PERTH: Fly to Perth with Garuda, Customs Point of Perth Airport, Mount Pleasant


1 August 2015. I and my partner on this vacation (my brother: Adrian) arrived in SHIA around 8.30 am. Having finished with the check-in thing in Garuda’s check-in counter, we had our second breakfast before went to the waiting room.


our second breakfast

The plane departed from SHIA for Perth at 10.30 am. While flying, I watched Love Rosie, 2 episodes of ‘Tetangga Masa Gitu’, slept, had lunch, slept again, listened to the music, slept again, and finallyyyyy I arrived in Perth around 4.00 pm (GMT +8) yeaaaay!

After clearing immigration at immigration checkpoint, we recovered our baggage from the baggage carousel, and we came to the most thrilling part when you just arrived in Australia afterwards: customs checkpoint! Moreover, when you brought several kinds of (dried) food, like we did and btw ini adalah titipan haha.

Customs in Australia are very strict – extremely strict actually. You must declare for inspection all food, plant material, and animal products on arrival in Australia. Also, they said that there will be sniffer dogs there, and I’m very afraid of dogs hiks 😦

Buuuuut. There’s always the but! Lucky me, and my brother too……. Suddenly, one of the officer opened special pathway just for both of us. I mean, this officer allowed us to go outside the airport without having to passed through customs checkpoint! At first, we were confused and not directly heading to the exit right after he opened this special pathway. When we realized what we just realized, we walked fast to the gate before he had time to changed his mind haha. Alhamdulillah!!!!!


Sabi and my brother (Adrian), right after passed through the exit door

On the outside, we immediately met our uncle and auntie, who had already arrived at the airport, yippieeee! From the airport, we headed to our uncle and auntie’s home at Mount Pleasant. After having dinner, taking a bath, and praying, I went to bed 😀


@ Perth International Airport


Selfie with my little princess (Memey) after having dinner @ home

See you tomorrow ^^


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