How to Apply a Visitor Visa to Australia?


Based on the experience of applying visa to UK, which was a little too close to the departure time, hence I applied my tourist visa to Australia since 2 months prior to my departure. So, here is documents checklist which you have to bring when you apply your tourist visa at AVAC (Australian Visa Application Centre, in Kuningan City, 2nd floor, no. L2-19):

  1. Form 1419, you can download the form –> here
  2. Scan of your passport : the front and the back page (also, several pages with immigration stamps / other visas)
  3. Scan of your saving book (buku tabungan)
  4. Photocopy / scan of your identity card (KTP)
  5. Photocopy / scan of your birth certificate
  6. Photocopy / scan of your family card (KK)
  7. Don’t forget to bring (just bring it, the officers are not going to take it, probably they are just going to see and check it): your real passport (I mean the real one, not the result of photocopy / scan), your real saving book, your real identity card, your real birth certificate, and your real family card
  8. Certificate of employment from the employer (including your position, permit leave of absence, and the statement of want to visit Australia as a tourist , not looking for a job)
  9. Invitation letter from my uncle, because in Australia, I will stay at my uncle and my auntie’s home
  10. My uncle’s and my mom’s birth certificate (my uncle is my mom’s brother)
  11. My uncle’s electricity bills, passport, and driving license
  12. Cash : 1640K

1 June 2015. Sampai di AVAC masih lumayan pagi tapi udah rameee sama visa applicants. However, proses pengurusan di kantor AVAC ternyata cepet banget. It seems like it might be caused by the majority of applicants applied for travel agencies’ collective visa. So that, application for individual visa takes only a short time to deal with.

I was called by the officer when I’m just sitting in the waiting room for approximately 5 minutes. She checked all of my documents, is it already complete or not. Then, she asked me about standard things, such as “what will you do in Australia?”, etc. I signed the form stating that I have already given my complete documents, and paid 1640K to the officer afterwards.

It’s a bit different from my experience of applying visa to UK, I should give my real passport to VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) Jakarta, thus they could send my passport to British Embassy in Bangkok, and enclosed my UK visa to my passport. On the other hand, in AVAC, I don’t give my real passport to them.

5 June 2015. (FYI, 2 June 2015 is national public holiday in Indonesia) there is an email from Australian Embassy in my inbox, dengan attachment: my visitor visa to Australia. Then, I print the attachment, yeaaay. Alhamdulillah I have already finished all these visa things.

From now on, I can sit back and relax while waiting for 1 August, the day when I will depart to Perth, Australia.

See you in Perth 🙂


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