PERTH : Kings Park (the Glass Bridge, State Memorial War), Cottesloe Beach


3 August 2015. I started my day following my auntie, who accompany Meymey (my little cousin) to the school, on foot. It took only about 10-15 minutes walk from my uncle’s house to Brentwood Primary School. After that, my auntie and I made a quick stop at IGA Supermarket, which is located opposite the school.

Next, today I am going to stroll around the city with my brother. Our first destination is Kings Park. It’s nearly 9 o’clock in the morning, my brother and I left home, we walked toward the Bull Creek Station (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line). From Bull Creek Station, we took the train to Perth City, and disembarked at Esplanade Station. Then, we walked to the bus-stop at St Georges Terrace and took bus route 37 to the Kings Park (via Fraser Avenue), which terminates at Wadjuk Carpark.

When we got to the park, both of us directly want to go toward The Glass Bridge (Lotterywest Federation Walk). We followed the road and relied on a map which we found in Wadjuk Carpark bus-stop. Unfortunately, we (literally) got lost! But………. luckily, we got lost to places worth to visit yippieeee 🙂


Got lost to places worth to be visited!

I felt a bit tired because we already walked sooooooo far. Hence, we decided to take a little break: we sat, took some photos, looked around, aaaaaand fortunately, we saw the Glass Bridge in the distance! We got up and sought the fastest and nearest way which will lead us to the bridge…………. And here they are:


the Glass Bridge


the Glass Bridge (2)


My brother stared at the Swan River, from the Glass Bridge

Then, we planned to visit DNA Tower……. Sadly, we forgot haha, and we just realized when we were a short distance from State War Memorial (which lies in a stone’s throw away from the exit). Thus, we cancelled the visit to DNA Tower, and we directly headed to State War Memorial.


State War Memorial


Scenery around State War Memorial

We felt really hungry! Therefore, we had brunch while sitting around Fraser Avenue. We ate lasagna (my auntie’s home-cooked food) with such kind of scenery :


scenery of Perth City and Swan River

Feeling full after finishing a box of delectable lasagna, we decided heading to our next destination: Cottesloe Beach. We took bus route 102 from the bus-stop on Mounts Bay Road. On Google Maps, it seems that Kings Park and Mounts Bay Road are close. In fact, both of them are close enough, buuuut they are located at different altitudes 😀 So, the question is: how to reach Mounts Bay Road from Kings Park? And the answer is: on foot! We walked via Bellevue Terrace and Cliff Street, soooooo far away huft……

Thankfully, the weather in Perth is so friendly Alhamdulillah, so that I have no problem to walk so far, no anger, no sweating, just mild soreness in my feet hehe. In essence, we finally found bus route 102 yipppieee! We passed over University of Western Australia ❤ and so on and so on, and eventually we disembarked at Cottesloe Beach bus-stop.


Cottesloe Beach


My brother | Kind of bird which like to steal our food 😦

Having finished at the beach, we decided to go back to the city and took bus route 102 from the bus-stop. But, this time we stopped by to have late lunch @ Nando’s Nedlands, because we felt hungry (again).


Those completely irresistible peri-peri flame-grilled chicken :9 we ordered the mild one, because my brother does not like spicy food. Whereas in reality, the super hot one is not spicy enough for me………

After that, we headed to Esplanade Bus Station, and took Blue CAT (it’s free!) to Perth Station (Blue CAT, Red CAT, Green CAT, and Yellow CAT are free! You can see the route here). Why are we went to Perth Station, not directly headed to Perth Underground Station? Because I want to buy Australis Velourlips @ Priceline kyaaaa~

C360_2015-08-03-15-54-45-788 C360_2015-08-03-16-00-50-698

Hay Street, Perth City


Australis Velourlips: Hon-O-Loo-Loo and Ho-Chee-Min shades

After getting what I want, we walked from Perth Station to Perth Underground Station, then took the train (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line) to home 🙂

À la prochaine!


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