PERTH: Caversham Wildlife Park, Curtin University, Swan River’s Sand Bar


4 August 2015. Today, Memey will compete in primary-school-student-fun-run in her school. She was one of 5 representatives from Brentwood Primary School. Thus, my uncle did not go to work. So, as a result, he was able to drive my brother and me to Caversham Wildlife Park, which is located a bit far from Mount Pleasant (about an hour drive, without traffic jam). I think it is rather arduous to go to such park by public transportation, because this park was situated far enough from the road which is passed by the bus.

We arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park at 9 am. After paid the entrance fee (AUD26 / person), my brother and I entered the zoo, meanwhile my uncle and my auntie went back to Perth City. My brother and I strolled around the zoo, we relied on the map which is given to us when we bought the ticket.


An upside-down green bird, cuteness overload! He turned to be like that keen to be captured by us :3


Fed kangaroos kyaaaa~

IMG_6992 IMG_7001IMG_6994

Wombat Show: Wombat’s Friends



IMG_7048 IMG_7012 IMG_7015 IMG_7018 IMG_7019 IMG_7024

other striking animals at the zoo (from top left to bottom right) : tazmania devil (the real one is not as cute as that Looney Tunes cartoon character, isn’t it?), super big turkey, pony, black llama, white llama, ostrich.


meet Mr. Koala. They sleep up to 20 hours a day, and lucky us to met him when he wakes up.

Having finished strolling around the zoo, we came to the cafe (while waiting for my uncle picked us up). And because we are hungry, we ordered these (and also my fave, lipton lemon tea hehe):


delicious sandwiches for brunch


receive this coin (depicting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) as a change hurrayyy!

Shortly after that, my uncle and my auntie arrived at Caversham Wildlife Park, then we headed to Curtin University to pray zuhur, and had lunch at Nando’s near the university (right at this moment, I imagine those tempting peri-peri chicken, and I’m craving for it huhu, why there is no Nando’s outlet in Jakarta????? *cry*)


Masjid @ Curtin University

After prayed ashar at home, Memey took my brother and me to the nearby beach (actually this is not a beach, but river channel deposits *cukup sekian pembahasan tentang geologi nya, jangan dilanjutkan* haha). We went there on foot, it took us only 10 minutes to walk from home.


bridge over Swan River

IMG_7089 IMG_7073

@ the pier


river channel deposits, but people call it “beach” because there were a plenty of sand there hehe

C360_2015-08-04-17-00-10-637 C360_2015-08-04-17-00-13-443 C360_2015-08-04-17-00-16-899

eventually, i took off my boots, so i could have the great feeling of walking on the sands and let the waves touch my feet ❤


residential area around the river

Byeeeee, see you tomorrow 🙂


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