle, my auntie, my cousin (Memey), my brother (Adrian), and me; without another cousin of mine (Farid)) were going to Nambung National Park or Pinnacles Desert, which is situated about 200 kilometres north of Perth, yeayness~

We left home around 7 am and we drove about 2.5 hours to the Pinnacles. On our way, we passed over Lancelin sand dunes (for sand-boarding experience over the dunes). Unfortunately, we did not go there, because we rode in Ford Focus, on the other hand we must driving 4WD across such white sand dunes. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to have great fun at the dunes in the future 😀

We arrived at Pinnacles and paid AUD10 / car for entrance fee. Pinnacles Desert tour is kinda similar to Taman Safari tour, we drive our car around, obviously on the marked track. The difference is, we can park our car in spacious area, get out of our car, explore the desert, and take some photos at Pinncales; whereas in Taman Safari, we can’t get out of our car, or you will be attacked by the lions, tigers, and many more rawrr!

Memey (my cousin) @ Nambung National Park or Pinnacles Desert

IMG_7162 IMG_7159

at Pinnacles

What is Pinnacles to be exact? Well, they are captivating natural limestone, which vary in size from about 30 centimetres to almost 4 / 5 metres. They were formed approximately 25,000 years ago. By looking at the rocks, as a geologist *aziiik, cembetul banget* I would probably say that it used to be a shallow marine environment there, but later this marine environment ebbed and left such limestone deposits.




my uncle, my auntie, Memey (my cousin), Adrian (my brother), and me


my brother and Memey; me

After exploring the desert, we made a quick stop at the petit musée and gift shop near car park. After that, we headed back to Perth, but at this time, we stopped @ Guilderton to had lunch in a seaside gazebo, prayed zuhur and ashar, also played in the playground hehe.


the gazebo

C360_2015-08-05-13-29-58-046 20150805_135527

the playground | swing on a swing ❤

Bon, à la prochaine!


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