PERTH: Fremantle (Kailis Fish Market), Perth Mosque, Murray Street


I dedicated this post to my mom, because today is her birthday ❤ Happy birthday mom! Thank you for everything.

2 August 2015. Today, we (my brother, my uncle, my auntie, my cousins, and me) will go to Fremantle! We had our breakfast before taking bath and getting ready to go. Breakfast menu for today (and also for the upcoming seven days in Perth) is koko crunch + fresh milk (I am not a person who enjoy drinking full cream plain milk, buuut this is an exception, because fresh milk in Perth tastes completely yumm, sluuurp!).

Cold weather (about below 10degC, sometimes it can even reach below 5degC) seems to make me hungry like almost all the time, therefore I also have toast with nutino (a kind of nutella) filling for my breakfast. Alhamdulillah, I don’t even ever feel bored of such menu, because they are utterly delicious :9


Nom nom

Finally, we got ready at around 10 am and we headed to Fremantle. My auntie and I went by train, while the rest went by car. Why? Well, my uncle’s car has only 5 seat with 5 seat belt, thus it can only take 5 people (1 driver and 4 passengers) and currently, there are 6 people in the house, consequently someone has to go to Fremantle by train / bus.

Hence, my auntie and I walked to Bull Creek Station (Cockburn Line / Mandurah Line). It took only 10-15 minutes to walk. As a matter of fact, we can go to the station by bus route 500 (from Bull Creek Station to Booragoon Bus Station / Garden City) which passed by the front of my uncle’s house. Every bus route have their own fixed schedule for every single day, which can be seen on the bus-stop. So cooool! Kapan Transjakarta bisa kaya gini ya? Well, the point is, we missed the bus, and the next bus is a long time coming, therefore we prefer to go on foot to the station.

We took the train to Perth Underground Station from Bull Creek Station (in fact, we can take bus route 501 from Bull Creek Station to Fremantle Station, but that day, we wanted to go by train haha). We disembarked @ Perth Underground Station, we walked to Perth Station, and we took the train to Fremantle Station (Fremantle Line) afterwards. Fyi, to go by bus and train, I used Transperth. You also be able to pay cash, but it seems that will be more expensive.


@ Perth Station #ootd



I really enjoy the scenic views from Perth Station to Fremantle Station. This trip took approximately 30 minutes. We passed through the adorable Cottesloe Beach (it will be explained profoundly on PERTH: Day 3).

My auntie and I arrived around 11 am in Fremantle and we went directly to E-Shed Market (a great place to buy souvenirs). But, because I just arrived in Perth yesterday, I think this is not the right time for me to buy souvenirs haha. So that, my auntie would like to show me the souvenir shop which is owned by Indonesian (the name of the shop is Aussin), then my auntie also introduced me to Bu Ade, the owner of the shop. She is very kind and friendly ❤ Well, I really recommend this place for the cheapest souvenirs in Perth (and btw, this is not advertising).

Next, my uncle picked us up at E-Shed Market, and we headed to Kailis Fish Market for lunch.


Kailis Fish Market and the lobster 😀

C360_2015-08-02-12-22-14-974 C360_2015-08-02-13-01-24-238

Lunch menu for today: BBQ Platter. C’est très appétissant!!! | Plus gelato for dessert 🙂

I finished the platter, then ordered butterscotch-strawberry gelato yummm! Obviously I feel really full after finishing them. Then, we took a walk for a while around Kailis and other foreshore restaurants.


Full team @ Fremantle: my brother (Adrian), Sabi, Meymey, Farid, my auntie (Tante Endang), my uncle (Om Jarot)

Having finished in Fremantle, we headed back to Perth City. Our first destination in Perth City is Perth Mosque, because we have not prayed Zuhur yet. Next, we went to Murray Street. I bought a lot of chocolate in Woolworths and went back home by train again with my auntie afterwards.

C360_2015-08-02-15-06-40-869 C360_2015-08-02-15-06-05-827

Perth Mosque

IMG_6793 IMG_6798

@ Perth City


Perth Underground Station

Bon, see you tomorrow!


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