21 août 2015. This being my first experience to travel by train on my own, ancious yet excited yippieeee! 4.15 pm, I boarded the Argo Sindoro train from Gambir Station (which is located directly across from my office building) to Pekalongan Station. Why Pekalongan??? Because I would attend the wedding of my college friend there…… Her name is Karin 🙂


Around 9 pm, I arrived @ Pekalongan Station. Tonight, I will stay at Horison Hotel, which is located just opposite the station (according to Google Maps). Buuuuut, when I stepped out of the station, I saw Santika Hotel instead…….. Hmmmm. So, I asked to the officer, and actually Horison Hotel lies beside Santika Hotel hihi *ga keliatan, udah ngantuk 😀

The traffic on Jalan Jenderal Soedirman (which Horison Hotel is situated) is very crowded, and there are a lot of big trucks. How can I cross such kind of street huaaa *thinking hard*. I ended up being stuck for a few minutes near the gate of the station, and eventually, I tried to call the security of Horison Hotel to help me cross the street, fyuuuuh Alhamdulillah!

When I get in the room, I had my meals (bought it @ Gambir Station) while watching tv, then I prayed, prepared all the things for tomorrow (including ironing my clothes, I brought travelling iron from Jakarta hehe), took a bath, and slept.


Room 302

Anyway, I will not stay in this room alone. Another friend of mine (Della) will come on the next train from Jakarta, and she will arrive in Pekalongan around midnight. “Nanti telfon aja ya Del kalo udah sampai di lobby hotel, biar aku bangun terus jemput kamu ke bawah,” I told Della before going to bed.

My phone rang in the middle of the night, a sign of Della’s arrival at the hotel. Hence, I changed my clothes, picked Della up in the lobby, and returned to the room. We have a nice chitchat afterwards (hihi because it has been a long time since we last talked. Della and I lived in the same boarding house (Kostankoe, Dago Asri) during our college time). Then, I went back to sleep again and continued my dream, while Della took a bath and prepared all the things for tomorrow.

22 août 2015. After praying (solat subuh), I got ready to swim kyaaaa~ it is been a long day since the last time I swam, therefore je suis ravi!!! I reached the pool very early in the morning, it was so cold, and there was only a few people in breakfast restaurant (it is a poolside restaurant).

C360_2015-08-22-06-04-34-705 C360_2015-08-22-07-26-45-089

Allez, on va se baigner!

Around 7 o’clock in the morning, I returned to the room, took a bath, and had breakfast with Della in poolside yeayeay! After having breakfast, we dressed up and put on makeup for ourselves, to attend Karin’s big day today. Around 10.30 am, Della and I checked-out of the hotel, left our luggage with the reception, and off to Sendang Sari Hotel – Batang (Karin’s wedding venue) by taxi. We paid IDR70K (I thought it was a bit expensive, but it was rather difficult for us to protest, because taxi in Pekalongan and Batang do not use taximeter huft). Surprisingly, traffic jam is exist here haha, I guest as I leaving Jakarta, there shouldn’t be a traffic jam anymore…………… 😀


wedding décor @ Sendang Sari Hotel


photo booth


GEA2009 with the groom and the bride


Efrina, Sabi, Arina, Putri, Feby, Della

After the wedding, we changed up to casual looks, then we headed to Pekalongan Station with Azmi. Why so early??? Because Efrina, Putri, and Feby will board the train in a minute. Whereas, Della and I went to Museum Batik by taxi from the station (we paid 40K, and once again, there is no taximeter huuuuuuft!)

Museum Batik is located opposite the B.A.T.I.K public square. Museum entrance fee is 5K/person. There are 3 workshops in Museum Batik: Room I, Room II, and Room III.

C360_2015-08-22-14-52-41-402 C360_2015-08-22-14-57-46-431

Room I

C360_2015-08-22-15-03-54-516 C360_2015-08-22-15-03-30-318 C360_2015-08-22-15-03-16-426

Room II


12 Step-by-Step Processes of Making Batik

Unfortunately, room III was being under construction right at that moment, thus we directly headed to the hall where we can learn to ‘ngebatik’ (what exactly am i waiting for kyaaa~)




my very first creation, the teacher said “it is the one and only in the entire world” 😀 bien sûr, kalo ada di pasaran juga gaada yang mau beli pasti hehe



Having finished in Museum Batik, we planed to visit Pasar Batik. Buuut, sadly it is located far away from the museum. So, such plan was being cancel, and we replaced it with photo session in front of B.A.T.I.K public square.


Next, we off to Pekalongan Station by pedicap (we paid 20K, plus we paid 5K for a man who help us to ascend the steep road). Pretty affordable, compared to taxi……


our happy faces when riding the pedicap 😀

Okay, it’s time to go back to Jakarta. We headed to Gambir Station from Pekalongan Station by Argo Muria train at 5.18 pm. Bye Pekalongan! À bientôt, j’espère….. Because we have not visited Pasar Batik yet, also we have not tasted their traditional dishes yet.




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